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So Many Ghosts

  • Andy (death by hanging)
  • Carlos (sports)
  • William (connection to “coast”)
  • Bob (beat to death)
  • A Japanese gentleman
  • A gentleman who spoke old English (probably British Old English. Had confusion about my gender, and said Thee and Thou)

These were the ones that worked very hard to get my attention – or what is commonly known as a haunting.

  • Turning the water on and off – repeatedly — while I stood at the sink.
  • A container of almond milk thrown to the floor.
  • The two of the pictures in the master bedroom tilted every morning (they never did this before).
  • A man yelling in despair and anguish (I bolted out of the bedroom thinking my husband got hurt. He was confused – and then amused – and was just fine).
  • Then everyone talking — all of them – at the same time.

I called for a time out. I set up two GhostRadar TM apps, in two different parts of the house, and told them to “give your name, and any message, one at a time and in an orderly fashion!” Then I left the room.

When I came back, I was shocked at the word list generated. Some names were given, some were not, and they all certainly had a lot to say (though most of it made no sense to me).

Sitting down, I asked them to once again, in an orderly fashion, tell me why there were so many ghosts in my house.

First came the emotions of fear, confusion and the feeling of being directionless. Some were just desperate to be heard.

After the deluge began to slow, I told them where to go outside and that I would “meet” them out there. I closed my eyes and “joined” them.

I gave my usual pre-crossing over, informational talk about:

  • how we each judge ourselves and create our own heaven or hell
  • how they can see a loved one – human, animal or other – in the column of light to guide them onward
  • going into the light.

I was hit with another wave of fear. I was a bit bumfuzzled; it usually doesn’t go this way.

And More Ghosts

I looked around and saw perhaps one to two hundred ghosts, male and female – who appeared to be from a wide span across the human linear time line; all were milling around and staying away from the column of light.

I called on my team. “Why are there so many ghosts here? You (my team) are supposed to filter the ones who have contact with me.”

Their response was, “These are the ones we filtered.”

Oh. “Why is no one crossing over?”

They explained that, since the Closed Loop System has been destroyed, they aren’t sure where to go; their choices increased, but the new was unknown.

Do they stay Earthbound
To stay a ghost. Not of our dimension (like they were when they were in a physical body), but still connected and/or attached to the emotions, concerns, etc. from this dimension.

Go into the white light (reincarnation, old system)
“Crossing over”. Leaving this dimension’s energy; going into the light; healing, objectively reviewing the human life experience one just stepped out of; planning and preparing to seek balance with others and to reincarnate. This is the old way or old system which had been connected to or tied to the Closed Loop System. Since reincarnation is no longer a must, and karma is not only being worked on almost instantly, but can also be worked on energetically without reincarnating, then this system is out dated. It doesn’t make it wrong.

This is the unknown. This is why I had so many scared, confused and concerned ghosts on hand. They did not understand what this “new” was; though it really isn’t new, but is very ancient. This pre-dates our souls becoming entwined with the third dimension, physical, tactile, “man-made”, human experience.

It is the I AM. It is all there is. It is the prime Source. The Creator.

So if karma (re-balancing) is basically instant (as per each individual’s energy), and reincarnation is not necessary – where do we (and the ghosties) go or do when the physical bodysuit has expired?

What To Do?

We go home.

Our real home.

Our non-Earth home.

I can’t tell you where each being originated from – but once you are no longer attached to the physical, you need only listen/feel within and then you’ll be able to reconnect with the original, non-Earth, part of you.

It will lead you home.

And there are many waiting for your long awaited return home.

It is My Hope

Usually I include something along the lines of, “These are my beliefs, experiences, understandings and if this doesn’t fit you, please disregard or throw it out the window.”

But this time, I don’t want to say it. It is my hope that this article has “poked the bear”; that it has made you question your Earth-based belief systems and question what you had previously accepted as “truth”. I hope it makes you take a close look at self and that you find out if you look – deep inside – you can find the real truth – regardless if it matches mine or not.

by Jan Toomer

Poltergeist Activity Increases

The word poltergeist means “noisy ghost”, but, in today’s lingo, they are two different things.

A noisy ghost is just that. It is a ghost who has learned enough to gather enough energy to be able to interact with our dimension.

Poltergeist activity usually originates from a living person.

