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Your Meta Questions – April 2014

These are some of the metaphysical questions that were emailed, texted or otherwise sent to me. Unfortunately there are too many emails monthly, so we cannot answer each and every one. My team and I pick a few questions a month and try to address them under ‘Your Meta-Questions” on the blog.

Q. How do you center yourself when you are preparing to write? I sometimes spend a lot of time trying to figure out where to begin.

A. When I am working with my team, they highlight an incident, conversation, or experience and ask me to write about it.

What would that conversation begin with if you were talking to a friend and you were explaining a concept, incident, etc.?

I try to write like I am talking to someone.

Q.  I think I am an empath. Others feelings can affect my own and know when someone is feeling a certain way.

A. Empaths can get overwhelmed with emotions and imbalances from either or both of the living and the non-physical (deceased or other non-physical beings) and the empaths often feel their emotions as if they were their own.

Shielding techniques may help put a buffer between you and everyone else’s thoughts (for telepaths), emotions or imbalances.

Here are some techniques – please adjust and adapt to fit you.   Shielding: — podcast —  page

Q. Reading the past – “remembering” stuff from someone else’s past and feel compelled to share the information with them.

A. The impression I have is that you are picking up on the past life that is most prevalent to the person’s current life.

In other words: we are each working on traumas and baggage from other lifetimes, so we can be aided (if deemed necessary) by “clues” or memories of a past life that most affects or is connected to a life lesson that the person is currently going through.

If you are receptive, you could pick up on that in other people; or, if you are a channeler, the others person’s team (aka guides) or higher self may present the information or flashes to you so you can pass it along (orally or written) to that person.

There is also being a medium, where the person’s deceased loved one wants you to bring up a memory to that person. This can be done for various reasons, some of which might be: the deceased wants their living loved one to know that – though their physical body is gone – they continue to exist; or the deceased can bring messages to help the living heal from their grief.

Q. Dreams – Having dreams warning me of what is going to happen.

A. This can be a touch of precognition (seeing or knowing beforehand). I used to get dreams, flashes and insights on mass exodus’ or traumas, or know an earthquake or other natural disaster was coming. Many years of this kind of got to me, so I spoke with my team and requested that nothing be shown to me if I can’t do anything about it. Now I will receive flashes, dreams, insights if my conscious attention is required.

Our teams (guides) are very important for our growth and they are (in general) habitually consciously under utilized. Don’t be afraid to ask them for guidance, aid, help, direction, etc.

Q. I need help with my abilities (understanding them and perhaps refining them).

A. I recommend finding an instructor in your area for you to work with. I recommend you find someone with a really good reputation (as a lot of questions and a lot of people!). Expect to pay for their time and knowledge. (But not exuberantly priced!)

  • Feel free to read the free articles (there are a lot of them!) on this blog.
  • Books (what you are drawn to) are a great way to learn as well!
  • I offer e-books for purchasing (that are not the courses).

FOR ALL ABILITIES: If any ability is too much, too strong, too loud, etc., please know that you can work on controlling it. For example: Use the knob dial approach.

Visualize a dial knob with the numbers 1 through 10 – with 10 being the biggest, loudest, or most.

When something is too much, visualize turning that dial down to an acceptable level.  This does take practice and persistence – keep at it!

by Jan Toomer

Q. This question was posted on the blog, so it is verbatim and answered by Linda Aragon.

“I stumbled upon your website and would like to ask if for example part of your soul contract is to die with cancer. So even if you practice law of attraction thinking happy healthy thoughts every minute of every day, you will still die with cancer? Just like what happened to Jerry Hicks, husband of Esther Hicks who spoke and wrote books about law/power of attraction?”

A. It can never be fully known, as with your example of ‘Cancer’ if such an experience is a Soul Contract or perhaps a result of not taking care of yourself, carrying anger, etc.  Looking at illness from a spiritual perspective, it is said often, anger is an underlying component of cancer.  Does this mean that everyone that comes down with Cancer, it is always a result of anger?    No, we don’t know what that reasons that person is experiencing, nor is it our job to figure it out.  That is why it is so very important not to judge another’s path. 

