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Channeling – Part Two

(Part One here)

Q. I went to a group channeling, but the channeler was very vague, or basically said what I had secretly hoped to hear, but it didn’t feel/seem right.

A. Unfortunately there are some people who are reading one of the more dense subtle bodies (closer to the physical body) of the client which can include information such as hopes, fears, stuck energy, etc. and not necessarily  messages from deceased loved ones or the “higher ups”.

Q. How do you know a trance channeler is legit / really channeling?

A. (The following is for me personally – I cannot say you will experience this.)

When a person is a legitimate trance channeler, I physically feel a change in the air in the room when the process begins. To me, it becomes slightly charged, announcing to me that the wormhole is preparing to open to bring the entity to be channeled.

When the wormhole opens, I feel a pressure on the right side of my head – like someone is gently, but firmly, pushing on my head. This feeling continues until the entity enters the channeler’s personal wormhole/entry point.

As the entity enters the channeler, all sensations (the charged feeling and the pressure) cease.

I briefly see the entity’s face super-imposed over the channeler’s face, and then they seem to merge together.

When the channeling session is over, I see the entity disengage from the channeler’s body and then the entity just disappears.

Q. Have you ever been to a channeling session that was fraudulent or fake?

A. Yes.

The channeler prepped, became quiet, and then began speaking as if they were channeling the entity.

There was no entity, no wormhole activity, and no entity entering the channeler…zip.


Q. All this makes me uncomfortable. Is there a way to hear my guides without all of that?

A. We each have been hearing our guides our whole life. Each person has their way of perceiving the guidance from their team.

It could be the little voice telling your “you know that is a bad idea”, or “you know you shouldn’t do that”; or the urge to take a different route to work on morning – saving your from an accident or a long traffic jam.

It could be the epiphany – sudden knowing or insight – to help you through a problem or life hurdle.

It could be a miracle, large or small.

It could be inspiration or hope that suddenly springs forth from you.

I always encourage people to talk (verbally in private – or mentally) to their team like they would talk to their very best friend…the good and the bad. Ask them for guidance – and be open to the way the information comes to you.

It could be song that speaks to you deeply or answers your question; it could be a snippet of an overheard conversation and that snippet provided you what you were seeking; or a friend could say something to you that rang out as your answer.

Q. I don’t want to keep bugging them. I feel like all I am doing is taking and not giving anything in return.

A. Please remember that you hand picked your life guides to “have your back”. You expected them to guide you (hence the name ‘guide’); to kick you in the rear when needed; to provide comfort when needed.

And they agreed to do it.

But, it is not a one way street. Being a guide (which they have to have had at least one lifetime as a human, and then receive training on how to be a guide) helps them work on their soul growth plan as well.

Our behind the scenes team is just one more aspect of the human experience.

One way you can consciously give back is to sincerely tell them “thank you”. Prayers for your team, and any on the other side, are greatly appreciated on the other side as well.

I like to occasionally – and sincerely – offer them a great big pink (unconditional love) energy hug. I know, sounds really corny, but it seems to be appreciated and it is one way I let them know I really appreciate their patience and hard work.

by Jan Toomer

Channeling – Part One

Over the past month many have contacted me with questions about channeling or requests to learn channeling.

What is Channeling?

(The following definitions are how I use the terms.)

Channeling is the art of communicating information received from non-physical beings (or universal network), usually with the intent to pass the information along to a person or persons.

Most all forms of channeling include the channeler being the energy conduit. Most forms utilize one or more of these “clairs” (clair = clear and usually denote beyond the physical):

–    Clairaudience (clear hearing)
–    Clairsentience (clear sensing/feeling/knowing)
–    Clairvoyance (clear seeing)

There are different types (and some sub-types) of channeling. Here are a few:

Spiritual channeler– being a conduit to receive communication from non-physical beings (guides, ascended masters, the deceased, angels, other-world beings, etc.) – interpreting the communication received to pass along the information to living persons.

Mediums – being a conduit/communicator between the living and the deceased.

