Your Meta Questions – May 2016

Q. I get so angry when someone lies to me, even if they are a stranger. How do you handle people who lie to you? A. Many years ago, I overheard my youngest telling a friend, “My mom always knows when someone is lying, and she doesn’t care. She never does anything.”...

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Energy Fly Paper

More people are becoming aware of, or personally experiencing an increase of attachments. An attachment is a non-physical being who enters and stays in an energetic body of a living person. An attachment can be accidental or intentional. (Find more about attachments.)...

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Energy Update – May 16, 2016

Anxiety Panic Attack Rapid Heartbeat This is what some have been experiencing*. Each incident can be as unique as each individual. A spontaneous memory from your past. A person or topic re-surfacing, which may have been associated with an unresolved incident. (Yeah, I...

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Can You See?

The center line did a visual tick-tick-tick as I drove through Texas. I noticed anxiety building within me, but didn’t know the cause until I crested a hill. The answer was in the plains before me. Large metal “grasshoppers” dotted the landscape; pumping up and down....

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Too Pooped to Pop

For the past couple of months, many have been experiencing exhaustion. Some expressed it as a bone deep physical exhaustion. Personally, I generally sleep well and deep, and still wake up tired…and look tired. When I am tired, my southern side shows up. My southern...

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Your Meta Questions – April 2016

Q. How does one continue to interact with a third dimension created system when working to release self from said third dimension? A. I was recently involved in a system that was created in a third dimension energy, and currently remains embedded in that energy. I...

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Room Full of Strangers

The crowd parted, allowing her to leave first. There was nothing about her that visually stood out. Blue jeans, a decent shirt, sweater, and black tennis shoes. She was just an average looking person, unimposing, whose hair had a touch of frizziness from the humidity....

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Darn Auto-correct

I’m sure you’ve either seen this online, or maybe experienced it a few times yourself on your phone or word program. The auto-correct can be a source of frustration, or if you’re lucky, a source of amusement. It’s one thing for a device to pop in words that are out of...

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Energy Update – March 29, 2016

What A Ride! Cranky, irritable, jittery – all building, building, building, then… …Pop! A sweet and somewhat confusing (like in an almost-too-good-to-be-true kind of a way) inner peace; soothed down to our core… …which moved into an unsettled feeling, followed by a...

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