Furthermore, soul contracts have been known to be altered.  We set them up to balance karma perhaps, to facilitate a lesson, to experience a particular event, etc.  It is important to note that free will (an important part of our Earthly experience) trumps all.  Let’s take an example of being in an abusive relationship.  It may very well be a soul contract.  As we grow and evolve and learn to love ourselves, the lesson may be short.  You leave the relationship and never will you allow another to abuse you again.  Some learn quickly, some do not.

Your reference to Abraham Hicks, who teach about the Law of Attraction is an interesting one.  Their teachings focus on the Law of Attraction.  Your vibrations attract like vibrations.  Or simply put, like attracts like.  When you are happy or unhappy, you draw to yourself experiences of equal vibration that perpetuates your happiness or unhappiness. So your question is a valid one…can these teachings and soul contracts both be happening.  A resounding – Yes, they can.  Vibration plays an important role in both pre-birth planning and healing.  Both may be happening.  Trying to dissect it though will drive you nuts and we do not need to.  A more helpful question to ask is “If I planned this experience before I was born, why would I have done that?”  Asking this question empowers you to extract from the experience, an expansion of consciousness you may have sought by planning the experience. 

The subject of Soul Contracts AND the Abraham-Hicks teachings are both passionate studies for me.  On the subject of Soul Contracts, I highly recommend the reading of Robert Schwartz’s book “Your Souls Plan” (formerly called “Courageous Souls) and his latest release “Your Souls Gift”.

Thank you for your most insightful question. I hope this helps you and others to integrate both the Abraham Teachings and Soul Contracts.

Linda Aragon


There I Am!

by Jan Toomer

Who Are You?

I don’t mean, for example, Jan the metaphysician/ the wife/ the energy worker / the mother / the friend, etc.

I mean the essence, the soul, the energy that has been, in this lifetime, named Jan.

At this time you need to know your energy, yourself, your soul signature/essence… you need to know you.

Have you noticed that weird, bizarre and violent crimes are on the rise as well as weird, bizarre and/or violent behaviour being on the increase? – You may have suspected that it is due to, in part, desensitization (for example from the violent video game era) – as well as due to losing one’s connection to self.

We have electromagnetic fields – it is part of our human experience and human body – and we live on a planet with an electromagnetic field; just as the planet Earth’s electromagnetic field shifts, so too does ours.

Research shows that the Earth’s pole has been shifting – which shifted and continues to shift, the electromagnetic field of our planet; for us, it has been a gradual shift and we have adapted as we went along our way. estimates that the pole is shifting 40 km per year now.

I Can Share With You What Can Happen In Earth’s Group Consciousness Reality

So we have had electromagnetic shifts, solar flares (creating energy disturbances), and energy shifts for raising vibrations. While this has been going on, we have been afforded an adjustment period to adapt to the changes; however, these changes are occurring more frequently and pronounced each time, with shorter breaks to adapt in-between.

This means we have less time now to get over being ishcombibbled and get ready for the next energy shift.

Some people are not catching up and/or adapting; some feel like they are on a downward spiral and don’t know how to come out of it (I highly recommend a metaphysically orientated therapist to help with this).

I am not a doctor – I am sharing with you what I perceive on an energy level/ energy read.

Those who aren’t able to keep up have a kind of electromagnetic storm raging within their brain. This creates an imbalance which can create an increase of violence, bizarre behaviour, etc. In other words, fine upstanding citizens one moment and suddenly lost with a twist the next moment.

This can be in the form of road rage all the time, not just on the road – a lot of anger and hostility; weird behaviours; suicides on the increase; murders (for really strange or unknown reasons), etc. It is like every negative (and possibly primitive) attribute of humanity is coming out more…much more.

For those who are keeping up, the energy shifts have a tendency to:

  • Make us tired, almost weary
  • More hungry physically (we are burning more to keep up)
  • Little bouts of flakiness or ishcombibbled-ness and then we settle down again as we adjust.

So far, the shifts have been gradual. But what happens if the pole shift is sped up for some reason? A massive electromagnetic storm earth-wide.

There will be no adjustment period such as we had been having. Theoretically, this could have the same effect as taking a magnet to your computer hard drive; some memory/information will be erased; some may be scrambled and indecipherable.

By knowing your energy; knowing you, then you significantly increase your chances of protecting your inner ‘hard drive’ if this should ever occur.

And shielding may help as well.

Want Another Reason?