Trance channeler – trance channelers allow a non-physical entity to use the trance channelers body to communicate with living persons; taking possession of the channelers body during a session.

Automatic writing – allowing non-physical entity to use the channeler’s hand to write, draw, or type messages. Automatic writing is the channeler has no control over the hand. (Written channeled messages are different, those usually fall under Spiritual channeling and the channeler writes the interpretation of the information received.)

Why Now?

Why are so many seeking to learn more about channeling or wanting to learn channeling? Many are yearning for the connection with their higher self, teams/guides, and perhaps with others beyond the physical.

How Can I Learn It?

I am sure there are books out there, and probably videos; however, I strongly encourage – if possible – for you to find a reputable metaphysical or energy works instructor to get a solid understanding or foundation to build upon. I encourage you to work in-person with them.

  1. Ask around before you commit. Word of mouth is usually a good way to find someone to work with; some people are genuine, some are frauds.
  2. If you are not comfortable (with the person, techniques, or teachings /beliefs,etc.) – or if something seems off or wrong…leave! Listen to yourself; find someone else.
  3. It shouldn’t cost mega-bucks to learn! I totally agree with being compensated for teaching/mentoring, but it shouldn’t be huge amounts.

The higher realms/dimensions are working hard to help humans and Earth; one way that some do this is to give their message to those who can “hear” them to help pass the messages along.

The reason there are many channelers is because that many more people are “listening”. They are hearing the messages and want to pass it along.

Q & A’s

Q. But isn’t that like flooding the market so to speak? Too many people offering too many messages from too many messengers?

A. No, not really. Let’s say you listened/read Fred’s (names are made up) message from Holbert and you think/feel “what a load of hooey!”

But you listened/read Sue’s message from Abacoral and it resonated with you; perhaps spoke to something deep within you, or made you feel like “Yeah! Finally somebody I can relate to!” or “Hey, that’s what I thought/felt too!”

Each person will respond to the interpreted message that hit the right frequency for them.

Q. Does the names of who is being channeled matter? Does it lend authenticity?

A. No, the name does not lend authenticity. Some names are not even recognizable or well known, but can offer some mighty powerful insights or messages. Names are just labels used for the benefit of humans to help differentiate who is speaking/sending the message.

I have been passing along messages literally my whole life (from the age of being able to speak coherently) and hadn’t said “So & so said this…” (unless it was a deceased loved one – names are more important then).

As a matter of fact, it was only a few years ago that I learned the names of some of the messengers I communicated with. I knew their energy signatures, so it never occurred to me to find out if they had names for me to use.

And, it has only been recently that I sometimes receives names.

Q. So what are you?

A. For the purpose of this article, I am a Spiritual channeler. I invite the non-physicals, in the name of what is highest and best for the client, to come forward to pass along a message. This, for me, means deceased, team/guides, angels, ascended masters, and more. I have even had animals – deceased and/or totems – step forward to give messages.

Part Two

by Jan Toomer



Energy Readers

I was recently describing to a friend a distance reading I had recently received.

When the reader began, I saw the reader standing before me. I then felt the reader, as I so eloquently put it, “poking and prodding in my energy”. (It’s not really a poking and prodding feeling, I was being mischievous.)

My friend asked me to describe this. I said that if you can imagine standing before a rack of clothes in a store and you begin looking at each article of clothing hanging on the rack. Most people kind of push the clothes back, and begin rifling through each article to take a cursory glance at them; looking at one; sliding it over and looking at the next; and so on.

This is what I visualize when this type of reading occurs – the reader is rifling through my different energy levels.

Our discussion turned to different types of readings (this is by no means a complete list). The following descriptions are my interpretations based on my experiences and of my experiences of seeing the energy in action of other readers.


The reader accesses information from those who have crossed over (deceased) – and can receive information from their guides.


Reader who receives information from guides, “Masters”, etc.

Trance Channeler

The reader’s body is utilized by a non-physical entity. The reader’s consciousness steps aside to allow the in-coming entity the use of the reader’s vocal chords for speaking; use of the hands for writing; and/or the whole body.


