Return from Tomorrow by George Ritchie. © 1978, Spire. ISBN 0-8007-8412-X.

George Ritchie, MD and psychiatrist, relays his story of how, at age twenty – during WWII – he died; returned; and what happened between the two.

When he died (for nine minutes), he met a light being – whom he called Jesus – and was shown many things which changed his life. He shared those experiences in this book.

While on his journey with Jesus, Ritchie described very similar (to me) scenes of earthbounds (from addictions, anger, suicide, hate, etc); the Hall of Records (akashic) as well as other halls; and a bit of the then future.

Though it is a small book, it is very poignant and recommend it for everyone.

April 24, 2009

by Jan Toomer




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