~ of a Psychometrist ~

Part One

What Are Some Uses for Psychometry?

It is one way to gain more information on, as an example, a missing person or pet. Some cold cases benefit from a psychometrist’s touch.

Since all types of energy readers are tapping into the “ Energetic Ethernet” to access information, it is not just psychometrists who use technique; other type of readers can access more information this way as well.

For those who aware that they are able to access information energetically through physical touch, it does make us more aware of our surroundings and whether or not we want to touch something. Even handling currency can be a roller coaster ride of emotions and information; think about how many people and places a single dollar bill may have been exposed to.

A trip to the grocery or department store can be…interesting. Depending on the depth of the ability, one may feel all the energy of anyone who ever touched the item from the beginning of its creation all the way through to the person who stocked it on the shelf.

Others might just feel the most traumatic or highly charged event that was imprinted on the item; while others may pick something up on the last person to touch the item. Others still just might feel the need to wipe their hands on their pants after touching it, not quite sure why they felt that urge.

For handmade items, for me, I can feel the energy – and sometimes see scenes – of the individual or individuals who worked on creating the item.

Viewing History Through Touch

What would happen if a psychometrist held and read museum artifacts? Glimpses, or small moments, in the life of the being who made or handled the artifact. No guessing, no theorizing; but access to memories contained within the artifact.

A building can hold energy imprints from highly charged incidents that occurred within its walls – a psychometrist may be able to place a hand on the walls and read/see some of what transpired and/or who was there.

An Exercise

When I was a teen, my then holistic healer/chiropractor taught me one exercise he had learned while in chiropractor school. This exercise was to heighten the sensitivity in the fingertips.

Take a flat surfaced mirror and lay one strand of hair on it.

Place on single sheet of paper over the hair.

Close your eyes and gently run your fingertips across the paper until you feel the hair.

Once you felt it, add another sheet of paper and repeat.

Keep adding paper until you can no longer feel the hair.

He said he’d practiced this day after day to teach his fingertips to “see” better. They were taught this so their fingertips were better able to feel the slight nuances beneath their clients skin.

I found this to be a great exercise to open up the fingertip chakras and for me to learn to “listen” to them.


As usual, for any sensitive with any ability or abilities, I recommend shielding as often as you feel necessary. Shielding is a great way to ground, focus, and create a boundary and/or barrier so you won’t absorb what you come in contact with. It won’t stop you from receiving information, but will something like a protective coating on you.



*This is not to be confused with a Psychometrics, which is a discipline of psychology and education.

by Jan Toomer


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