(Metaphysical, not neurological) – a reader who touches an item, person or animal and receives information. For items, the reader is picking up on the energy information transferred to the item; the person/animal having had the most recent physical contact with the item will leave behind energy ‘memories’ as well as energy signatures. The most recent contact will be the strongest; for antiques, there can be layers of different signatures and ‘memories’.

Aura or Chakra

These readers look at and interpret the colors and formations of the aura and/or chakras and relay the information to the client. The aura (an energy body around all living things) is often what children are referring to when they tell someone that they are “pink” or “blue”.

Energy Field

These reader’s energies touch or enter your energy field and sort through the different energy fields to spot what needs to be brought to your attention (this is what I called, with tongue in cheek, poking and prodding – it is not uncomfortable, and many people do not even notice any sensations).

I will now try to give you a mental picture on these. Each reader perceives in his or her own way for the reading, but I will try to give you some generalized descriptions.


A memory may pop up into the reader’s thoughts. This indicates to the reader that the situation or your emotions about the situation is similar to what the client is feeling.


The reader’s symbols will show up. For example: the reader may see a red rose (love) or a yellow rose (friendship) as a representation of the non-physical being trying to pass along information.

How Does “Getting Info” Work?

Simply, everything is energy – including us. The reader tunes into the energy frequency and interprets what they ‘get’. It’s kind of like turning on a radio and then scanning the channels until you find the one you want.

Also, using myself as an example, I see what I call wormholes.

One of the ways I get my information is from a wormhole. It is a funnel (imagine the shape of a tornado), where one part comes into a specific area of my head, while the other part leader to those who provide me information.

Okay, I know that just sounded kind of creepy…but it really isn’t.

I have been aware of my wormhole since a child.

I was asked if others have this – I have never looked. Why? First, I guess I took it for granted, and secondly, I consider ‘looking’ a no-no – I see it as an invasion of privacy.

I am not a physicist – and am ‘iffy’ with linear thinking (formulas, numbers, etc) – but I do ‘know’ that wormholes play a big part on connecting to, and getting info from, other dimensions.

Yes, the information comes from other dimensions. If our guides, etc. were from this dimension, it would simply be a matter of picking up the telephone or IM’ing to get the information. (grin)

Wormholes are also a way for entities to comes down and enter a trance channeler’s body.

Hopefully this answered some questions for you – and hopefully is produced more questions in you.

A Spiritual Reading

Last  Sunday, my sister and I went to a psychic fair in Tucson. We both signed up with the same lady and when it was her turn, we asked if we could do it together, and she said that  would be fine. She didn’t use cards, in fact it was more of a casual chit chat. I am not at liberty to discuss my sisters reading , however, I can say that it was pretty right on if you know what I mean.

I have never experienced a reading done in this way.  Usually, the reader doesn’t want to know anything  so that you won’t think they are “fishing” for information. However,  this lady asked a lot of questions, and she would tell you what she was seeing as you answered her. Her visions left you wondering  as she compared the meaning to a scene in a movie. It seemed pretty vague, however, the information had some deep roots that began falling into place the next day.

I would  like to say one thing to anyone that would like to have a reading done, but may be afraid of what might come out. A physic will only validate what you already know and what you are ready to hear.  At some level of your being, you  have to give your permission for them to see. Otherwise, they can’t . There are many counterfeits’,  however,  in my opinion, a good physic reads with the desire to offer guidance for the highest good, and has the highest respect for free will. A physic reader of light also accepts with honor, the responsibility that comes with reading.

That being said, I would like to share with you an amazing journey…

This particular reading that I got seemed to unfold one symbol at a time. I am most jazzed by synchronicity, where spirit manifests and becomes reality. It’s the stuff  that makes your hair stand up and you know it’s real.

