Morning Grumps

Sandwiched between a night of wonderful, peaceful rest – and the anticipation of the new day’s adventures – is waking up cranky, frustrated, angry or annoyed…every morning lately.

I’ve the morning grumps.

And it sucks crunchy peanut butter.

The focus of these unpleasant morning awakenings are past memories or “dreams” of scenarios that I have experienced (but the dream wasn’t my actual experience; rather, it was similar emotions to past experiences I have had).

I explored this phenomenon to find out why this was happening.

Yep, you got it…still purging.

Remember, we’ve two base emotions? Love and fear. I can tell you that the morning grumps are not based in love.

To me, this means that I am still working on some stuffed-inside energies of old. Argh.

Every time I go through a purging, I come out the other side feeling lighter and cleaner. Then I get a short time off, followed by another round of purging in one form or another.

I know it’s necessary, but dang!

Resolve the Grumps

I will not get out of bed until I work through the mornings’ grump. Seriously. I don’t’ want to carry that through my day. I want to face it, forgive it, heal it and release it.

I’d even set my alarm earlier to give me the time needed for me to clear this.

For me, I feel if I don’t address it right then and there, it will come up again. And I’m in this situation because I suppressed, ignored or shoved those emotions or feelings aside many years ago.

I will keep going until I am completely free and clear…however long it takes me.

by Jan Toomer


Energy Update – October 15, 2015

Off We Go!

Mercury went direct on the 9th and we are feeling the abrupt forward thrust now.

Along with this, we are being asked to focus and pay attention to our thoughts, as things speed up.

If you thought the communication glitches were over because Mercury went direct, you are mistaken. If we don’t focus (for clarity), we will find our communications getting sorely ishcombibbled.

We are in a faster, higher frequency – well suited for telepathy, but many still have not yet mastered it – so if we don’t communicate clearly, and with focus, it will be misinterpreted or come out sounding like gibberish to others.

Remember we previously talked about speaking and communicating clearly and concisely? It was preparing us for this point and on.

We are also experiencing an energy surge. This surge is aiding us in pushing out the old, denser energies we still have trapped within us. And this surge is a doozy.

Some are reporting feeling:

  • Dizzy
  • Off-kilt
  • Fluctuating between hyper and wanting to just be still
  • Less tolerant of noise around you
  • Fluctuating between focused and fuzzy brained

What to Do?

I know I sound like a broken record – but will continue passing this along:

– Ground yourself – gardening, swimming, walking, sinking your toes into dirt, sitting with your spine against a tree trunk, etc.

– Breathe – well, of course breathing is important. Taking slow, deep breaths can aid you in re-focusing, as well as calming your body and mind.

– Laugh – it’s very healthy to experience genuine laughs.

by Jan Toomer


You Are Not Alone

“We are proud of you. Those who are in the physical form and are working to remove lifetimes of fear, anger, imbalances, etc. – all while helping others, as well as raising the Earth’s consciousness and energy. Yes, the Earth is conscious.

We have shown (Jan) glimpses of who all is on and around Earth to aid you at this time. We want you to know we are here, supporting and encouraging you on this sometimes difficult journey.

Many of you have been feeling us in, or on the peripheral of, your consciousness; in meditations and/or dreams.

You are not alone and you can ask us to help you. * We cannot help unless asked.”

(* Please set up your boundaries. I use “Only that which is for my highest and best.”)

* * *

That is what came in for today’s article. Those wonderful beings, who are not in the physical, want us to know that they are here for us.

The energy was of respect for us, and honoring us for our decision to work on the physical side.

They also provided me a few different flashes of others – on the planet, around/above the planet and from some of your preferred-planet-of-choice beings, in additional to the masses of higher frequency teachers all working in tandem for us and with us…to help us, support us and guide us.

I also have the sense (and some of you are already feeling this) that when Mercury goes direct this week, we are going to feel lighter – energetically – and may feel catapulted forward.