Want another reason to know you, know your energy?

Humans, on the whole, are empathic (the ability to feel/sense others emotions, often as if they were your own). As energy frequencies rise, we become more empathic and telepathic abilities emerge and/or increase.

If you do not know your energy/energy signature, then how are you going to know where your energy begins and ends and where others begin and end?

What are some of the consequences of not knowing your energy from others?

You could lose yourself.

Okay, here I would like to break off and briefly address soul groups….

Soul Groups

What does Soul Group mean?   Connection to Source

We are a small part of one – but we really cannot say small part, because “part” denotes separateness. We are one, we just forgot it.

And part of your soul group learning is to start removing the separateness …again, easier said than done.

So let’s start with this room: you are part of, you are connected to, every human in this room. So take a moment to feel yourself expanding in this room…and while you are doing that, be aware that you are part of each person; you are part of every animal in this room; you are part of everything in this room:

  • the carpeting
  • the couch
  • the chairs
  • the pictures and paintings
  • the walls

Meditation Exercise

(Do not do this while driving or working machinery! Meditations are usually for relaxing!)


Take one slow deep breath… and release it slowly.
Take another deep breath….release it slowly.

Now turn your attention to your solar plexus or abdomen. With each exhale you take, expand your awareness outward from your abdomen – bring it two feet out from your body….

Expand it now four feet from your body.

Five feet from your body.

Expand yourself to fill this room – now become aware of the feel or existence of each person in the room.

Acknowledge or feel each animal in the room, all while knowing your own energy.

<Give Time>

Begin pulling your awareness back towards your own physical body. With your inhale, you are now five feet out from your body…

Now you are four feet from your body….

Now two feet…

Now you are back into your body… now say to your self:

Head to head
Neck to neck
Shoulders to shoulders
Arms to arms
Hands to hands
Fingers to fingers
Torso to torso
Legs to legs
Feet to feet
Toes to toes
Now wiggle your fingers and wiggle your toes, open your eyes feeling relaxed and refreshed.

I was sitting at a stoplight the other day, and I began looking – I mean really looking  – at other people.

As I looked into each vehicle as it drove by – I realized “There I am!”, “Oh how cute! There I am!”, “Oh look! There I am!”

No, I wasn’t being conceited, egotistical or full of myself.

I was seeing my part of oneness and how it related to the other parts of oneness; in other words…how we are all connected.

I know those words are so easy to say and it is said a lot and by a lot of people, but to experience it, to feel it, to know it…totally different ball game.

We Are All One

So I am learning more and more that everyone and everything is connected.

I always knew that energy was everything and everything was energy – I understood that out here, outside of myself.

Through gradual personal shifts and changes, it had gone from being outside myself to being within me.

That means it is a part of me now, not just an externally known idea or concept; it’s in me now.

Can’t get more up close and personal than that!

If everything is connected and everyone is connected, then you are me and I am you. This also means it is my responsibility to share what I know to help assist you/”me” in succeeding in this lifetime.

I try to provide tools to those parts of “me” that are receptive and ready for what the Jan-part can offer, whether it is a little or lot depends on where the “you” me is and what “you” me is ready to receive.

I want “you”/me to grow and I want me/”you” to accomplish what you came here, in this lifetime, to accomplish.

Because you are me and I am you.

Now, having said that we are all one…why did we travel from “knowing self-energy” to “we are all connected”?

Kind of contradictory…right?

No, not at all.

We currently have one foot in the mass consciousness reality (which includes the illusion of separateness) and one foot in the individual created reality in which  we acknowledge our connection to the Source and ultimately to everyone and everything else.

We are currently working both realities.

So, I ask that you learn who you are, learn your energy as well as seeing your connection to all else.

Soul Fragmentation, Part Two

by Jan Toomer


(DISLCAIMER: It is recommended that you have sessions with a Soul Retrieval Practitioner – but is understood that this is not always feasible. If you continue reading, you are agreeing that you will not hold the author or Reality Undefined LLC liable and that you are solely responsible for any mental, physical, emotional, spiritual or psychological issues that may arise, or that you, or others, may perceive to arise; perceived, imaginary, or real. You also accept full responsibility to explore what you feel is appropriate for you at your own risk – and no one else’s.)

