How can we, humans, and Mother Earth raise our frequencies to get to the fifth dimension when we still appear to be involved with an environment that has anger, manipulation, killing, etc.?

Earth is, and has been, the “school of hard knocks”. Earth has been one of the hardest learning planets. It is the planet of duality. Love and hate. Dark and light. Compassion and bigotry and racism. Life and death.

Let’s stop here and take a look at what the spiritual “ascend” means.

Ascending is Individualized

Ascension. Ascending. The Rapture. And many other names are used for this process.

The human population, and Mother Earth, are working endlessly to raise (ascend) their/our energies to move into the fifth dimension – the instant manifestation realm.

The following are my understandings and perceptions, and this goes beyond linear thinking or linear viewing.

  • Each human being is working – individually – on raising their frequency.
  • Each individual that is already working on raising their frequency is working on more than one dimension. (Generalized) Their primary can be the third or fourth dimension, with interactions with higher dimensions.
  • We are multi-dimensional beings, even while wearing our human bodies/suits.
  • Ascension or ascending is an individual learning and growing process.

Third, Fourth and Fifth Dimension

The following are examples and is not an all inclusive list. All dimensions listed here overlap, and the examples are generalized.

3rd Dimension = duality, physical, heavier and more dense energy. Survival, reproducing, some seeking spiritual otherness. Ranges from the primal to spirituality.

Between 3rd and 4th Dimensions = Learning to: release fear and/or the victim role; heal and release past traumas and anchors (including past lives); allow others the right to their growth or journey; set boundaries of what kinds of energy you will or will not allow in your “space”; discover the real or true self; create an equal exchange of energy in your life environment; accept responsibility; understand it is not all about “me”.

4th Dimension = Learning to: control own thoughts; accept responsibility for self and environment; accept instant “karma” or re-balancing; honor others journeys; accepting the One energy (I Am); conscious creating and accepting all responsibility for creations.

5th Dimension = Instant thought manifestation. Your thoughts are your reality in totality. The 4th dimension must be mastered to move to the 5th.

All Are Connected

Earth, and its inhabitants, share connections and interact with multi-dimensions already.

Angels, guides, ghosts, other realm beings are each from other dimensions. Many humans interact with those other dimensions or realms – sometimes consciously, sometimes without realizing it.

If we accept that we are sharing connections with other dimensions, then it shouldn’t be much of a stretch to realize that lightworkers (generalized term) are sharing connections with third dimensional beings and third dimensional energy.

Lightworkers have introduced, and held, (for example) fourth dimensional (and higher) energies for those on third dimension – for when those in the third dimension are ready to raise their frequency.

This is just like other dimensions share, and hold energies, for those in the 4th and 5th dimensions.

We are all here to help.

Again, Don’t Think Linear

There is a 3rd dimension Earth. There is a 4th dimension Earth and there is a 5th dimension Earth.

Just like we hold fourth dimension energy for those in the third dimension, but can’t be seen – so too is this true for the 4th and 5th dimension Earth’s existing here and now, but can’t be seen, or at least differentiated visually, from the third.

The progression is within – a shift within the individual.

As each individual is ready (as per their Higher Self/ Soul Self), they can shift over to the next dimension Earth.

by Jan Toomer



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