Having said that, we are also feeling – more and more – the need, or desire, to stand in our own (not be swayed against what we feel/know to be right, even if it is more difficult); to stand in our own truth (not follow others – be true to self); and accept even more responsibility for our own creations (thoughts and manifestations).

We’ve been introduced to, and have been working on, accepting responsibility, but it gets more real and/or serious now.

Also, more truths will be shown; more deceptions revealed.

Physical “Symptoms”

Many people, over the last month (with an increase the last two weeks), have been experiencing some distressing physical “symptoms” – some of which doctors cannot find a cause for. (Please do seek medical attention when needed.)

  • Eye issues
  • Breathing issues
  • Heart issues
  • Digestive issues (especially stomach and/or liver)

Remember, we are cleaning up, healing, clearing, releasing all the heavy junk, imbalances, blocks, etc. for our lifetimes. This may include needing to be checked out by your physician.

Regardless if your doctor can find anything or not – I recommend sending Reiki (or receiving if you are not a practitioner), prayers and/or loving and forgiving thoughts and energy to your own body.

We Are Not Alone

We are not alone. We have support. We are loved. We are not forgotten.

And even if it may not feel like it sometimes, we are releasing the third dimension.

by Jan Toomer



News and Views – September 28, 2015

St. Germain Series

Discord and Imbalances

(This is a continuation of articles prompted and guided by St. Germain’s energy)

Last week we discussed: what you send out is what you will receive.

Did you know that our – humans – discord and imbalances are mirrored back to us by the elements and Mother Nature? This is to get our attention so we can work on correcting the imbalance.

One in-your-face example would be the radiation from Fukushima. Not talking about it doesn’t make it go away. The radiation has entered the ocean and has spread on the wind.

This has poisoned the ocean environment, which affects the smallest living creature to the largest – land, water and air.

Just because you can’t see it floating on the water, laying on the ground or swirling in a gentle breeze, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist and it isn’t doing anything.

We have been seeing some of the effects for a few years now – water and land creatures — humans included — and plant life have been showing up with deformities. It has touched everything and everyone.

This is not being shared today to create fear. It is being shared because it is a reality and to help show that just because something is unseen, doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect you and I.

Thoughts and Feelings

This brings us to thoughts and feelings that we let loose minute by minute; hour by hour; day by day; week by week…get the idea? Each person, every thought, every single day.

How many thoughts a day do you have? How many feelings? No one is suggesting you become cold and unfeeling; however, every destructive, harmful, negative thought or feeling creates more imbalance, more chains.

And, like Fukushima, we can’t always immediately see the ramifications of our thoughts or feelings, but it is affecting all.

Until each individual has fully accepted responsibility for what each puts out physically, emotionally, and spiritually – then Mother Nature and/or the elements will continue its imbalance…mirroring ours. They will work to “clear the air” (energetically speaking) by means available to them.

We have lived in imbalance for as long as we can (a) consciously remember, and (b) written history has recorded.

That’s a long dang time to be warring with ourselves, our neighbors and Mother Nature.

No more excuses. No more blinders.

We need to get a grip on our own selves; our own energy; our own thoughts.

Channeled by Jan Toomer


Energy Update – September 23, 2015

Keywords and phrases:

  • Anxiety, anxiousness
  • Feels like something’s coming; feel something building
  • Jittery, restless
  • Drifting
  • Unfocused
  • Sleep pattern disruptions
  • Exhaustion
  • Weird “symptoms” (where doctors cannot find the cause)

Just as we have been shaken up to release our energetic sludge; just as we are healing and releasing imbalances and blockages from this – and all other lifetimes – so too is Mother Earth.

I imagine you’ve heard by now about the multiple volcanoes spewing ash? Mother Earth is purging the heavier energies from herself as well.

We are all experiencing (and making adjustments within our bodies to):

– Energy downloads and upgrades
– Our own purging, including facing our fears and things that irk us
– The energy adjustments of working towards a crystalline structure (from a carbon-based one)
– Increased energy sensitivity in preparation for (with some already experiencing) telepathy, instant thought to form manifestation, etc.

