Paths Crossed

We each are usually well attuned to what’s going on in our personal little corner of our world.

We have a generalized idea of what tomorrow’s work day will be like. We plan to be up at a certain time, go through our morning routine, and do our daily tasks; both those to make a living and those tasks that include home, family, etc.

We know at the end of the day if we had an emotionally good day or not; if we had positive or negative interactions with people – or both.

But what about the people whose paths crossed yours today? What impact did you have on them? What impact did they have on you?

We usually have limited view on our personal lives, not realizing how many people we are able to affect daily. Many of us have been so self-absorbed that we’ve not been able to see beyond our self-perceived small corner of our world.

While I drive, I usually try to see the people behind the steering wheel (if traffic allows – safety first). I people-watch while at stop lights.

You know what I have discovered? There are a lot of people in pain, fear, or both.

Did you have kind words and patience with those who crossed your path today? Or did you strike out with your own pain or fear today?

Sure, there are some aren’t in pain or fear (kudos to them!). And there are some who are in fear or pain and try not to broadcast it; they try to hide it.

My point being, we have absolutely no clue about stranger’s lives or what they are going through.

And these are the people in our own neighborhoods, and town or city.

But not only that, each of us can have a massive effect – on the world – by how we treat our neighbors as we go about our day.

We already know that we have an effect on our pets, family and co-workers; but we also have an effect – positive or negative – on anyone we cross paths with.

And that effect spreads which can literally spread across the world.

Yes, your interactions with a person today can affect others across the globe; positive or negative.

Your smile or kind word to someone today can bring hope to one who gave up. That person will touch someone else, and off it goes, like a virus, spreading from one to another and another.

And your harsh or unkind word can have the opposite effect, but it too will spread like a virus.

But we are – all – so much more than we realize. Our personal world does interact with so many other personal worlds, and our interactions are affecting others on a global scale.


I challenge each of you to stay consciously aware of each interaction with each and every being that crosses paths with you this week.

What will you be spreading this week?

by Jan Toomer

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Games People Play

I have talked about how themes come through in waves; in other words, a topic will be brought to me (or to my attention) and this will be followed by a week or two of people with the same theme or a variation thereof. Today’s article is one such theme.

Games People Play

My hubby and I were discussing a “hot topic” for me. You know, a topic that pushes your buttons and makes you prickly?

My hot topic is: Games People Play. Manipulating others to get what they want, regardless of who they hurt.

This is the theme that has passed through the last two weeks.

Games are instigated by someone who is insecure and fearful; they feel a need for control. By manipulating their surroundings, the “Puppet Master” has control of his/her environment and the people involved.

Manipulation Tools

Some of these manipulation tools are: bullying, intimidating, playing victim, back-stabbing, guilt, etc.

When I was in my twenties, I would get a kick out of my grandmother; she would say what was on her mind…consequences be darned. I would smile at her moxie and think that I couldn’t wait to be her age to speak my mind.

I didn’t make it to her age to begin.

Too Many Power Play Experiences

I think it really began to take off with one boss who promised insurance and incremental pay increases. Month after month, I was put off on my attempts to hold the owner to his word.

I guess he figured that since I was a single mom, I had no choice but to stay and be mistreated.


I told him, “You have misused and abused me…now you lose me.”

I quit.

We always have a choice to “play” or not. (Be responsible for your actions; do you need another job in place before you quit?)

I began speaking up more and more and playing less and less. It was actually quite freeing.

Watching the Energy

When these games are played, the energy of the Puppet Master tries to infiltrate and dominate or control others energy. To me, this looks like black tendrils or arms coming from the Puppet Master and wrapping around a person in order to smother their instinctual protective mode and then they control that person.


I guess it is safe to say that – out of the two energies…love or fear…that this action is not done out of love.

On a More Personal Level

We have a choice, usually on a daily basis, to accept someone into our reality/life, or to walk away.

We are all given opportunities to be faced with people who want to befriend us. Some are wonderful beings to have in one’s life; others, not so much.

Listening to Self

Not everyone listens to their intuition, instinct, gut, etc. These can be something along the lines of a sudden tightening of one’s stomach; a feel of nausea; the hair standing on the back of the neck; disgust towards that person; thinking, “I’ve got a bad feeling…”  These are some of the possible warning signals that the person (or people, or situation) is not good for us.

