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Psychic Attack

by Jan Toomer

A psychic attack can range from subtle to strong; can come from a physical being (they usually aren’t aware they are doing this) to a non-physical being – and either can create chaos in your life.

This does not mean that any little (or big) thing that happens in your life is a psychic attack.

Psychic attacks (for those who can “see” this type of energy) “looks” like dark tendrils (or tentacles) around and/or into the one being attacked. It can also be seen as energy knives (not physical knives, etc.) or other sharp energy implements in the energy field(s) of the one attacked.

Psychic attacks can be triggered by jealousy, fear, greed (and not necessarily monetary), hatred, etc. which are directed towards the one attacked.

No matter the reason, I do not recommend:

  • Trying to follow the energy attack back to its owner
  • Retaliation

What if you suspected Mrs. So & So, and you retaliated? We each do not have access to the complete “big picture” – your own limited views/biases can lead you to the wrong conclusion or wrong direction and then you create some major “karma” for self. Ouch.

So, What to Do?

I can recommend the following:

  1. You can remove the tendrils, etc. from you; pull down White Light to fill and clean where they entered/touched you and ask that the tendrils, etc. be sent back to their owners, and ask that they be healed on their way back.  Shield.
  2. Call on Arch Angel Michael to remove and clean you from the negative energies and ask to be protected by Arch Angel Michael so it does not happen again.  Shield.
  3. Shield periodically throughout the day (for example: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) to keep the light in and on you.
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