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A Video Review – ‘The Living Matrix’

‘The Living Matrix: A Film on the New Science of Healing’ © 2009. The Living Matrix, LTD and Becker Massey LLC. (emginate). Video – 83 minutes.

I have not reviewed a video before, but after seeing ‘The Living Matrix’, I felt I had to say something.

I was intrigued from the moment the video began.

This video provides many theories; new research; techniques and shared experiences on different ways of healing the human body and taking into consideration the whole Being in the healing process.

Perhaps none of this sounds ‘new’ to you, and some of it was not ‘new’ to me. I will have to say I was excited to hear of researchers that ‘confirmed’ some of what I knew from energy-work; and was excited to learn new-to-me information.

Some of the speakers featured in this video include: Marilyn Schlitz, PhD; Arielle Essex, DO; James L. Oschman, PhD; Bruce Lipton, PhD, MD; Eric Pearl, DC; Rollin McCraty, PhD; Peter Fraser and Lynne McTaggart.

I recommend this for everyone – especially those who are ready to heal themselves…. You may find inspiration, hope and/or guidance in this information.



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