Right off the bat, she asked me “how can I help you?  I  asked her if I was going to move?  She told me that she saw Wyoming around me, and that seemed cool because even though I live in the desert, I have felt homesick for the mountains and snow for some time…

Next, I asked about my mother. She died in Sept of 06 and I still really miss her. Rarely can I speak of her without crying. I have some sort of a void concerning her that has not been filled. Perhaps, it’s being filled now, as I will explain as this incredible reading slowly unfolds.

She told me that she saw my mother in swaddling clothes. I didn’t think too much about it, but I never heard of that before. I told her that my mom and I had an agreement on communication that has never happened, and therefore, it makes me think that she can’t honor our agreement. She said that my mom didn’t have to experience many of the things that most of us go through after death, because she already knew. I know this. She was a very enlightened being.

Next, she told me that she saw a very big bird feather. At that point I freaked because my  greatest fear in life is birds. There is no reason for this fear, but it is very real. All of my life, in kidding, I have said that I was pecked to death in another life. As a child, I didn’t want to die and go to heaven because I thought you got wings, and I wanted no part of that.

She confirmed that I was killed by birds as a form of torture in another life. She told me that they even pecked one of my eyes out while I was still alive. However, she said it went deeper. She told me a story about a very highly evolved being with wings, and they were my honor. Something happened  and I lost one of my wings,  it devastated me and  broke me, on a level so much greater than any feeling that we can experience on this earth plane.  She told me that I was of the bird clan, and that they want to talk to me, but have respect for my fear of them.

She went on to say that a feather would come to me to heal my past once and for all. It would also open the doors to who I am. The communication with my mother, in the way she and I agreed on will also be honored.

By the time we left, I felt like I had known this lady for a very long time. As with any reading, when something hits  you over the head as truth, but nothing rings true with you at that moment, rather than judge it, file it under later. Then, when it happens, if it does, you  will remember the words, and hopefully, find your own synchronicity.  For me, I didn’t have to wait very long.

The next morning, Gene {my husband} and I went to my brothers house for coffee and I am telling my brother Chris, and his lady Michelle, about our readings. Michelle hands me this big  hawk feather…

the feather  will find  to me…

And so it begins…

I began to tell them about loosing a wing, and as I did, I began to cry. I could feel the sorrow and the loss. I wasn’t afraid, I was very sad.  I felt as if I lost my true love, or my truth. It wasn’t supposed to happen like that. {She also told me that at one time I was not very nice,  but I can’t remember where that fit into the reading} Could that be where I lost my wing? Or perhaps that is why I was tortured?  I just know that I was devastated.

Next, I told Chris and Michelle about mom, and I had to call my sis to ask her what  the term was that the reader used. When I told them that the reader saw mom dressed in swaddling clothes, instantly, all three of them said “Mom has reincarnated back”.  Something hit me like a ton of bricks, and I thought about my  niece. She was born after my mom died and I always thought there was something weird about her.

My mother died Sept 20,2006. My niece was born Sept of 2007. This is third generation. They have many similar mannerisms and they look alike. Tell you what, it would explain why my mom doesn’t write. Ha.

I inherited my moms dog Munchkin. He wouldn’t leave my moms side  during her last year on earth. I plan to take him to see that niece and see what Munchkin has to say.

Reincarnation is something that I have put on the shelf for later. I know that it’s real, however, as with most things that offer little proof, it’s one of those things that “ya just don’t know”.  I do believe that we are at the beginning of a new age, and have thought that there are many many highly evolved spiritual beings that live in human bodies, and as they get old, they die, only to come right back in new and improved bodies because they still have a job to do, and need the younger body.

None of this came to me until the feather came. My brother braided the back of my hair with the feather so that I could feel the energy without getting freaked out.  We will see how all this unfolds.

I have no idea about Wyoming and what that means. However, if anyone is a reader, and you have any insight, I would love to know. In the meantime, I am jazzed by the reading that I received.  I would love to give her credit, but I never got her name.

Warm wishes of Peace and Love


My Journey with Medical Intuitive Mirit Eder-Turley

My story begins before I contacted Mirit. (I am providing an abbreviated version here.)

