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Reincarnation? So Passé

Someone made the comment along the lines of: “I’ll deal with the consequences in another lifetime. This lifetime? I don’t care – I’m going to do whatever I want.”

I do understand the desire to do whatever you want in this lifetime, and it’s important to set your boundaries and create your life.

It’s also very important to take responsibility for your thoughts, actions and deeds now.

And I’m not too keen on the whole, “I don’t care who I hurt or use to get where I want to be” mentality.

Didn’t that person stop to think?

This is the lifetime to make things right (or balance the scales, balance karma, etc.). This lifetime is when you clear all of your lifetimes…past, present and future.

The reason we are working so hard making things right in this lifetime is because the yin/yang, duality, and reincarnation cycles will cease.

No more dealing with one’s actions in another lifetime.

We are dealing with all of our actions from all of our lifetimes now.

Reincarnation? So Passé

Reincarnation on Earth only happened because humans bought into it.

Some of you may be saying, “I don’t even believe in reincarnation, so I know that statement is wrong.”

Just because this physical manifestation of self doesn’t believe in it, doesn’t mean that your soul doesn’t believe in reincarnation.

Reincarnation was a group consciousness decision or agreement.

Since we are releasing the group consciousness Earth-life decisions, agreements and rules, the reincarnation cycle will cease to be.

Some Hanging On

Yes, there will still be some reincarnating until they take responsibility for their own lives and/or until third dimension Earth ceases to be viable.

And Some Coming to Help

And, if you haven’t already noticed – a lot of youth have been, and are being, born with past life memories and/or memories of their lives on the other side. A lot of the youth today are coming in to help others in their growth.

Why are they coming in with memories intact?

One, the veil of forgetfulness* is not being utilized as much anymore. Yes, some did, and will, use it – but there’s not as much call for a complete veil (though some may still use it as per their soul life-plan). They are coming in “awake” to help the human race.

Second, they are dealing with their past life in this lifetime – so usually the memory or memories intact are the ones they need to deal with.

Stop and Think

So please stop and think. We are dealing with our “later” now…so what are you setting yourself up for by not caring, and taking care of it, today?

_ _ _

* Veil of forgetfulness (simplified) = The erasure of the memories of past lives and of life on the other side in preparation for this life and giving one the opportunity to concentrate only on the current lifetime.

by Jan Toomer


Who Was Ann Ockenden? by D. Arnall Bloxham

Who Was Ann Ockenden? by D. Arnall Bloxham. © 1958, Neville Spearman Ltd.

Though published in 1958, this is a timeless topic – past life regressions.

Hypno-therapist, Arnall Bloxham, shared some past life regression sessions from one client, Miss Ann Ockenden.

Bloxham presented seven of Ockenden’s past life regression transcripts, and then Bloxham followed each transcript with a chapter on his thoughts on the information received from the regression.

Ockenden’s recorded past lives ranged from caveman (B.C.) up to the 19th century.

Interesting reading – and shows that past life regression was occurring in at least the late 1950’s.



The Matthew Book Series

by Linda Aragon

“THE MATTHEW BOOKS” – (Series of 4 books) written by Suzanne Ward.

As an avid reader with a passion for Spiritual Studies, I have quite an extensive library.  I conduct Spiritual Meetings and Study Groups, Classes, Talks, etc. on an ongoing basis.  One of the “Perks” I offer is to lend out any book, free of charge on a sign out basis, two week check out period. And yes, I will lend you these books!

I am often asked – with all the reading and studying I do, what books would I highly recommend.  There are so many good books out there which have absolutely fast forwarded my spiritual journey.  Still, I have my favorites and ones that really hit home for me…today I am going to tell you about a set of books that really moved me and somehow struck a core within me that said “Yes, I remember this to be the truth” – When something inside of us sings out this way, I take it as a message for us to incorporate the learnings into our life.

Among the top of my recommended reading list are the “Matthew Books” by Suzanne Ward.  Yes, four of them.  Sounds like a lot of reading but I assure you – absolutely delightful, don’t want this book to end type of reading.

The series starts with:

Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven: A Matthew Book
–  ISBN 978-0738840925.

In 1980 17-yr old Matthew was driving home after a full day’s work. He veered and crashed and there seemed no apparent reason for the accident.  Matthew died in the arms of his rescuers.

Fourteen years later:  A series of telepathic conversations begin between Matthew and his Mother, Suzanne.  Susanne’s never-ending questions are patiently responded to by Matthew and he clears up common misconceptions about the world where he lives (he says it’s proper name is Nivana).  He speaks about the truth of our beginnings and our relationship with all of creation, for the purpose of understanding the ‘purpose of our lives’.  Among the topics he discusses are Reception of Souls, Relationships, Animals, Children, Angels and Spirit Guides, Near Death Experiences, Education, Music, Etheric Bodies, Lifeprint Review, Emotions, The Effects of Prayer and much more.  The dialog between Matthew and his Mother, done in question and answer format, can be seen as an instruction manual that can rescue the human race – just in time.  Written in simple English, very easy to understand and follow, and certainly fascinating reading!

The follow up books continue the story and communication:

Revelations for a New Era: Keys to Restoring Paradise on Earth
– ISBN 978-0971787520

Learn about Souls and Energy. How thoughts create everything within it!  The origin of human life on Earth, Mind Control, what is behind 9/11 and Advanced Civilizations.

Illuminations for a New Era: Understanding These Turbulent Times
–  ISBN 978-0971787537.

