I was born with some abilities already in place. It wasn’t until I was old enough to verbally communicate that I realized not everyone could see and hear what I could see and hear. This was a very lonely, hard lesson. I learned to keep to myself in fear of saying something that would not be understood, or worse would be feared.

I was in my twenties when I finally met someone who could do some of the things I could, and she sent me to a nearby psychic. From there, my world merged with the real world – I found there were words assigned to stuff I could do! A very exciting time for me, to say the least. I attended the psychic’s classes. I was in heaven, and better, no longer alone. That feeling was somewhat short lived when my instructor told me I had to move on- she could no longer help me. She said I had surpassed the instructor, and to not come back. Ouch.

I began teaching; passing along what I knew – and continued to seek, and learn more. I still do this. My goals : 1.) to widen people’s perception. We are not limited to our five senses – nor do we use our five senses to their fullest. 2.) To get the word out that you are not alone! I had twenty lonely years of experiences, and do not wish that on others. 3.) To keep learning.

Though I no longer hold metaphysical classes, I still: am a Metaphysical and Paranormal consultant; do private instruction; do talks/presentations; work with some local groups; and continue offering the articles on the Blog.

I enjoy reading, digital photography and my friends.

I am a member of WMA (World Metaphysical Association); the International Association of Reiki Practitioners; and of the World Guild of Metaphysical and Spiritual Counsellors  (W.G.M.S.C.); am a Guild Certified Metaphysical Trainer and Guild Certified Practitioner of Spirit Release Work.

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