Last  Sunday, my sister and I went to a psychic fair in Tucson. We both signed up with the same lady and when it was her turn, we asked if we could do it together, and she said that  would be fine. She didn’t use cards, in fact it was more of a casual chit chat. I am not at liberty to discuss my sisters reading , however, I can say that it was pretty right on if you know what I mean.

I have never experienced a reading done in this way.  Usually, the reader doesn’t want to know anything  so that you won’t think they are “fishing” for information. However,  this lady asked a lot of questions, and she would tell you what she was seeing as you answered her. Her visions left you wondering  as she compared the meaning to a scene in a movie. It seemed pretty vague, however, the information had some deep roots that began falling into place the next day.

I would  like to say one thing to anyone that would like to have a reading done, but may be afraid of what might come out. A physic will only validate what you already know and what you are ready to hear.  At some level of your being, you  have to give your permission for them to see. Otherwise, they can’t . There are many counterfeits’,  however,  in my opinion, a good physic reads with the desire to offer guidance for the highest good, and has the highest respect for free will. A physic reader of light also accepts with honor, the responsibility that comes with reading.

That being said, I would like to share with you an amazing journey…

This particular reading that I got seemed to unfold one symbol at a time. I am most jazzed by synchronicity, where spirit manifests and becomes reality. It’s the stuff  that makes your hair stand up and you know it’s real.

Right off the bat, she asked me “how can I help you?  I  asked her if I was going to move?  She told me that she saw Wyoming around me, and that seemed cool because even though I live in the desert, I have felt homesick for the mountains and snow for some time…

Next, I asked about my mother. She died in Sept of 06 and I still really miss her. Rarely can I speak of her without crying. I have some sort of a void concerning her that has not been filled. Perhaps, it’s being filled now, as I will explain as this incredible reading slowly unfolds.

She told me that she saw my mother in swaddling clothes. I didn’t think too much about it, but I never heard of that before. I told her that my mom and I had an agreement on communication that has never happened, and therefore, it makes me think that she can’t honor our agreement. She said that my mom didn’t have to experience many of the things that most of us go through after death, because she already knew. I know this. She was a very enlightened being.

Next, she told me that she saw a very big bird feather. At that point I freaked because my  greatest fear in life is birds. There is no reason for this fear, but it is very real. All of my life, in kidding, I have said that I was pecked to death in another life. As a child, I didn’t want to die and go to heaven because I thought you got wings, and I wanted no part of that.

She confirmed that I was killed by birds as a form of torture in another life. She told me that they even pecked one of my eyes out while I was still alive. However, she said it went deeper. She told me a story about a very highly evolved being with wings, and they were my honor. Something happened  and I lost one of my wings,  it devastated me and  broke me, on a level so much greater than any feeling that we can experience on this earth plane.  She told me that I was of the bird clan, and that they want to talk to me, but have respect for my fear of them.

She went on to say that a feather would come to me to heal my past once and for all. It would also open the doors to who I am. The communication with my mother, in the way she and I agreed on will also be honored.

By the time we left, I felt like I had known this lady for a very long time. As with any reading, when something hits  you over the head as truth, but nothing rings true with you at that moment, rather than judge it, file it under later. Then, when it happens, if it does, you  will remember the words, and hopefully, find your own synchronicity.  For me, I didn’t have to wait very long.

The next morning, Gene {my husband} and I went to my brothers house for coffee and I am telling my brother Chris, and his lady Michelle, about our readings. Michelle hands me this big  hawk feather…

the feather will find  to me…

And so it begins…

I began to tell them about loosing a wing, and as I did, I began to cry. I could feel the sorrow and the loss. I wasn’t afraid, I was very sad.  I felt as if I lost my true love, or my truth. It wasn’t supposed to happen like that. {She also told me that at one time I was not very nice,  but I can’t remember where that fit into the reading} Could that be where I lost my wing? Or perhaps that is why I was tortured?  I just know that I was devastated.

Next, I told Chris and Michelle about mom, and I had to call my sis to ask her what  the term was that the reader used. When I told them that the reader saw mom dressed in swaddling clothes, instantly, all three of them said “Mom has reincarnated back”.  Something hit me like a ton of bricks, and I thought about my  niece. She was born after my mom died and I always thought there was something weird about her.

My mother died Sept 20,2006. My niece was born Sept of 2007. This is third generation. They have many similar mannerisms and they look alike. Tell you what, it would explain why my mom doesn’t write. Ha.

I inherited my moms dog Munchkin. He wouldn’t leave my moms side  during her last year on earth. I plan to take him to see that niece and see what Munchkin has to say.

Reincarnation is something that I have put on the shelf for later. I know that it’s real, however, as with most things that offer little proof, it’s one of those things that “ya just don’t know”.  I do believe that we are at the beginning of a new age, and have thought that there are many many highly evolved spiritual beings that live in human bodies, and as they get old, they die, only to come right back in new and improved bodies because they still have a job to do, and need the younger body.

None of this came to me until the feather came. My brother braided the back of my hair with the feather so that I could feel the energy without getting freaked out.  We will see how all this unfolds.

I have no idea about Wyoming and what that means. However, if anyone is a reader, and you have any insight, I would love to know. In the meantime, I am jazzed by the reading that I received.  I would love to give her credit, but I never got her name.

Warm wishes of Peace and Love


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