My Passport Says Clairvoyant by M.B. Dykshoorn (as told by Russell H. Felton). © 1974. Hawthorn Books, Inc.  ISBN 0-8015-5285-6.

Every once and a while, I come across a book that I don’t want to put down; I am so engrossed I even forget to take notes for a review.

Dykshoorn’s story is one such book.

Russell Felton wrote the prologue and began with how he and Jim Bolton had accompanied Dykshoorn to “conduct a ‘psychic investigation’ of an unsolved murder.” It was Felton’s account of that particular case as he observed Dykshoorn work.

The rest of the book is Dykshoorn’s story.

Dykshoorn was born in 1920 in the Netherlands. He was candid about his childhood and growing up psychic – clairvoyant.

As an adult, Dykshoorn began having his abilities tested, in hopes of answering some questions he had about them.

He never received the answers he sought, but had been tested so much that Netherland’s government recognized his ability and “issued him a passport listing his occupation unequivocally as HELDERZIENDE – ‘clairvoyant’.”

His ability surpassed all that I have seen/heard/read about. He explained how he perceived while working. The present vanished and he began seeing and feeling as though he was actually observing (and sometimes experiencing) events from the past as they unfolded.

In this book, Dykshoorn described his techniques and provided information on cases he had worked – which included missing children; locating the human remains of soldiers lost in battle; locating missing artifacts, etc. The cases and how he worked them were fascinating to me.

I really enjoyed this book and recommend it for all.

Review by Jan Toomer



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