~ Of a Multi-Talented Sensitive in a Movie Theater * ~

The experience begins in the ticket line. If there’s no ticket line, then it begins in the lobby.

I can feel others anticipation, excitement and sometimes dread buzzing around me like a swarm of gnats staying just out of reach.

The walk down the hallway – be it long or short – brings with it a sense of the walls holding their breath, excitedly waiting for their “fix”.

Stepping into the actual theater, I keep my arms and hands close, not wanting to touch or be touched. The walls ooze; sometimes thick and dark; sometimes thin and runny.

I approach the seat. The emotional residue emanating from it can range from uncomfortable to downright nauseating.

One of my other abilities allows me to sense germs, bugs and the like.

Once I am able to convince myself to sit, I begin to work on ignoring the various layers around me.

When the previews start, so too does the warm-ups. This is the time to not only see what movies are out, but it also allows everyone to get settled and comfy before the movie begins.

As people settle, I see most move into an energetic full open position.

What does it look like? Imagine a funnel appearing on your chest. The smaller end of the funnel is in your chest and the larger portion faces the movie screen.

Whether the movie is action, romance, comedy, sci-fi, horror, children’s movie, etc., most people allow it all into them; sucking it and receiving it directly into one’s self. And you can pull in others emotions and/or energy into yourself as well.

Once the connection is made, not only are you receiving, but the chairs and walls start absorbing the emotions you are exuding. You are feeding the theater.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love a good movie. And watching them at home can produce the same – almost (if not) hypnotic – connection, and I do absorb.

I just can’t handle the uncomfortable energy overload from theaters. And when I watch movies at home, I limit the energy exposure and, I can “clean” my furniture and walls of any residue my – or other family members – reactions released. At home, no one has to muck through, sit in, or absorb any one else’s energy.

You May Not Experience Group Energy

I addressed several abilities in this article, only one or two may resonate with the reader. Many may not experience group energy the way I described it, and that’s great.

But please don’t ask me to go to the movies with you, unless we can find a drive-in theater…those relics I can do.

* This based on my experiences, abilities, and interpretations. It’s not meant to be a “one-size-fits-all”. It’s my attempt to put into words a visual for the reader; and it’s not necessarily what I physically see.

by Jan Toomer


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