A Day in the Life – November 28, 2016

Of a Dreamwalker What is a Dreamwalker? To me, it is a person who is able to enter someone else’s dreams. This can be done to offer support, assistance, guidance, instruction or, in rare cases, extraction of the dreamer from the dream. A Dreamwalker is usually called...

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They Don’t Ask For Forgiveness

In my experiences, some ghosts* may ask their (still living in the physical) loved ones to forgive them. Spirits*…well, they don’t ask for forgiveness. Surprised? Yeah, me too, until they explained it to me. Ghosts, which we’ve touched on before, are still connected...

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He Needed To Be Heard

Waves of longing, alternating with regret, rolled off his defeated shoulders as he stood – transfixed – at the picture window. Shirtless and standing in a small puddle from the water dripping off of him, he glimpsed what he thought as an unattainable reality. An Hour...

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Hang In There

During today’s meditation session, I was prompted to ask you all to hang in there. We all know the elections are scheduled for tomorrow. Angst, fear, unease, and an energetic buzz (not necessarily a pleasant one) are on the rise…not only within the United States, but...

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News and Views – November 7, 2016

If I’d Only Known News and Views from the Other Side I now stand on the outside, looking in and wishing I knew then what I know now. You all are temporarily inhabiting a time and space where you can have tactile experiences. Yes, there are heartaches and hardships...

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Energy Update – November 4, 2016

Coming to Light Living in a fishbowl. Someone dropped in an eel. The eel builds it charge – making the environment super-charged. I wait for the explosion from the Release of the energy build up. This, to me, is what the last few days felt like; and it wasn’t a...

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A Day in the Life – October 24, 2016

Of a Medium Intro and Examples A medium can see, hear, sense, or know about the other side – usually referring to the deceased. Those no longer in physical form can spot someone with mediumistic abilities/tendencies; it’s like the medium shines with a specific color...

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There’s More Going On

Because everything is connected (energy is everything; everything is energy), I did my best to narrow things down to stick on point for this article. What I share here is just a small piece of a much larger, interconnected picture. I don’t usually write about/discuss...

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Energy Update – October 13, 2016

As promised, the energy has been intense for October. People have been reporting: Anxiety Restlessness, unsettled or antsy Thoughts flittering Sleep disruptions Unexplained aches and pains Yes, intense is a good word for this. I’ve been waking up every two hours for...

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A Day in the Life – October 10, 2016

I am sharing an incident I experienced with an addict daughter; the views, “seeing”, and understandings are my interpretations of this experience. I cannot say that you, or the one you love, is/was experiencing the same. Of A Seer Living with An Addict I was restless....

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