Energy Update – July 5, 2016

We are beginning to emerge from the latest “I am so danged tired” phase. This most recent round of energy shifts lasted – off and on – for approximately four weeks. Four weeks of either waking up tired or having lively energy…up until about breakfast. Weeks of...

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Your Meta Questions – June 2016

Q. You regularly use the word “faith”. In your opinion, what’s the difference between faith and hope? A. Google defined faith as: “ complete trusting or confidence in someone or something.” And defined hope as: “ (n) a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain...

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Dreams Too?

“We are being held responsible for our thoughts, deeds, and actions.” We’ve heard it, at least on this blog, again and again. I whined to my team about writing the same message over and over. I like variety! My team, ever so patiently, reminded me of many things,...

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Energy Update – June 13, 2016

The past week has brought hefty adjustments to some of us that are taxing us physically and emotionally. (Please seek medical attention/supportive care as needed.) Fever Aches Sinus pain / pressure Respiratory discomfort/congestion Sweats Dizziness Feelings of –...

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An Unexpected Journey of Self Examination

The universe is constantly providing each of us opportunities for learning and growth. These opportunities can be, figuratively speaking, smacked against our head, and sometimes the opportunity may be so subtle that we don’t consciously recognize it. Sometimes we have...

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Your Meta Questions – May 2016

Q. I get so angry when someone lies to me, even if they are a stranger. How do you handle people who lie to you? A. Many years ago, I overheard my youngest telling a friend, “My mom always knows when someone is lying, and she doesn’t care. She never does anything.”...

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Energy Fly Paper

More people are becoming aware of, or personally experiencing an increase of attachments. An attachment is a non-physical being who enters and stays in an energetic body of a living person. An attachment can be accidental or intentional. (Find more about attachments.)...

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Energy Update – May 16, 2016

Anxiety Panic Attack Rapid Heartbeat This is what some have been experiencing*. Each incident can be as unique as each individual. A spontaneous memory from your past. A person or topic re-surfacing, which may have been associated with an unresolved incident. (Yeah, I...

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Can You See?

The center line did a visual tick-tick-tick as I drove through Texas. I noticed anxiety building within me, but didn’t know the cause until I crested a hill. The answer was in the plains before me. Large metal “grasshoppers” dotted the landscape; pumping up and down....

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