Poltergeist “Symptoms”

These are a few possibilities:

  • Things moving, being thrown or knocked over by unseen hands.
  • Banging or pounding with no source found (pipes, etc.)
  • Black blobs and/or black silhouettes (that are not negative entities and/or shadow people)
  • Extreme exhaustion, even though getting enough – or more – sleep time at night. This exhaustion goes beyond the energy downloads/updates we are all experiencing.

How Are Poltergeists Created?

A (generalized/simplified) recipe. When all the ingredients are mixed, they can create the perfect storm, so-to-speak, to make a poltergeist. (Not always, and not for every sensitive.)

The Recipe

  • At least one human – usually a sensitive.

A sensitive can be an empathy, a medium, a reader, etc. or any combination, and is: usually untrained; not aware that they are a sensitive; or denying that they are a sensitive (from fear, religious upbringing, etc.).

  • Emotional turmoil and/or distress.

This can be: an emotional/chemical imbalance; hormonal spurts/changes/growth (teenage years, menopause, etc.); extreme or prolonged fear, anger, grief, etc.

  • Not addressing the root cause of the turmoil/distress.

Doesn’t know what to do with the emotions or how to handle it. Needs to work on healing the root cause. Example: grief (extreme or stuck on), seek grief counseling.


We’ve discussed (in previous articles throughout the years) taking responsibility for our own thoughts, action and deeds.

We’ve also discussed that our thoughts are literally creating; they are creating our individual tomorrows and much more.

Every thought, positive or negative, has created something. The more energy fed into a thought, the stronger it is until it is literally on our dimension. This is fine for the welcomed positive thoughts.

But, what about the negative thoughts and emotions we don’t know what to do with, so we expel/discharge/eject/push out from within us? What happens to those?

They Need to Feed

Yep, that’s right. They are energy blobs – created by energy and will seek energy to maintain itself. In its blob infancy, there is no consciousness; it is energy seeking more energy.

Remember the exhaustion? Yeah. Humans are walking, breathing, creating, batteries. Batteries can be drained.

Also, extreme emotions are perfect for the blob. Anger, fear, etc. especially, but also living in drama, create a charge that is like a battery on steroids.

Its Growth

It usually begins as a small black blob and the resulting poltergeist incidents are small and usually dismissed as one’s imagination.

As the blob grows (yes, it will), it becomes bigger and stronger. As it becomes bigger and stronger, it needs more and more fuel.

And it can start learning.

Its behavior is no longer easily dismissed. People start seeing it – bedrooms and living rooms are popular locations. The people know something is not right or is off.

And to think, it started out as a little blob of ejected negative emotion, created by one human.

Why Is This on the Rise?

In the past, the smaller negative thoughts tossed out, and not given enough energy to manifest on our realm, kind of collected in the astral realm.

There were humans, world-wide, who were assigned a segment of that realm to clean up. The negative small blobs were dissipated. (The larger ones manifested on our dimension as poltergeists.)

Poltergeists are on the rise because, as each month/week/day passes, humans are becoming stronger creators.

And humans are now beginning to physically experience the outcome of their own thoughts and/or feelings. No more stashing them on the astral realm. No more are any of us assigned to cleaning others messes up.

My Recommendation

  • No more ignoring inner turmoil or living or craving drama.
  • Accept responsibility for your thoughts, actions and deeds. Then you can monitor and control what you release.
  • If in turmoil, seek help. Silence and/or denial does not help one bit, nor will it stop your creations. And not seeking help can actually create more problems until constructively dealt with. Seek help.
  • Do not play into someone else’s drama. Remember, extreme emotions feed your or anothers negative creations. Not healthy at all.

by Jan Toomer


Your Meta Questions – April 2015

Q. How do you know if someone has the ability to a medium (ability to communicate with the deceased) or maybe an animal communicator?

A. First, I’d like to say that some may have the desire for a particular ability, but may not have brought that ability into this lifetime. Having said that, I encourage giving the ability a serious attempt.

When I meet with someone, I may see little “clues” (energetically) or symbolism to tell me. This does not happen with everyone.

When someone comes to work with me, I may see a line of deceased people following the client. This tells me that the client has the ability possibility to hear/see/sense and/or know the deceased.

