Do animal totems have a role in learning the new energies coming in?

My answer (my perspective) is a resounding “Yes!”

This past month has been a wild ride for me. Purging even more of the past as well as learning more about love and compassion.

And as I worked this month, animals brought me messages to help and support me.

Here are but a few that crossed my path and carried a message to me. These are severely paraphrased (and my interpretation) of Ted Andrews works:

Caterpillar – a word of caution to look at people and things realistically. It is also an indicator of good news, surprises, and new projects coming.

Woodpecker – brings a message to stimulate a new rhythm or new change in one’s life.

Grasshopper – take a leap forward.

While the animals are still around us, it behooves us to look into the messages the bring and see what may pertain to us at the time.

by Jan Toomer


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