News and Views – September 14, 2015

St. Germain Series

Hubby and I went on a much anticipated relaxation vacation. As I moved back more and more to centeredness, the more the etheric “knocking” began. This is my signal that someone (from the Other Side) really wants to work on writing an article.

I hung out my “do not disturb” sign, indicating I would be “back in seven days”. Whoever had been knocking stepped back and patiently waited.

When I opened for business again (*grin*) the energy of St. Germain stepped forward and requested a series of articles. When I work on writing with my team or another being, they bring to me the sense of what they want to express and I work to put it into words, often using my own words to convey their message (though sometimes they want verbatim, and those are usually presented separately and in quotes to let you know it is not my words).

Corruption Destroys

Who Knew?

Seriously, though, civilizations have come and gone. So many began with the right energy of Balance, Harmony and Purity for all.

Then that pesky third dimension duality kicked in. Greed, self-serving, ego, etc. entered and brought the civilization to its knees. Corruption destroys.

Guess where we are?

By taking control of our thoughts and energy and accepting responsibility for our city, town, state, country, planet and Universe, we can bring corruption to its end and bring back Balance, Purity and Harmony.

It’s not a Hippie-dream. We have each become powerful creators. It’s time to create! Leave behind the anchors and weights of negative and no longer necessary or needed thought, feelings or energy creations.

Universal Harmony totally rocks! Just give it a chance.

Channeled by Jan Toomer


Fear and Frustration

When Mercury goes retrograde (September 17 – October 9th), it is a time of slowing down, reflecting, and introspection. Not a time of action.

When Mercury goes direct again, it propels us forward; we move from introspection and reflection into action.

For some, introspection and reflection time seems to bring up a lot of crap, which can include our fear and frustration of old. Like popcorn reaching the idyllic temperature to pop, the memory energies may move into a popping frenzy. Old buried (or so we thought) memories – ranging in degrees of intensity – spontaneously surfaced. These could range from uncomfortable, unsettling to disturbing memories. Memories we thought were done and gone.

Yeah, not so much. The energy from some of these incidents remained within us and now want to be released so we can heal.

Release to Heal Suggestions

The following are some possible ideas (you assume all responsibility).

Breathe deep and visualize these memory energies rising and leaving. I like to see them as bubbles, rising out through the top of my head. Once clear of my head, I see them pop. I no longer have a need of them. (*If you are stuck in the memory energy, please seek assistance.)

Find (for example) a Reiki practitioner that you are comfortable with (or any energy modality) to help you to clear away any energetic debris and help your body to relax.

Call on your team/guides/guardian angles to aid you in your release and healing process in a gentle and safe manner.

by Jan Toomer


Energy Update – September 7, 2015

Wow, what a week! And sorry folks, it’s not over yet.

Many have felt this month’s strong waves, combined with solar activity, making last month’s update seem pretty mild. And to top it off, we still experiencing the same “symptoms” as we did in August – we’ve just added a few more this month.

We are being supported and aided (energy-wise) in some major releasing, and for some, they’ve needed an added jolt (or boost of energy) to knock some of the stuff loose.

The past few weeks, one way that this support has shown up has been through an increase in accidents to help shake some heftily stuck energy loose.

I have heard from some people – and have seen some for sessions – that have had some “shake things up” traumas, especially in the accident department.

  • Sitting in their vehicle, at a complete stop, and they got rear-ended (so far, none requiring a hospital stay).
  • A blow or jolt to the head during normal interactions with pets, kids, etc.
  • Doors, walls, cabinets, etc. “jumping out” (not literally) and whacking someone.

Not Right

Some have also reported (myself included) feeling tilted, wonkified, off-kilt, etc.

I find myself mis-stepping – which usually results in bumping into people, counters, or maybe the couch. It sometimes feels like my body doesn’t quite work right all of the time.

Working to stay present and in “the now” can help with this. However, if you are like me…thinking about what I need to do later that day or even for the week is definitely not staying in the now.


The same recommendations apply as the recommendations in August’s update :

  • Breathe and Release
  • Laughter
  • Go to bed earlier
  • Realign self
  • Ground/reconnect with Mother Earth.

Like I said, it’s not over yet. Please keep things light for yourself. Cry if you need to (a great release). Meditate and rest.

Oh! And I greatly recommend – Leave the drama (yours and anyone else’s) behind! Drama keeps you tied/connected to lower frequencies/vibrations. You really don’t need it.

by Jan Toomer


Your Meta Questions – August 2015

Q. How do you clear karma from your past lives to make this one better?

A. I think the best way is to begin working on your own stuff. Take a hard look at self. What do you do to others, knowing it is wrong and/or you would not want it done to you?

Stop it and change it to compassion.

Think before you open your mouth. Are you reacting, striking out (verbally, etc.) from a place of fear?

Is someone holding a mirror (metaphorically) up to you? If someone is able to “push your buttons”, something needs to be healed within self.

As you work on your own stuff (which is taking responsibility for self), your energy changes.

Remember, like attracts like. What are you putting out, energy-wise, and what is coming back to you?

Some recommendations from the Team:

1. Be kind to others (without being a doormat). Treat others the way you want to be treated.
2. You have no idea what the other person is going through or what their experiences have been. Don’t judge.
3. Seek, and offer, forgiveness. (Ho’oponopono is a great way to get started!)
4. Go through each experience with grace and dignity, learning something wonderful from it.
5. Take/accept/own responsibility for your own actions, words and energy. Each side has their own story. See #’s 1-4.

