~ Of A Seer Living with An Addict ~

I am sharing an incident I experienced with an addict daughter; the views, “seeing”, and understandings are my interpretations of this experience. I cannot say that you, or the one you love, is/was experiencing the same.


I was restless. Blood called to blood, but I wasn’t sure why.

A phone call came in; panicked, they told me that she had over done it. She had left their apartment, was on foot, and was twitching. They didn’t know where she went or if she was okay.

Blood called to blood.

Guided by the unseen, I found her in a deserted alley in the industrial business part of town.

I called home to let my husband know she’d been found.

She was seated on the ground, slumped against the wall, twitching and jerking. She hadn’t even noticed my arrival.

I barely recognized my own daughter.

After allaying her fears and paranoia, I patiently and gently coaxed her into my car. I brought her home and walked her to her old bedroom. I don’t think she really knew where she was or that we were there with her. But I do think she felt safe.

She crawled into bed and immediately fell into an uneasy sleep.

This was the worst it had ever been. My husband – her father – and I shared our frustrations and fears with one another. We talked about the failed stint at drug rehab and the numerous therapists and therapies.

We were lost and worried, and didn’t know what else do to do help her.

We once again took shifts to make sure she didn’t wander off and to make sure she made it through the night.

Seated quietly outside her room, I shielded and centered, opened my other sight, and looked at her on an energetic level…and was sickened by what I saw.

There were dark colored creatures (for lack of a better word) climbing all over her. Unfortunately their presence was not something new; I had removed them from her before.

It was the black sludge coursing through her that kind of freaked me out. I’d never seen that before. I couldn’t tell if it was running through her energy meridians or her veins, but it didn’t matter…it was bad either way. It looked like thick black blood.

I felt a hopelessness creep in when I watched the sludge. I felt it was a direct result of the drug addiction and it was replacing the natural, beautiful flow she once had.

I removed the creatures once again. Then decided it was time to call in some help.

I called for Angels to come, detox and cleanse my daughter of the drugs and the black sludge.

Instantly her bed was surrounded by large white, winged angels.

The ceiling height was about eight feet. The angels appeared to be at least twelve feet tall, and yet somehow they looked like they fit comfortably within the room.

I was awed by their expansive energy and appearance.

Each stood facing the bed, with wings slightly stretched out, creating a barrier around her bed.

One after another inserted a filament or tube into her body, so that one end was in the angel and the other end was in my daughter.

I watched as the sludge slowly, and with resistance, was siphoned out of her, up the tube and into each angel.

I froze, stunned by what I saw next. Tears began to run down my face and I cried, “What have I done?”

As they took the sludge into them, each angel became darker and darker. Their bodies and wings went from white to darker and darker grey, and finally black.

Thinking my plea had possibly irrevocably tainted them, I begged them to stop.

A wave of peace went through me, calming me, and I heard inside my head, “We are purifying her.” They also let me know that they were fully capable of transmuting the dark into light and that they weren’t “tainted”.

When they finished, my daughter settled into a peaceful sleep.

I thanked the angels and projected my gratitude. They told me to rest; they would watch over her through the night. I drifted off to sleep.

My First Encounter

I had learned many years prior that these creatures who had been crawling all over my daughter were attracted to addictions…and not just hers.

I’d once stepped into a bar only to stop a few steps in. I saw creatures on the bar top, the walls, the ceiling and on most of the people. I slowly backed out and haven’t visited a strictly drinking establishment since.

Addictions, be they alcohol, prescription drugs, meth, heroine, cocaine, or other addictions, can attract these opportunistic parasitic creatures. They don’t all look alike, but they all feel (energetically) the same. And it appears their job is to push the perpetuation of the addiction.

It’s awful for those of us who can “see” or feel them; and words can’t describe (though I tried) a parent who has seen/felt these on their child.

Please Seek Treatment

Addictions are devastating to the person addicted and to those close to them; physically, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically.

Please seek treatment for your addiction.

And family and friends, take care of self, which may include counseling, AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) for Family (Al-Anon for Families) or NAR-Anon (Narcotics Anonymous) for Families.

AA – Al-Anon
Al-Anon International Meetings
Crystal Meth Anonymous
Cocaine Anonymous
Heroin Anonymous
Narcotics Anonymous
Al-Anon for Family Groups
Nar-Anon for Families

by Jan Toomer


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