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What is a Dreamwalker? To me, it is a person who is able to enter someone else’s dreams. This can be done to offer support, assistance, guidance, instruction or, in rare cases, extraction of the dreamer from the dream.

A Dreamwalker is usually called into someone’s dreams (or visions) by the dreamer or the dreamer’s team.

When a call goes out, the person being called may answer or another Dreamwalker, who has the ability to assist that dreamer for that particular instance, may answer.

A Dreamwalker is not always aware of their extra-curricular activities, and it often takes others to let the walker know that they are walkers.

A Dreamwalker who does know that they are a walker may not always remember walking in someone else’s dreams. To me (and this may only be for me), it is because that is their private dreams. I go do what I need to do and am done.

However, if a dreamer remembers me walking with them, they may share the experience with me. When they do this, I can catch glimpses, or memory shards, of that experience.

Some Examples of Dreamwalking


One child kept having what appeared to be horrific nightmares. What could a child that young have nightmares about?

When confronted in the morning, the child had no memories of having had a bad dream.

That night, I watched as the tossing and turning began. Next came whimpering, increased respiration and thick vibes of fear.

I closed my eyes and walked into the dream.

One answer to “what can a young child have nightmares about?” is past life trauma that they carried the memories of into this life.

Once I “saw”, and understood what I was seeing, I physically put my hand on their back and gently, but firmly said, “You are {current name} now, in {state} with {parent’s names} in the year {20xx}. You are no longer that person and can release those memories and fears. Release them, making you free to be {current name} and grow and enjoy your life as {current name}.”

I kept offering the positive reinforcement of them having the ability to release the past life and being fully into this current life.

I never poo-pooed their past life memories – whether in the form of nightmares, night terrors, or conscious memories — and after a few nights of the positive reinforcing, the nightmares stopped.

And for those who can “see” (or perhaps a child to old enough to verbally communicate) what they are dreaming/remembering, can lend some insight if the child has some unusual quirks.


As adults, we may “call” on someone who we feel has the strength, ability or know-how to help in our dream. This can be a living friend (if that person is a Dreamwalker), a guide, angel or deceased loved ones.

Sometimes when an adult calls a Dreamwalker, they might remember some – if not all – of the dream and the person who walked with them, especially if it is someone they know in the physical world.


by Jan Toomer


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