Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton. © 2000 – Eleventh printing, © 2006. Llewellyn. ISBN 1-56718-499-5.

‘Destiny of Souls’ is a step further into the information ‘Journey of Souls’. As in ‘Journey of Souls’, Newton offered cases with information received during regression hypnotherapy.

With sixty-seven cases, Newton provided the reader information on earthbounds; rejuvenation time after having had an earth life; the Council; advancement; and the ‘set-up’ on the other side, such as classrooms, The Library (Akashic Records), groups, etc.

Using some case examples, he also provided a wonderful (to me) explanation, with diagrams, on soul group roles from one lifetime to another.

‘Destiny of Souls’ sucked me in from the beginning of the book. I found it be informative, thought provoking, and raised more questions within me – and I love when that happens!

Though I believe ‘Destiny of Souls’ can stand alone, I do recommend reading ‘Journey of Souls’ first.

Recommended for all.



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