I thank each and every one of you for visiting, exploring, reading and sharing Reality-Undefined and Metaphysical-Studies site. We have over 10,000 visits each month; it is very exciting watching it grow!

However, many visitors contact me and want to share their experience (which is fine) and then want me to answer one or more “quick” questions they have.

Please be aware that your one or two “quick” questions, plus any others that come in the same day and week – via website, email, phone, or in person – really add up. So I am sorry to say that I receive so many that I can no longer answer your personal questions.

This is the period in human spiritual evolution where we take responsibility for self; and we are at a time where the human race is “waking up” from their spiritual daze at amazing rates and are now seeking information. This website offers insights, experiences, etc. (of mine and others who generously shared) to aid in one’s soul growth journey and to let you know that you are not alone.

I encourage you to write of your experience which can be submitted to me to post on Reality Undefined; if appropriate and accepted it will be posted on Reality Undefined site and in the Reality Undefined Newsletter – both of which have free public access.

Behind The Scenes

I do not pay for articles. I offer mine freely – as well as the newsletters – so cannot afford to pay writers. We are all volunteering our writings. (If your article is accepted and you have a website and/or contact information you want released to the public, it can be added to the end or your article.)

I encourage generalized metaphysical, paranormal, or spiritual-related questions (questions that could apply to many people) that can be answered and posted on this site to aid the public (see Your Meta-Questions) but I can no longer answer all of the personal questions.

What’s Available?

If you do not see what you are looking for, feel free to email me with what you have in mind/what you are seeking. .

* * *
Consultations are by referral only at this time.

* * *
I highly recommend you search and explore this site and/or explore past archived pdf Reality Undefined Newsletters (free). The newsletters – 2008 to present – include the articles from this site plus more!

I also recommend shielding (again, free),  sit quietly and listen to self.

There are non-course pdf e-booklets for sale.

For those seeking energy assistance (such as Reiki or prayers – free), requests can be posted at Reality Undefined LLC on FB.

Energy updates – when posted – can be found either on the blog (free) or at Reality Undefined LLC on FB (free and these are more current and more often).

Reiki Rocks – Minerals/rock energized with Reiki are for sale.

Healing Energy Sessions available for a fee.

Money Received From You

PDF E-Booklets
Email Instruction
Donations (“Donate” button is on right hand side)
Reiki Rocks
Distant Reiki or New Dimension Energy Session

In Person/Phone:
Energy Work
Consults (by referral only)
Reiki Rocks

* * *

The money received from you goes right back to pay for taxes (minimum $50/year whether we had any income or not) and business fees (license, permit, and other annual fees to keep us going).

I do not receive a salary nor get paid monetarily for my work – it all goes back into supporting this work.

Okay, so there is a brief glimpse of behind the scenes. Thank you all again for your continued support!


by Jan Toomer


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