The deceased can “see” this ability possibility in the client’s energy field, and they follow in hopes of being heard.

For someone who has the ability possibility of animal communicator, I may see either a line of animals following behind the client or I may see animals of various types beside, behind, draped across the shoulders, perched on the head or shoulders, etc. of the client.

Just because someone has the ability possibility doesn’t mean that they have to be that. It just means they have brought that ability into this lifetime…it’s up to each individual to pursue and refine it…or not.

We are not necessarily defined by one or two abilities – nor do we have to work the abilities that show up, unless the ability or abilities are part of the individual’s soul plan for this life.

Q. What might someone who has medium abilities, and doesn’t know it, experience?

A. They can experience hearing whispering (especially at night), but may not be able to make out the words.

They may experience “knowing” information about a friend/acquaintance’s deceased relative (the knowledge just appears in their mind).

They may experience anxiety with an unknown cause. This may be, energetically, a response to not following one’s soul plan of being a medium.

They may see or “see” (in the mind’s eye) ghosts.

Q. What might someone who has animal communication abilities, and doesn’t know it, experience?

A. They may experience a unusual physical bond with physical animals. For example, animals may just follow them around.

An injured or lost animal may seek that person out. If this happens, please use caution…wild animals and injured animals (wild or not) can strike out to protect themselves.

The person may also instinctively “know” what the animal wants or needs or is feeling.

by Jan Toomer


Your Meta Question – December 2014

Q. I can sometimes:

– feel ghosts by a sudden chill
– just sense their energy
– feel a weight on my shoulders
– hear noises of dishing clanking
– and once heard a woman say “Hello” when there was no one around

I don’t like this, it’s scary.

A. It seems to me that you may be a medium, and are also showing a sensitivity to energy.

A medium can hear and speak to the deceased, and/or feel, or know what those communicating from the other side are saying.

For clarity, I will use the following terms this way:

Earthbound – Those who did not cross into the light when they died. They aren’t exactly on our dimension – rather slightly out of sync with our dimension. The more they physically appear or interact with the physical, the more energy they require.

Ghosts – Deceased humans who are Earthbound.

Spirits – Those who have crossed over and come to visit or aid us.

Residual Haunting – sound or scene memories (or recordings), from a past incident or incidents, which can occasionally (or regularly) play again. There is no interaction with these memories.

Team – Each individual has a team consisting of their guides (and/or guardian angels, angels, etc.)

A Chill

For Earthbound ghosts to interact with us on this physical plane, they need energy. Here are a few ways they can accomplish this: Drawing energy from energy containment devices (batteries, cell phones, electricity, etc.); sucking up the heat from an area where they are trying to make contact; human energy field.

When drawing from devices, it will render their energy source severely depleted or dead.

Just because you come across a cold spot, it does not mean you are definitely going to see it manifest or move an item. Also, check your environment for air conditioning vents or air leaks.

When drawing from humans (and I do not recommend this at all!), it can leave the human dizzy, exhausted, and/or nauseated. This, to me, is not acceptable. I visualize pushing them out of my space and putting a wall between them and myself so they can’t draw on my energy.

Sense Energy

Sensitives are…well, sensitive, to energy fluctuations, distortions or any changes. This is how someone physical can get a sense that they were just joined in the room by a non-physical being.

Feel Weight

This is another indicator of a non-physical presence trying to make itself known.

For me, I get a weighted down pushing sensation on the back of my head. I do not tolerate this sensation. To me, this is the non-physical being is too much in my energy, “crowding my space”. I visualize pushing them away and mentally telling them either that their behavior is rude, or just plain old “Knock it off and give me some space!”

Dishes Clanking

If nothing actually physically moved, then you may be hearing a energy memory. These are nothing more than a recording playing back. You cannot interact with a movie playing – nor can you interact with a residual haunting/energy memory.


This can be a bit unnerving – sometimes catching even the most seasoned medium off guard.

So What Can I Do?

Shielding to help buffer.
– You wouldn’t be timid if someone just walked in your house uninvited. Same principle. Non-physical beings don’t need to come in uninvited. Tell/order them to “Get out!” – and mean it.
– Get training from a reputable instructor or medium. There should not be exuberant fees for this – but do be prepared to pay for their instruction.
– Call on your team (guides, guardian angels, angels, etc.) and tell them you are scared by this and to please help you to adapt as well as set up boundaries.

