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We Are the Aliens

by Jan Toomer

I have been watching the ‘Ancient Aliens’ TV series on the History channel, and in true Jan-fashion, I have been talking to the show.

‘Ancient Aliens’ covers many different angles in introducing the viewers to the possibility of alien influence, guidance and/or direction in humankind’s history.

Some of the topics or questions brought up are:

  • Were we genetically altered to become Homo sapiens (in other words, there is no missing link)?
  • Did aliens build the mega-structures that will still ponder on how they were built and/or how the massive stones were relocated and raised into place – such as the pyramids, Easter Island statues, Stonehedge, etc.
  • Did aliens bring the knowledge of mathematics and astronomy to our ancestors?
  • How did our ancient kin come up with batteries (Baghdad Battery), flying machines or knowledge of flight; astronauts; light bulbs; coin operated vending machines; the Antikythera Device (first, and ancient, computer which is believed to be an astronomical clock), etc.?
  • Was there an atomic explosion (nuclear weapons) in Biblical times?
  • Why is Noah’s flood story told in cultures around the world – both current and ancient cultures – and most of those stories pre-date Biblical times?

And the list goes on.

Why don’t we know for sure how knowledge – for example – of ancient Egypt – suddenly showed up? It did not seem to progress – the knowledge was just suddenly there.

Granted, there is so much we don’t know – or cannot yet prove with physical evidence – it is mostly speculation.

Many people have memories, knowledge (either born with those memories, received through past life regressions, spontaneous recall) of lifetimes that we have no written record or documented history of – where did those memories come from?

And more importantly, the biggest question – how many of us have forgotten that “history repeats itself”?

I propose the following – feel free to take it or leave it – whichever fits into your reality…

Man – aka homo sapiens – were the ‘aliens’ who built, created, and had knowledge of mathematics, science, astronomy, etc.

Something happened – probably a pole shift that affected the electromagnetic fields on Earth which ‘erased’ the majority of humankind’s brains – like taking a magnet to a computer hard drive and erasing it…and knowledge overall was lost.

Our slates were wiped clean.

I think thats why we have no ancestral/blood memories, no oral history on how all of these wonders were accomplished.

“History repeats itself” is what I was telling the TV.

We once again have computers and technological capabilities to have batteries light builds, air travel, space travel, etc.

I think we are speculating, observing in awe the advancements of an ancient race who was our ancestors…we are in awe of ourselves!

are the aliens!

There Were Giants Upon the Earth by Zecharia Sitchin

There Were Giants Upon the Earth: Gods, Demingods and Human Ancestry: The Evidence of Alien DNA by Zecharia Sitchin. © 2010, Inner Traditions International. ISBN 978-1-59143-121-3.

Utilizing the Bible (which Sitchin also provides some Hebrew words and the English mistranslations), Sumerian clay tablets and/or cylinders, as well as some other ancient texts, the author presents his case of how man (modern day humans) came to be.

Modern day humans are the descendents of ‘gods’ – aliens who made Earth their home – and genetically engineered Homo erectus into Homo sapiens. He proposes that this is why no “missing link” in our evolutionary chain has ever been found.

Sitchin provides the reader with a lot of information – weaving together different cultures’ recorded histories to tell this story; the information is presented in much detail – so much so that the reader will either find it to be a bunch of bunk – or, like in my case, give the reader much to reflect on.

Sitchin closes with a wonderful dangling carrot – his theory that one of those gods/goddess’ (“Queen” Puabi’s) remains are currently in possession of the Natural History Museum in London.

Sitchin has requested DNA (mtDNA – mitochondrial DNA – DNA passed down through the females) testing be done on Puabi’s remains; the requests were denied.

Inner Traditions offers the public a chance to sign a “Demand the Evidence for Alien DNA” petition on their site.

I recommend this book for those who are interested in aliens, ancient history, ad for those who can handle a lot of detailed information.

I enjoyed the book.

(Publisher provided copy)



The Truth About Mars by Ernest Norman

The Truth About Mars by Ernest L. Norman. © 1956 (1988, 4th Edition), Unarius Educational Foundation. ISBN 0-932642-12-8.

A small but interesting book.

Norman wrote about his out-of-body experiences visiting underground cities on Mars.

Keeping in mind that this was published in 1956, Normal wrote about pre-fab (using a type of plastic) homes; a process similar to test-tube babies; transportation similar to mono-rails; etc. In other words, he was describing what he saw back then in Mars underground cities that, some of the concepts/items, are seen here today.

He recounted the story told to him of how the surface of Mars became desolate and dry; he discussed some of the customs on Mars, such as using a barter system, a wedding ceremony, education, and more.

This was a light and enjoyable read.

Flying Saucers from Mars by Cedric Allingham

‘Flying Saucers from Mars’ by Cedric Allingham. © 1955, British Book Centre, Inc.

Allingham began his book re-introducing the reader to those before him who have met someone from another planet.

He addressed the Leslie-Adamski book ‘Flying Saucers Have Landed’ (1953) and the pro’s and con’s of their information, as well as Allingham’s views on that information; he revisited the “Fort Knox Tragedy” and Cpt. T.F. Mantell’s death.

Allingham discussed his views on the planets and moon, their surfaces and possibilities of life on them.

Allingham moved on to his brief encounter, and included photos of the ship and his photo of the Martian he met.

I enjoyed this book.



The Secret of the Saucers by Orfeo Angelucci

‘The Secret of the Saucers’ by Orfeo Angelucci, Amherst Press, 1955. (Currently available, combined with his second book, ‘Son Of The Sun: Secret of the Flying Saucers’; publisher, Inner Light, 2008. ISBN-13: 978-1606110041.)

Angelucci’s writing held me captivated from the “Forward” through to the end of this book.

Angelucci’s first contact with ‘space visitors’ and UFO sightings occurred in 1946 – and in ‘The Secret of the Saucers’, he wrote of how, and why, he had been contacted; as well as how these visitations had affected him.

Angelucci also explained that during one of his visitations (including physical missing time), his visitors had explained the Lucifer Rebellion* and told Angelucci how he had been involved, and that he was progressing nicely.

What really fascinated me was that his story began in the late forties and he included: some of his experiences; the reactions of others around when (ridiculing, dis-belief, etc); the government having controlled the press when there had been mass sightings, etc. – – and these are still very common today – over 50 years later!

I recommend this book.

*(In a severely shortened explanation here – Lucifer Rebellion is a theory that those who were in league with Lucifer to overthrow heaven {the Fallen Ones} had been sent to Earth to work towards spiritual re-union with God. Though I, at this time, disagree with this theory, I cannot debunk it.)

July 30, 2009

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