It’s okay to say no and walk away from an unhealthy energy interaction, or to refuse to play someone’s game.

Does that make you a cold person? Or someone afraid of, or running from, commitment? Not in my book. I certainly don’t want to be with, or around, someone whose intent is out of fear and control. Yuck.

Ask yourself if that person is Trash or Treasure? Do you feel good around them or do you feel like garbage? Do you need to keep them in your life, or do you need to walk away from them?

Life is too precious to spend it on playing in the manipulation games.

Life is too short to put up with bull crap. I’m just saying…

by Jan Toomer

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Unlikely Animal Friends

Many people have noticed – especially when shared in social networks – pictures and articles that show amazing and unlikely “friends”. One could argue that these unlikely friends have been happening since the beginning of the third dimension…I would agree; however, I feel that it wasn’t happening to the degree it is now.

Others might argue that the only reason it is so prolific now is because of the internet (which makes global sharing possible) coupled with so many people having photographing capabilities (most cells come with this function). Again, I would agree in part.

However, looking deeper (energy-wise), what I am seeing is a lesson that is being offered to us…the humans.

A lesson of getting along; a lesson of what you look like and what you are on Earth is being surpassed by your spiritual essence. Seeing each being – animal, plant and mineral – as having a soul; having feelings, having a purpose besides that of being a pest, predator or prey (or used for protection against predator).

Mythological and Fabled

What was once only a fairytale in a book or movie; what once only existed in our dreams or peripheral is now entering our awakened reality. The former impossible is becoming possible.

Dragons, fairies, gnomes, Pegasus, Nature Spirits, etc. are stuff of children’s stories and mythological lore, aren’t they?

Or are they?

I am a firm believer that every story came from somewhere – another dimensional experience or glimpse or perhaps that of a parallel universe.

I also believe that traveling dimensions – long, long ago – enabled humans to have direct full sensory experiences, and cohabitate with these mythological and fabled beings. I also feel that somewhere along our “development”, humans became too heavy (energy-wise) to live in peace with these beings, so dimensions were mostly segregated.

We are – energy-wise – lighter than we’ve been in a very long time. With our energy being lighter, the dimensional barriers are more accessible – both to us and those in the other dimensions.

I feel this is why so many more people are now seeing, “seeing”, and/or having experiences with these beings that long ago were relegated to mere children’s stories. What was once fanciful imagination is once again becoming more palpable.

Why is This Happening?

To remind us. We may have consciously forgotten, but it is time to remember. We need to remember:

- Where were came from. We – each animal, plant, mineral, etc. – came from, or originated from the Source. We are all truly – at the core – connected.

This is what the unlikely animal friends is helping to remind us; that our roles of predator and prey are coming to an end; that humans need to look at the rest of the beings and see the sacredness in their existence.

I know that each being has a purpose. Having said that, I have to be honest and raise my hand first to say I am not perfect. Gnats annoy me. I go after mosquitoes with extreme prejudice (which usually involves me beating me silly while chasing one); other insects that bite me are not well received or tolerated.

Perhaps one day I will reach that tolerance.

- We are also being given the chance to remember that we, on planet Earth, are not the only beings in existence. Besides the mythological and fabled, there are also more “in-your-face” experiences recorded and shared about Angels, UFO’s, “aliens”, etc.

Why Now?

In the past, we based our truths on our interpretations of: what we learned; what we were taught, what was the mass consciousness and/or local socially accepted norm or accepted beliefs.

There are more Truths than what we grew up with. Now there are more beings being revealed to us – individually and as a species – to aid us in revising our individual, and global, truths.

Why now? Because it is time.

Let the Truth be Known
Let the Truth be Shown
It is Time

by Jan Toomer

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The Dawning of Each New Day

One of Mercury Retrograde’s jobs are to have us slow down and really look or feel; it gets us to sit still and – in essence – soak in the energy of what was brought to our attention. It’s like sitting in the bathtub, repeatedly, with the same water. We are sitting in the now dirty bath water.

This one we are in – until the 26th – has us sitting in our past; a person, situation, and/or emotion from our past that came back around.  It offers us a chance to acknowledge where we are and decide if we want to stay here a while longer or are we ready to move forward when Mercury goes direct.