Tells who we are and the purpose of our multiple lifetimes.  Read about Earth’s ascension process; how we create our reality and how prayer works.

Voices of the Universe: Your Voice Affects the Universe Let It Be With Love
–  ISBN 978-0971787544.

Earth souls in Nirvana, our ET family.  Synchronicity in life experiences and the influence of the Illuminati.  Prepare for Earth’s restoration and our roles in this transition.

Yes, there is a lot of information here.  During my study of these works, there were many instances where a sense of “remembering” came forth, not to mention a few hair raising episodes.  Times where I could not sit still, the resonance was so strong. I believe, the time you would invest in these readings will fast forward your spiritual studies tenfold, as it did mine.

The Matthew channelings continue today, I receive these about once a month.


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Abraham-Hicks study group now being formed – sign up early for this opportunity!

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Linda Aragon, Holistic Life Coach

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A Past Life Regression

by Linda Aragon

Recently I took the plunge – for a long time I’ve wanted the experience of a past life regression.  A couple of things held me back- “Fear” of what might come out while under hypnosis, apprehension of its  reality – and  I needed to trust and feel comfortable with whom I chose to take this plunge with.  Finally I chose Joan Burnett, PhD – owner of the Metaphysical Center right here in Las Cruces. I’d like to share with you just how this works:

Joan spent time with me, just chatting, establishing that trust, and explaining the process.  She asked if I had any burning questions- my only criteria was hopefully, to find anything that could help me in my current life.  Joan explained I would be in light hypnosis only, and would be fully aware of my surroundings and of whatever came up.  She made it clear that I would maintain complete control.  She guided me through two past lives, taking me to the highlights of each of these lives, special events that would be pertinent for me to see and be able to use information in current life. Joan guided me right through death in each of these incarnations – I know this part sounds a little scary but when viewed, it is done as an observer, therefore without any pain or emotion.  This was indeed my experience.

My two incarnations both started as a young female child – one in colonial times.  This incarnation I was a black child during slavery times and I was treated as such…a love came forth and I ran away with this man and though most of that incarnation I was unhappy and sad, I did have love for a time with this man, til he was taken from me and killed.

The second incarnation took place in a farm like atmosphere which involved animals, dogs in particular for which I have a great passion and love for in this current life.   I trained dogs in this lifetime and discovered one dog I own now is the reincarnation of one that I viewed in the regression.  The information simply came to me…in the regression, this dog came to me in very bad shape, disabled and barely alive.  I nursed him and brought him back to health and I “knew” this dog and “Mickey”, one of my current dogs, was one in the same…Wow, what a realization!  Parts of this regression did bring forth emotion, and yes, even tears.  I learned of my ability to communicate with animals and with a great affinity I have with animals is not just in this current life.

I found this experience of past life regression to be extremely valuable.  It brought the concept of reincarnation from theory to experience, quite a leap.  I learned of common themes and ways I could use this information to help me in my current life.

It was an incredible experience. If you are at all considering having such an experience I urge you to give it a try and I believe chances are real good you will find it a positive experience with value.

Linda Aragon

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Attachments, Part II

(Attachments, Part I)

How can attachments be ‘found’ and removed – and – how can we tell if it’s an attachment or something from a past life experience?

Some sensitives can see attachments; some can also remove them. However, before you spend time hopping from sensitive to sensitive to find the ‘right’ one, and possibly spending way too much money – there may be an easier way.

Find a board certified therapist or psychiatrist who specializes in attachment removal (also known as ‘de-possession’) who may also utilize hypnosis – or a therapist/sensitive team who works together.

Please do not confuse this process with exorcism. An exorcism is usually a very aggressive removal process.

De-possession with a therapist is usually a gentler process.

Dr. Shakuntala Modi wrote a wonderful book, “Remarkable Healings” – where she presented to the reader case studies – actual clients and their perceptions and experiences.

Dr. Barbara Stone also wrote a wonderful book, “Invisible Roots” – and addressed both stuck entities and past life traumas.

The attachment(s) (or past life traumas) personalities should receive assistance as well; not just ‘cast out’ and left unguided, or free to attach to someone else. This is where the therapist assists both the person and the attachment.

Working with a therapist (or therapist/sensitive team) who specializes in past life traumas and de-possession can assist you in finding the root cause and begin the removal and healing process.

For past life traumas, sometimes just a past life regression will assist in healing that aspect/trauma brought forward.

by Jan Toomer




Old Souls by Tom Shroder

Old Souls: The Scientific Evidence for Past Lives by Tom Shroder. © 1999. Simon & Schuster. ISBN 0-64-85192-X.

Reporter Tom Shroder began his exploration into past lives by wanting to write a story about Dr. Brian Weiss and his work in past life regression.

During his research on Weiss, Shroder came across an article on Dr. Ian Stevenson (died 2/08/07); interested in Stevenson’s work, Shroder turned his attention to him.

Dr. Stevenson traveled extensively to interview children claiming past life memories. Stevenson would then research the memories – either validating the claims or disproving them.

Old Souls is the journey Shroder literally took with Stevenson on some of Stevenson’s research trips; what he experienced and witnessed while he followed Stevenson. They interviewed children and adults in Beruit, India and the US.

Shroder began this journey very much the skeptic as far as past life memories. At the end of this book, Shroder’s skepticism was not so prominent.

I really enjoyed Shroder’s book – and was fascinated at the scientific approach Dr. Stevenson took working to prove/disprove the past life memories.

I highly recommend this book.




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