A Shining Light

Our energy broadcasts – to non-physicals – what we can do. Mediums (whether they are consciously aware they are mediums or not) usually have quite a few ghosties around. They are waiting to be acknowledged or heard.

I demand manners in my space – regardless if you wear a human body suit or not. Rudeness, bullying, being annoying or trying to create fear is unacceptable!

Set up boundaries of what you will, and will not, allow in your space. You have to be dedicated and really mean it – or it will not be honored.

Our Children

Some children (of all ages) who can see and hear the deceased may actually be bullied by them. PLEASE! Empower your child. They have the will, energy and most importantly, the right – as we all do – to not be bullied or tormented by ghosts or non-physicals.


You can submit your Meta Questions though the “Contact” button. Please be aware that we cannot personally answer each email and that we only chose a few each month. If you want a direct answer email from Jan, you can find payment choices for consultations here.

by Jan Toomer





(The following was the opening introduction topic to A Lightworker’s Gathering held on April 24, 2014. This is only the introduction topic. The resulting discussions, and additional topics, are not presented here.)

Remember, I am sharing my experiences, beliefs and interpretations. Please take what fits you and release the rest.

Apparitions definition according to Jan = Supernatural or paranormal appearance of a person, place or thing. Can be experienced physically (seen, heard or felt) and/or can be through non physical senses.

Apparitions may:
– appear as solid as you and I (may be solid enough to physically touch)
– be mostly seen as see-through (translucent) and a bit wispy. May be human, animal, non-human.

Residual & Intelligent ‘Hauntings’


Many people are fascinated with hauntings and ghosts. There are different types of hauntings – so I would like to address the topic now.

Residual, Imprint or Recorded (all the same thing, just different terms) haunting is similar to a movie track that has become stuck, replaying the same scene over and over. It is an imprint of an event, usually (but not always) traumatic – and will repeat itself every day; once a month; or once a year – and the scene never varies. With this type of “haunting” there appears to be no recognition of our presence or no interaction between us and “them”.

Interactive or Intelligent (same things, just different terms) haunting is where we can interact with the “ghost” – he or she is aware of us; can respond to our presence. They are earthbound – usually for their own reason. This could be fear of crossing over; waiting for someone else to pass (and usually missing the fact that that someone had long ago passed over), etc.

For the earthbound to interact with us takes energy. Electricity, water, batteries, our emotions that create high energy (fear, elation, etc.) can be used to energize them – and it is highly recommended that you do not energize them.

Since those who are earthbound did not cross-over, they will often appear as they had when they died; this can include their wounds, their clothing, etc.

There are some people who work to help these people cross over.

(The preceding had been an excerpt from “Undefined Reality”– Hauntings / Ghosts and course discussion by Jan Toomer)

Why Are They Being Seen More Often Now?

Because our – and Earth’s – frequencies have risen; we are able to be more receptive to other frequencies now.

Let’s use a radio for an example. You turn the dial (or scan) to search for a radio station, and there’s a lot to choose from.

You may have two or three country stations; maybe one plays hardcore twangy country and another one plays more modern – less twangy – country.

You may also have: a classical station; head banger station; oldies 50’s; oldies 60’s; oldies 70’s; oldies 80’s; and oldies 90’s. You can also find public talk radio and perhaps a news station. The possibilities are many.

You just need to find the station that you are interested in – and if you are like me – that preference can change depending on what I feel like.

Now let’s say you’re listening to oldies 80’s (my fav!), but another station’s signal has overlapped your station and now you are getting a bit of the oldies 80’s with intermittent public talk radio.

The oldies 80’s is still the dominant station, but for some reason, like atmospheric conditions, had carried the public talk radio frequency into the oldies 80’s airspace. The public talk radio isn’t taking over, and it doesn’t always bleed through, but the two frequencies may occasionally intersect.

Because our – personal and Earth’s – energies or frequencies have risen, we are more apt to catch glimpses (or bleed throughs) from other realities/dimensions/”stations”.

Years ago, apparitions were normally seen floating about two to three feet off of our floor or ground.

Now, for me, I see them merely inches off of the floor; but for some others – depending on their frequency – may see them up to about three feet off the floor.