It is asking us if we want to continue to sit in the cold, dirty water – or – are we ready to heal the past and “pour it out”. It is our choice. I, personally, prefer to dump out the old icky water, rinse and move on.

Moving Forward with Gratitude

With Mercury going direct shortly, and if you’ve decided to throw out the old bath water, we may each have the opportunity to put to test our growing ability to see and focus on the positive aspects of our individual realities/life.

This means small challenges may soon be presented to practice PMA (Positive Mental Attitude).

For me, showing and/or expressing gratitude each day is a great way to “program the positive” into my life.

With gratitude in my heart, I give thanks to the Source for the dawning of each new day, I offer myself to be the conduit for the Source and I give thanks for the blessings I have.

by Jan Toomer

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Past Revisited – Again

I know many of us are tired of hearing this over and over. Please realize – we really have been carrying a lot of stuff, so it is taking time to keep peeling back layers; cleansing and healing, releasing and moving on to yet another layer.

The good news is – for many – that the layers, and what comes up with them, are becoming easier to heal and purge; this is because – for many of us – we have dealt with the heavier, more major unfinished “business” from our pasts.

A Blast from the Past

Over the last few weeks, a friend, who I’ve not seen or heard from for over twenty years, kept popping into my head.

I’ve no idea where she had been or where she is now; but her face kept popping in at weird times. We had parted on wonderful terms, but life took us in different directions and different continents. We had lost touch.

As I drove into town today, lost in the classic rock on my stereo, she suddenly popped in again.

As I entered down, I stopped at a stop light. I looked up in my rearview mirror and saw, in the SUV behind me, what looked like a younger version of my friend.

I chuckled at the similarity.

The light turned green and I turned onto a side street.

As I continued on, I suddenly “saw” myself at my house. This vision continued with the door bell ringing.

I opened the door and she stood in front of me. I felt a wave of sadness coming off of her. I opened my arms, and she fell into them and began to sob.

The vision ended with me still holding her.

Right now I can’t tell you if she’s dead or alive; I suspect the unfinished business was from her side. Perhaps all that was needed was me “seeing” my self welcome her with open arms to heal what she needed to complete.

Not So Clear

Things may not be so clear to us when the old pops up. Most of us are literally not the same people we were from ten, twenty or more years ago.

So, what’s the reason for clearing up stuff from so long ago?

Because that old stuff anchors a part of us into that past experience; thus anchoring us to the older, heavier past energy.

Growth now-a-days means healing the past and removing those anchors created oh so long ago.

by Jan Toomer

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Behind Closed Doors – The Cost of Defending Our Country


I am afraid my nightmares will escape.
Afraid to sleep, for they may break the delicate barriers.
Sounds, sights, memories…unwelcome, unbidden.
How can I keep them from touching my family?
How can I remove the stain on my soul where evil had touched?
They are everywhere I run – until I can run no more.
They close in on me – fear, shame and that which remains un-named – shoved in my face.

Gasping for breath & tired…tired of running from the fear and the sounds and images
burned into my brain – I retreat.
Life will never be the same.
Why can’t they remain hidden?
Why do they haunt me?
They haunt me because it has become part of me…I am scared.


When I look into his eyes – a stranger looks back.
I see a person haunted with painful experiences.
At night, I hear him stalking the corridors of his memories.
What does he seek, and why does it scare him?

I am afraid to touch the crumbling barrier he as erected around him –
knowing it is delicate and soon to collapse.

What will emerge from behind that wall?
Perhaps the man I seem to have lost somewhere?
Since when does the cost of freedom mean not only lives –
but souls too?
I may never be able to understand – but I will love all of him
including the fear, and that which remains un-named – for it is part of him.
I am scared.


I don’t understand. I know he has to leave for his job – to make the country safe.
He is always gone. He has always come back.
But this time is different. His body is my dad’s.
But he is different now.
He doesn’t laugh anymore – and that scares me.
I don’t think he knows himself. I don’t know how to act around him,
and I don’t know how to make it better.
I will hide, and maybe the problem will go away.
I am scared.

This is why, especially on every veteran’s day, I thank not only the soldiers and veterans but their families as well. For those who have no connection to the armed services, maybe this will give you a glimpse of what many service families go through.

by Jan Toomer


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