Plus, we are sensing (or feeling) others energy as they go through their purging as well as sensing (feeling) those who are not adapting and/or adjusting to the energies (more on this momentarily).

And, on top of all this, we are also sensing, feeling and/or experiencing Mother Earth’s energy as she goes through the same stuff!

I know it sounds overwhelming – and for some it is.

Fear, Fear, Everywhere

Many as witnessing and possibly experiencing those who are not adapting to the energy changes. These people may completely short circuit. They may commit odd, random, or bizarre acts.

Instead of adjusting to the energies, some may lose touch completely – either short term or permanently.

Many are releasing and/or acting out their fears (which kind of magnifies them, because others will play into it as well, and then we have a domino effect). This is why we are seeing surges of victimization roles, prejudices, etc. (all the negative stuff).

My hope is to reach people before they short circuit; to let people know that they aren’t alone in this spiritual shedding of the old. To let people know that your thoughts really are becoming your reality.

My Personal Mantra Right Now

Shield, focus, center, hold the light, and ground, ground, ground.


And repeat as necessary.

Please do not move into fear. Instead, move into faith. Faith that your Creator, higher self, and team knows the big picture and totally has your back.

Hold faith. Hold light.

by Jan Toomer


It’s About How You Handle Your Experiences

I want to thank you for inviting me here tonight.

I did notice that some of you openly wore your animosity towards my presence here. I asked a few of you, you who did show or somehow express animosity towards me, if you bled green or purple blood. And when you answered, some with annoyance, “No”, I responded with, “Oh, good. We’re the same.”

You and I are the same. How can there be racism if we are all of one race…the human race?

You know the movie Avatar? The indigenous people said, “I see you.” When they said that, they weren’t saying it as though they thought the other had been invisible. They said that to acknowledge the other being’s soul. The inner being. And acknowledging the connection of each other.

They also extended this acknowledgement to the animals on the planet as well. Wasn’t that kind of odd? Not really.

We each carry the light of our Creator – regardless of the label you use for the Creator, or what body you wear.

Your gender, skin color, belief system and your past experiences. Sure, those may – on the surface – appear different from one another. But just as your attire does not define who you are, nor does your “body suit”. It is just the container you chose for your soul for this lifetime.

And we have, lifetime after lifetime, chose to experience different skin colors, continents, belief systems, gender. We desire to experience all aspects of being human, and test ourselves as to how we will react to those experiences.

You may say, “You have no idea what I went through in my life.” You know what? You would be absolutely correct. And you would have no idea what I went through either. But I can say, with almost 100% certainty, that your rough patches and experiences were intense for you – as mine were for me.

And none of it matters. What matters is what you are doing, feeling and harboring right now.

It’s About How You Handle Your Experiences

It wasn’t about the journey. The journey provided the experiences.

Remember, it is how you elected to handle the experiences that matter. And how you continue to handle your experiences.

I came into this lifetime with memories of persecution, torture, racism, judgment, etc. from past lives.

With memories intact of being Jewish and detailed memories of my experiences with, and of dying in, a concentration camp in Germany during WW II.

Of being a Native American and watching my child die of exposure on the forced Death March.

Of being burned alive for being a ‘witch’ (in today’s terms, a sensitive).

And not to forget, a lifetime of a female sensitive who had been judged on her gender, skin color, and belief systems – to name a few.

Judgment of another is merely judging something inside your self that you don’t like. It is your fear.

I am never excusing anyone’s acting out of their fears. I do find that this acting out to be dishonorable and disrespectful to self, the other being, and our Creator.

All anyone – human or critter – wants is to have their right to exist; to live in balance and harmony; and to be acknowledged as part of the Creator…and thus, a part of each and every one of us.

I see you.

Have a great evening, and thank you.

by Jan Toomer


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