Last Tuesday, in the wee hours of the morning, I quit breathing – then started again. Then quit again, then started again… I couldn’t wake up fully to figure out what was happening. By around 4:20 am, I awoke to the sound of my lungs gurgling; I was having a major asthma attack, and was in trouble.

After treating my lungs, I realized I had bug bites on my face, ear, arm, knee and a grouping of four or five on my back. My body was buzzing with a major allergic reaction.

I stripped the bed and found an Assassin bug.

Later, I emailed Mirit – a medical intuitive – with a question about bug bites and any metaphysical connections to them.

Mirit set an appointment with me for Friday. I couldn’t wait – this would be my first experience with a medical intuitive!

I would like to share some of my experience here (it is an abbreviated version). Please be aware that this is MY interpretation of MY session with Mirit; I cannot tell you that my experience, or results, are what you will experience – we are each unique.

Mirit had explained that she will meditate, prior to our appointment, to get information/insights for that appointment.

The time had come; with pen in hand, I wrote as Mirit started our session.

Mirit began with the information she received about my physical body. She saw that the venom (from the Assassin bug) was traveling through my system in my bloodstream. This was creating problems with my heart (which I already knew, and had made an appointment with my naturopathy), and with my lungs.

Mirit provided some possible actions for me to take to help alleviate some of the imbalances.

She then went on to Archetype information for me (another first for me!).

The Assassin bug fit into both the Assassin and the Vampire archetypes.

For me and my experience:

Assassin aspect playing into what I call “Persecution Syndrome” (quite a few energy workers have this – where they have a fear that if they shine their Light too brightly, someone will try to put that Light out), hence the ‘assassination attempt’ by the Assassin bug.

The Vampire aspect (the Assassin bug sucking my blood) is based on me ‘inviting’ the vampire in – – meaning I invited in anyone who seemed to like me – stemming from my childhood need to be liked.

Can you see a pattern here? I created this these scenarios (though not consciously) through my actions and thoughts.

Mirit interpreted – and brought to my conscious mind – what I created so that, with her assistance, could correct this pattern.

Mirit wanted to address my asthma next. She explained that asthma is a protective method, and can be linked to overextended fight or flight.

She had me get into a relaxed state – and here comes the really cool stuff – we began exploring my asthma. (Please remember, this is an abbreviated version.)

She had me recall the memory of my asthma attack connected to the Assassin bug – and to feel it again. Next, she directed me to go to an earlier time where I had experienced those same sensations.

I had previously linked my asthma to a past life in a WWII concentration camp – so it was no surprise to me that that’s where I went next.

Mirit again directed me to go even earlier. I ‘saw’ myself in the ocean, drowning. (I didn’t have much detail, except that I felt I had fallen overboard or was pushed.)

Again, I was directed to go earlier. This time was Pompeii (or perhaps another village that had been in the path of an erupting volcano). In this lifetime, I ‘remembered’ thinking, “If I don’t breathe, it won’t hurt.”

Again further back.

(Continued…. Part Two) Part Two – the creation of the asthma…questions answered by Mirit….and more.

Thank you Mirit!

(Mirit’s site)

by Jan Toomer

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My Journey with Medical Intuitive Mirit Eder-Turley – Part Two

‘My Journey with Medical Intuitive Mirit Eder-Turley – Part Two’

Again further back.

This time I was a proud cocky teenager living in the jungle. Here my lungs were fine, so we moved to my death in that lifetime; it was there that we found the roots of my ‘protection creation’.

I had been bitten by a poisonous snake, and at the moment of realization, I felt I had betrayed myself; if I hadn’t been so cocky and feeling invincible, I would’ve been paying attention and seen the snake.

It was then that I set up the unhealthy protection mode for myself – one that followed me through multiple lifetimes and into this life.

This ‘protection’ is where I created my asthma. It’s purpose? To help me from being distracted so that I wouldn’t miss the ‘danger’ signals in my lifetimes. In other words, to pay attention at all times.

Mirit walked me through a release and recreating exercise.

When we finished, I felt great! My chest felt open and relaxed and the rest of me was basking in an overall feeling of well-being.