Give Aways
We, humans, have been known to fragment – giving away a soul fragment, out of love, to another.

We have also, unsuspectingly, given away fragments to another person in control:  spouses, doctors, teachers, bosses, children, military, religious head figure, friends, etc.

Some soul fragments have been taken by another – they usually take soul fragments from those whom they deem to be weaker – and are often taken to control the person (usually through fear, intimidation, bullying, etc.)

There are also Takers who steal because they aren’t sure how to get their own soul fragments back; this is not usually a conscious act, but harmful nonetheless.

Past Lives
Not all soul fragments were lost in this lifetime – many of our fragments could have been lost in past lives.

I have memories of “my” lifetime in Germany during World War II – and of being tortured and eventually killed in a concentration camp.

In this lifetime, I kept going back (mentally) to the concentration camp, looking for something; I had been tasked to find it, retrieve it, and give it back to its original owner.

I kept going back until I finally found “it” (up until this point, hadn’t a conscious knowledge of what I was looking for) – it was a small wooden box which had been buried deeply to be kept safe.

I left with the box and called upon the original owner. It turned out to be a male who had given me this box for safekeeping. I buried it. He had died, and later I had died.

The box actually contained a soul fragment – which I had returned to its proper owner.

Beginning Self-Retrieval
For those who are able to “see”/see, sense, scan energy, you can scan self to see if you find any voids within your own energy/soul. They often look/feel like holes filled with something that is not part of your energy – may “appear” to be filled with blackness/black energy.

  1. Shield
  2. Cleaning voids and black fillers
  3. Retrieve fragment
  4. Look at circumstances/reason for fragment loss or giveaway. If fragment is in another’s possession, visualizing talking with that other individual and explain that you’ve come to take back your soul fragment(s). If they refuse – call on G-d/Source, Angels, Guides, etc. to retrieve the fragment from the other individual.
  5. Ask G-d/Source/angels to clean and bless your fragment and then be re-integrated with self.

a.    If fragment and you are not ready/able to re-integrate, ask the Source/G-d, Angels, Guides, etc. to please keep the fragment – keeping it protected and safe – until you are able to reintegrate. At this point, if you have been doing retrieval yourself, I recommend seeing a therapist to help you with the circumstance that caused the particular fragmentation – it needs work before reintegration. IMPORTANT: Fill the void where fragments are displaced with either white or gold Light – this keeps unwanted energies/entities from entering through that previous void.
b.    If you are able to reintegrate: welcome and embrace the cleansed and blessed fragment, bringing it back into self. Seal – visualizing white and/or gold Light, sealing the fragment back into its rightful place. Forgive others who may have had your soul fragment. IMPORTANT: Fill the void where fragments are still displaced with either white or gold Light – this keeps unwanted energies/entities from entering through that void.

Next, you also need to return the fragments you have of other souls – yes, you took too.

Ask the Source/G-d, Angels, Guides, etc. that any fragments you have taken from anyone else please be cleansed, blessed and returned to the original owners, asking for forgiveness for having taken them (you don’t necessarily need to know the when’s and why’s). Then forgive yourself for having taken them.

NOTE: Nancy DeYoung has written “Soul Retrieval: An End To Fragmentation”, and has a wonderful exercise to do a soul retrieval – to reclaim those fragments you have lost and to return the ones you have taken.

Soul Fragmentation, Part One

by Jan Toomer

A friend and I were discussing situations where we each had interacted with some individuals who seemed to be acting as though they were missing something within.

This article is based on my experiences with, and interpretation of, the energy and the loss of energy as I perceive (d) it.  I am not a counselor or medical practitioner – I only share what I see in energy.

(DISLCAIMER: It is recommended that you have sessions with a Soul Retrieval Practitioner – but is understood that this is not always feasible. If you continue reading, you are agreeing that you understand the author is not will not hold the author or Reality Undefined LLC liable and that you are solely responsible for any mental, physical, emotional, spiritual or psychological issues that may arise, or that you, or others, may perceive to arise; perceived, imaginary, or real. You also accept full responsibility to explore what you feel is appropriate for you at your own risk – and no one else’s.)

Soul Fragmentation or Soul Loss…What is it?

Any trauma we go through has the capability of creating soul fragmentation (or soul loss); losing a part of our soul.