Time Slips

Not all apparitions are dead beings or non-Earth beings – some are just in a different time, and for a brief moment or two, the two time lines connected and made it possible to see, hear, feel, and/or touch another time.

They may appear as ghosts to us and we appear as ghosts to them.

Another type of time slip is actually entering and interacting in another time (where the two times connected) and then returning to one’s own time. Some had, not realizing what had happened, gone back to that location to re-visit only to find that the building/spot had been torn down/destroyed many years ago.

by Jan Toomer


Channeling – Part One

Over the past month many have contacted me with questions about channeling or requests to learn channeling.

What is Channeling?

(The following definitions are how I use the terms.)

Channeling is the art of communicating information received from non-physical beings (or universal network), usually with the intent to pass the information along to a person or persons.

Most all forms of channeling include the channeler being the energy conduit. Most forms utilize one or more of these “clairs” (clair = clear and usually denote beyond the physical):

–    Clairaudience (clear hearing)
–    Clairsentience (clear sensing/feeling/knowing)
–    Clairvoyance (clear seeing)

There are different types (and some sub-types) of channeling. Here are a few:

Spiritual channeler– being a conduit to receive communication from non-physical beings (guides, ascended masters, the deceased, angels, other-world beings, etc.) – interpreting the communication received to pass along the information to living persons.

Mediums – being a conduit/communicator between the living and the deceased.

Trance channeler – trance channelers allow a non-physical entity to use the trance channelers body to communicate with living persons; taking possession of the channelers body during a session.

Automatic writing – allowing non-physical entity to use the channeler’s hand to write, draw, or type messages. Automatic writing is the channeler has no control over the hand. (Written channeled messages are different, those usually fall under Spiritual channeling and the channeler writes the interpretation of the information received.)

Why Now?

Why are so many seeking to learn more about channeling or wanting to learn channeling? Many are yearning for the connection with their higher self, teams/guides, and perhaps with others beyond the physical.

How Can I Learn It?

I am sure there are books out there, and probably videos; however, I strongly encourage – if possible – for you to find a reputable metaphysical or energy works instructor to get a solid understanding or foundation to build upon. I encourage you to work in-person with them.

  1. Ask around before you commit. Word of mouth is usually a good way to find someone to work with; some people are genuine, some are frauds.
  2. If you are not comfortable (with the person, techniques, or teachings /beliefs,etc.) – or if something seems off or wrong…leave! Listen to yourself; find someone else.
  3. It shouldn’t cost mega-bucks to learn! I totally agree with being compensated for teaching/mentoring, but it shouldn’t be huge amounts.

The higher realms/dimensions are working hard to help humans and Earth; one way that some do this is to give their message to those who can “hear” them to help pass the messages along.

The reason there are many channelers is because that many more people are “listening”. They are hearing the messages and want to pass it along.

Q & A’s

Q. But isn’t that like flooding the market so to speak? Too many people offering too many messages from too many messengers?

A. No, not really. Let’s say you listened/read Fred’s (names are made up) message from Holbert and you think/feel “what a load of hooey!”

But you listened/read Sue’s message from Abacoral and it resonated with you; perhaps spoke to something deep within you, or made you feel like “Yeah! Finally somebody I can relate to!” or “Hey, that’s what I thought/felt too!”

Each person will respond to the interpreted message that hit the right frequency for them.

Q. Does the names of who is being channeled matter? Does it lend authenticity?

A. No, the name does not lend authenticity. Some names are not even recognizable or well known, but can offer some mighty powerful insights or messages. Names are just labels used for the benefit of humans to help differentiate who is speaking/sending the message.

I have been passing along messages literally my whole life (from the age of being able to speak coherently) and hadn’t said “So & so said this…” (unless it was a deceased loved one – names are more important then).

As a matter of fact, it was only a few years ago that I learned the names of some of the messengers I communicated with. I knew their energy signatures, so it never occurred to me to find out if they had names for me to use.

And, it has only been recently that I sometimes receives names.

Q. So what are you?

A. For the purpose of this article, I am a Spiritual channeler. I invite the non-physicals, in the name of what is highest and best for the client, to come forward to pass along a message. This, for me, means deceased, team/guides, angels, ascended masters, and more. I have even had animals – deceased and/or totems – step forward to give messages.

Part Two

by Jan Toomer



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