Start with NOW, today.

The past energy “karma” (imbalances) will be worked in your day to day life. You do not necessarily need to dig out this, and past lives, every imbalance.

Live, starting today, in balance and harmony.

Channeled by Jan Toomer


So Many Ghosts

  • Andy (death by hanging)
  • Carlos (sports)
  • William (connection to “coast”)
  • Bob (beat to death)
  • A Japanese gentleman
  • A gentleman who spoke old English (probably British Old English. Had confusion about my gender, and said Thee and Thou)

These were the ones that worked very hard to get my attention – or what is commonly known as a haunting.

  • Turning the water on and off – repeatedly — while I stood at the sink.
  • A container of almond milk thrown to the floor.
  • The two of the pictures in the master bedroom tilted every morning (they never did this before).
  • A man yelling in despair and anguish (I bolted out of the bedroom thinking my husband got hurt. He was confused – and then amused – and was just fine).
  • Then everyone talking — all of them – at the same time.

I called for a time out. I set up two GhostRadar TM apps, in two different parts of the house, and told them to “give your name, and any message, one at a time and in an orderly fashion!” Then I left the room.

When I came back, I was shocked at the word list generated. Some names were given, some were not, and they all certainly had a lot to say (though most of it made no sense to me).

Sitting down, I asked them to once again, in an orderly fashion, tell me why there were so many ghosts in my house.

First came the emotions of fear, confusion and the feeling of being directionless. Some were just desperate to be heard.

After the deluge began to slow, I told them where to go outside and that I would “meet” them out there. I closed my eyes and “joined” them.

I gave my usual pre-crossing over, informational talk about:

  • how we each judge ourselves and create our own heaven or hell
  • how they can see a loved one – human, animal or other – in the column of light to guide them onward
  • going into the light.

I was hit with another wave of fear. I was a bit bumfuzzled; it usually doesn’t go this way.

And More Ghosts

I looked around and saw perhaps one to two hundred ghosts, male and female – who appeared to be from a wide span across the human linear time line; all were milling around and staying away from the column of light.

I called on my team. “Why are there so many ghosts here? You (my team) are supposed to filter the ones who have contact with me.”

Their response was, “These are the ones we filtered.”

Oh. “Why is no one crossing over?”

They explained that, since the Closed Loop System has been destroyed, they aren’t sure where to go; their choices increased, but the new was unknown.

Do they stay Earthbound
To stay a ghost. Not of our dimension (like they were when they were in a physical body), but still connected and/or attached to the emotions, concerns, etc. from this dimension.

Go into the white light (reincarnation, old system)
“Crossing over”. Leaving this dimension’s energy; going into the light; healing, objectively reviewing the human life experience one just stepped out of; planning and preparing to seek balance with others and to reincarnate. This is the old way or old system which had been connected to or tied to the Closed Loop System. Since reincarnation is no longer a must, and karma is not only being worked on almost instantly, but can also be worked on energetically without reincarnating, then this system is out dated. It doesn’t make it wrong.

This is the unknown. This is why I had so many scared, confused and concerned ghosts on hand. They did not understand what this “new” was; though it really isn’t new, but is very ancient. This pre-dates our souls becoming entwined with the third dimension, physical, tactile, “man-made”, human experience.

It is the I AM. It is all there is. It is the prime Source. The Creator.

So if karma (re-balancing) is basically instant (as per each individual’s energy), and reincarnation is not necessary – where do we (and the ghosties) go or do when the physical bodysuit has expired?

What To Do?

We go home.

Our real home.

Our non-Earth home.

I can’t tell you where each being originated from – but once you are no longer attached to the physical, you need only listen/feel within and then you’ll be able to reconnect with the original, non-Earth, part of you.

It will lead you home.

And there are many waiting for your long awaited return home.

It is My Hope

Usually I include something along the lines of, “These are my beliefs, experiences, understandings and if this doesn’t fit you, please disregard or throw it out the window.”

But this time, I don’t want to say it. It is my hope that this article has “poked the bear”; that it has made you question your Earth-based belief systems and question what you had previously accepted as “truth”. I hope it makes you take a close look at self and that you find out if you look – deep inside – you can find the real truth – regardless if it matches mine or not.

by Jan Toomer

Energy Update – August 18, 2015

The purging and adjusting to the newest energies – not to mention helping our bodies to adapt to “cleaner” foods – can make us so danged tired.

The last two days, we’ve also become a bit discombobulated and ishcombibbled. We are also experiencing and/or feeling:

  • Flightiness
  • Spacey
  • Not too focused
  • Disconnected to the physical
  • May have trouble understanding someone (miscommunications)


  • Please, breathe and release (count to ten if you need to).
  • Remember laughter is not only healing, but it also raises your vibrations.
  • Go to bed earlier if you need to.
  • You can realign self**
  • Reconnect with Mother Earth (lean on a tree, bury feet in soil, water, etc.)

We are doing so well. I know these changes can sometimes be a bit daunting, but we can absolutely do this!

**Visualize energetic self realigning with physical self — Head to head; neck to neck, torso to torso; arms to arms; hands to hands; fingers to fingers; legs to legs, feet to feet and toe to toes.

by Jan Toomer


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