Trauma can be from a positive or negative experience; it is anything that creates a burst, shock, or jolt (pleasant or unpleasant) within us.

Covers a lot of territory, doesn’t it?

A portion of our soul flees – oftentimes staying trapped in the moment of the trauma – as the rest of our physical body and soul moves forward in time.

We, over our lifetime, can displace, lose or give away many parts of our soul, leaving us feeling empty or incomplete (more on “symptoms” later).

And most of us don’t even realize we are suffering from soul loss!

What we, as adults, look back and think some childhood incidents were trivial or inconsequential may have – in reality – been very traumatic to our younger, or child,  self.

You’ll not be able to re-integrate every fragment in one sitting; trying to do so can lead to an unpleasant physical upset/imbalance.

Trapped in the Past

The soul fragment is trapped in the event – perhaps the event was too terrifying, so that part fled the scene, but not the time frame.


First, let me say:

  • Every individual is unique.
  • There is no sure-fire list of symptoms to definitively say that one suffers soul loss.
  • Some soul loss “symptoms” may be reflective of mental/physical health issues and not necessarily soul loss – a mental/physical health check is recommended before progressing.
  • Some possible circumstances: Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (may be indicative of a soul fragment loss event); substance abuse; death of a loved one; health traumas/illnesses/imbalances; military or protective service members (police, fireman, rescue, etc.); war; give-a-ways and takers.

The following are some “symptoms” noticed by some Soul Retrievers. It is not an all-inclusive list, nor is it a definitive list (see above).

  • Emotional emptiness
  • “Not all here”
  • Use of external sources to fill a void within – may be an addiction – alcohol, drugs, food, etc.
  • “Part of me/self is missing”
  • Pushing people away emotionally (but not necessarily consciously)
  • Missing periods of life (and not attributed to mental/physical health issues, i.e. stroke)
  • “Part of me went with him/her when (s)he left/died”
  • “(S)he took a piece of my heart”; “(S)he took my heart”
  • Not feeling in control
  • “I haven’t felt like myself / felt the same since…”
  • Feeling of loneliness deep within (possibly missing one’s own soul fragment)
  • Feeling of being disconnected
  • Scattered feeling
  • Not able to get over, or move beyond, an issue/experience – even though trying to do so
  • Not wanting to get over or move beyond an issue/experience (really recommend therapy here)
  • Returning to an event (emotionally re-visualizing) and/or returning to a person or place…but not quite sure why (again, really recommend therapy here)
  • Feeling like on auto-pilot
  • “I gave everything I had to_____”
  • “I gave my power to _____”
  • “_____ still holds power over me.”
  • “I don’t know/understand what kind of hold/power _____ has over me!”
  • Angry in general, or angry at everyone else.

When soul fragmentation and/or loss occurs, it is usually because an incident and/or event was too horrifying or scary; the soul fragmented to “hide” or “escape” from the event.

My first time during a personal soul fragment retrieval, I found my fragmented “child-self”  (FCS) of about 8-10 years old, deep in the woods.

My child-self severely distrusted adults, including me, and it took several “visits” for adult self to gain the trust of the fragment child-self.

Though I do not remember the specifics of the event that led to the fragmentation, the result was (and those of you who have worked with me have heard me say this before) I had grown up feeling that I trusted animals but not humans. “Animals don’t lie; humans do!”

As I continued to “visit” my FCS, my adult self had to work hard, and have a lot of patience. FCS finally began talking with me (adult self) and was angry because “she” (FCS) was left behind and “forever” (until then) stuck in that time frame…alone and only trusting animals.

Eventually, and joyfully, we re-integrated.

There are still some fragmented “selves” that have yet to be re-integrated, so I am not finished.

We, each human, are supposed to be working on self, clearing up the past and working on creating our individual realities. (The Other Side of Illusions)

I believe one of the things from the past that need completing is the re-integration of our displaced soul fragments.

Cont’d Next Week
Part Two

Awaken and Remember

by Jan Toomer

It is now time to claim that which is rightfully ours. It is time to give ourselves permission to remember why we are here; to remember that we are – each and everyone – connected to: everyone and everything on Earth; everyone and everything beyond Earth; everyone and everything in every dimension.

We are individuals, but we are not separate.