I was relaxed and comfortable with Mirit. Her energy, to me, was very gentle; she was very well informed, both with what she ‘received’, and with how to address and work on that which she received; she also had a warm sense of humor.

I can narrow down my experience with Mirit Eder-Turley in one word: “Wow!”

I highly recommend Mirit’s services as a medical intuitive.


I was talking with a friend Sunday night, relating my experience of the past week – and realized I was forgetting details, such as which day what occurred. It was similar to when you had a dream, but as the day progresses, you begin forgetting the details of the dream, until the dream memory is no more.

I realized that it was all well and good; I didn’t need those memories anymore.

Release, release, release…


Questions to Mirit:

“What prompted you to become a Medical Intuitive?”

First and foremost, I am a healer.  I became a Medical Intuitive to get the language I needed to be more effective as a healer.  Seeing energy blockages and discolored places in a person’s body was not enough for me.  I needed to be able to speak in the language of dis-ease.  I also wanted to refine my approach to be more accurate.  As a healer, I always used some intuition to guide me.  Medical Intuition helps me speak to people who are suffering or stuck in their lives in ways that their mind understand. I went through a 4 year training with Caroline Myss & Dr. Norm Shealy.  That training was intense, the process itself was not easy.  Everything I knew about myself had to change. Today, I have no greater pleasure than to watch people empower themselves to great health and joy in their lives.

“While you are working with the client, are you able to see, sense, know or feel the adjustments (re-alignments) taking place with your client?”

My intuition is mostly a “knowing”, however I am able to see, hear, sense and feel.  On rare occasions smell and taste also come to me during an intuitive session.  When I work with clients, I work to empower them, so I track their adjustments and realignments without getting involved too much, as to not influence them in the direction I want them to go.  I track them to the originating point of a disease then I watch the play unfold.  The client does all the work, I believe this is what makes a session very powerful.

“What one thing would you like readers to know?”

There are so many things that I’ve learned as a Medical Intuitive and there are so many more things I’ve learned from my clients.  Never underestimate your power, intuition and faith, it will always lead you somewhere special.  Spirit has greater things in store for you than you can imagine, so don’t get disappointed if things don’t go your way or don’t come out exactly as you planned.

About Mirit Eder-Turley

Mirit Eder-Turley, CMI, LMT, is a Medical Intuitive, Licensed Massage Therapist, archetype counselor,and practitioner of energy medicine. She has maintained a private practice in New York, Massachusetts, Florida and New Mexico since 1995. She has taught and lectured about the mind-body-spirit connection since 1997. She assists her students and clients in finding the clarity they need to live their potential.

Mirit has been certified by Dr. Norm Shealy and Caroline Myss through The Institute of Scientific Medical Intuition and is a graduate of CMED Institute. Her studies have provided Mirit with a language for the intuitive healing work that comes to her naturally.  Mirit uses her intuitive healing gifts and the techniques she has learned through studying directly with master teachers to assist people in every aspect of Be-ing: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Her clients include those displaying the dis-ease patterns of fibromyalgia, trauma, cancer, nervous system disorders, lymes disease and chronic fatigue among others.

Some of the techniques, Mirit uses are Reiki, Axiatonal Restoration (Re-Connection) Inner Counselor, Energy Medicine and Shamanic Practices.  Mirit is also well versed in Ayurveda and Yogic practices.

Mirit’s Work

I have been practicing in the field of energy medicine and human consciousness since 1995.  I work as a medical intuitive, providing individuals with an evaluation of the health of their energetic anatomy system and then guide them towards their empowerment.

I guide my clients to discover the many methods for a complete recovery of health.  Healing any illness or personal crisis is a complex undertaking.  What works for one person may not work for another. What worked at a certain point in time in your life may not work now.  I assist in finding the proper mix in healing any illness or personal crisis.

Medical Intuitional guidance is one of the best ways for you to empower yourself in your life, relationships and health.

Visit Mirit’s Web:

Thank you Mirit! :)

by Jan Toomer



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