It’s now time to awaken to the real you; to whom you really are and to what your purpose really is.

Each one of us has a purpose; the purpose is not “nose-to-the-grindstone”, paying the bills (though that does help our physical lives), etc…I am talking about the higher purpose – the soul’s purpose.

Remember who you are – remember why you are here…it’s time.

So, the call has gone out now…remember.

Awaken and Remember.

The Matthew Book Series

by Linda Aragon

“THE MATTHEW BOOKS” – (Series of 4 books) written by Suzanne Ward.

As an avid reader with a passion for Spiritual Studies, I have quite an extensive library.  I conduct Spiritual Meetings and Study Groups, Classes, Talks, etc. on an ongoing basis.  One of the “Perks” I offer is to lend out any book, free of charge on a sign out basis, two week check out period. And yes, I will lend you these books!

I am often asked – with all the reading and studying I do, what books would I highly recommend.  There are so many good books out there which have absolutely fast forwarded my spiritual journey.  Still, I have my favorites and ones that really hit home for me…today I am going to tell you about a set of books that really moved me and somehow struck a core within me that said “Yes, I remember this to be the truth” – When something inside of us sings out this way, I take it as a message for us to incorporate the learnings into our life.

Among the top of my recommended reading list are the “Matthew Books” by Suzanne Ward.  Yes, four of them.  Sounds like a lot of reading but I assure you – absolutely delightful, don’t want this book to end type of reading.

The series starts with:

Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven: A Matthew Book
–  ISBN 978-0738840925.

In 1980 17-yr old Matthew was driving home after a full day’s work. He veered and crashed and there seemed no apparent reason for the accident.  Matthew died in the arms of his rescuers.

Fourteen years later:  A series of telepathic conversations begin between Matthew and his Mother, Suzanne.  Susanne’s never-ending questions are patiently responded to by Matthew and he clears up common misconceptions about the world where he lives (he says it’s proper name is Nivana).  He speaks about the truth of our beginnings and our relationship with all of creation, for the purpose of understanding the ‘purpose of our lives’.  Among the topics he discusses are Reception of Souls, Relationships, Animals, Children, Angels and Spirit Guides, Near Death Experiences, Education, Music, Etheric Bodies, Lifeprint Review, Emotions, The Effects of Prayer and much more.  The dialog between Matthew and his Mother, done in question and answer format, can be seen as an instruction manual that can rescue the human race – just in time.  Written in simple English, very easy to understand and follow, and certainly fascinating reading!

The follow up books continue the story and communication:

Revelations for a New Era: Keys to Restoring Paradise on Earth
– ISBN 978-0971787520

Learn about Souls and Energy. How thoughts create everything within it!  The origin of human life on Earth, Mind Control, what is behind 9/11 and Advanced Civilizations.

Illuminations for a New Era: Understanding These Turbulent Times
–  ISBN 978-0971787537.

Tells who we are and the purpose of our multiple lifetimes.  Read about Earth’s ascension process; how we create our reality and how prayer works.

Voices of the Universe: Your Voice Affects the Universe Let It Be With Love
–  ISBN 978-0971787544.

Earth souls in Nirvana, our ET family.  Synchronicity in life experiences and the influence of the Illuminati.  Prepare for Earth’s restoration and our roles in this transition.

Yes, there is a lot of information here.  During my study of these works, there were many instances where a sense of “remembering” came forth, not to mention a few hair raising episodes.  Times where I could not sit still, the resonance was so strong. I believe, the time you would invest in these readings will fast forward your spiritual studies tenfold, as it did mine.

The Matthew channelings continue today, I receive these about once a month.


ARE/Spiritual meetings are going strong, 3 yrs now! You are invited to attend at any time – drop in as a visitor.  Warning though, you will get hooked on the warm inviting energy of the group and really enjoy exploring many different spiritual topics. Contact me to get on mailing list for reminders, dates, highlights, special events, classes, etc.

Radical Forgiveness study group is now underway. So much positive feedback coming forth! If you missed this session, add your name to waiting list, I will be bringing this out to the community!

Abraham-Hicks study group now being formed – sign up early for this opportunity!

As a certified Holistic Life Coach, I offer a free initial consultation!

Personal Growth classes will be coming in the Spring!

Linda Aragon, Holistic Life Coach

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