Your Meta Questions – May 2015

Q. You often refer to your “team” or our “teams”. What is our team? Who decides who is on our team?

A. Our team is our guides for this lifetime.

Our life guides (the ones who stay with us during this lifetime) are hand-picked – by us (each individual) – prior to starting this lifetime.

Those guides-to-be that you chose, and they accepted, will go do a type of school to learn to be a guide, which will include how to lower their vibration to help them interact in the dimension we physically live in.

Some deceased relatives may also join your team, becoming one of your guides. I have found this to happen if/when you have had a good relationship with that relative.

You will also have “specialty” guides who will come in to aid you through a specific experience and then will move on (not stay with you). One example may be: you lost a loved one. A specialty guide may come in to aid you through the grieving process, and when you are on your way to healing, they will move on to aid another.

Please know that we each have free will. You can ignore your guides if you choose.

We each also have animal guides (aka animal totems). We have at least one life animal guide who stays with us during this lifetime.

We also have messenger animal guides who can act as specialty guides. One way they aid and carry messages to you is to cross your path.

Example: You may come across an animal that you don’t normally see. When this happens, you pay attention.

Another way if for the same type animal showing themselves to you repeatedly.

You can look up (books or online) the animal totem to figure out the message. You can type (example) “butterfly totem”. Some part of the material provided will probably resonate or “speak” to you.

Now there are some people who have no defined life animal totem…they have a lot. I find this with some animal communicators and animal healers; they often come into this lifetime with many animal guides around them.

Q. I have “seen”, “knew”, or “felt” my guides, but recently I don’t. Have they left? Have I done something wrong?

A. Your life guides are with you for this lifetime. Period. Just because you can’t see/feel your guides does not mean they left. There could be a number of reasons why you aren’t aware of them – the two most common are below.

If you have physical pain, or are under stress, your focus is mainly on the physical and not the spiritual until the crisis is over. Once the incident is resolved/healed, and you once again can focus elsewhere, their presence usually gently becomes apparent again. They weren’t gone, you were just distracted elsewhere.

Another reason may be that, in essence, they have become accepted as part of your energy.

Here is an example: You just bought a new pair of shoes. You are very much aware of them when you put them on your feet. Your feet need to become accustomed to them. Your vision catches glimpses of them as you walk, or cross your ankles or legs. You notice how they feel as they strike the floor with each step. You pay attention to see how comfortable they are, or if there are some sore points. You weigh whether or not these are occasional or short term shoes, or if they are comfortable enough for daily, work use.

Let’s say you decided on daily/work use. After a while, you adjusted and became accustomed to them. You are no longer aware of them, except as an extension of you or your feet. You no longer pay attention to them while you wear them.

When we have adjusted to our awareness of our guides, they can become an energetic extension of self. You are no longer constantly consciously aware of them unless you center and focus your attention and awareness (perhaps meditation) to work with them, or to ask questions, etc.

Specialty Guides

We do have specialty guides that come in to help us with a specific life lesson or experience. These guides will leave after that experience is over.

But, please remember, your life guides are in it for the long haul. They will not leave you.

by Jan Toomer


Energy Update – May 15, 2015

This energy update includes approximately the last three weeks.

  • Our buttons are being pushed, again
  • Electronic glitches
  • Communication glitches
  • Tired/exhausted
  • Food adjustments

For many, this has been ongoing – it just seems more intense and/or more “in your face” now.

For others, they may be experiencing it for the first time.

Either way…argh!

And a heads up. I highly recommend you learn to do the slow deep/full breathing to calm yourself so frustration doesn’t over take you – because the button pushing/poking; glitches; exhaustion or food adjusting is not going to spontaneously stop or bend to the will of your frustration.

But Wait! There’s More!

A lot of people hear me say that during consultations; now you get to experience it. *grin*

Mercury is going Retrograde on May 18th (through June 11th). Mercury Retrograde

So these electronic glitches and communication glitches? And the frustration and delays and mis-directions? These will be amplified by Mercury going Retro.

Same Song, Different Day

Yes, we’ve been working through these energy “symptoms” for quite a while; the reasons remain the same.

  • We are healing our past, present and future self.

Karma – or seeking balance – is not going to be something we can continue to carry over for later, anymore. Everything is being dealt with here and now.

We need to heal/release our traumas, imbalances, etc. this lifetime. They are all connected to the third dimension. They are anchors that we really don’t need to have. And, they have to be healed/released to move deeper into the 4th and onto the 5th.

  • As we progress, our bodies can become overwhelmed with foods we previously had no issues with. As our frequency raises, it may have trouble with consuming artificial foods, processed foods, animal products, etc.

Yes, I am a vegetarian (leaning towards vegan as far as what foods I eat), but I have never begrudged meat eaters. I know we each vibrate at our own frequency at our own rate.

I can tell you, though, there is no consumption of other life energies in the fifth dimension. I can also tell you that everyone gets there in their own time and on their own path.

‘Nuff said.

Electronic and Communication Glitches

I’ve had to do the deep breathing exercises many times – just recently – over this one.

My phone glitched and I lost a lot, including a large portion of my contacts.

The good part was that my phone was wiped and brought back to factory settings. I played with my personal settings and decided what different apps and preferences I now wanted.

Be Clear

Some people may be getting frustrated with me. I want direct answers. I will no longer guess or infer from a reply. If there is any room for multiple interpretations, or it is just plain unclear to me, I will ask a direct question which can usually be answered by a “yes” or “no”.

I have written about this before. All of this is part of our preparation/learning for telepathy. It may seem a stretch between the two, but there is a direct connection to verbally/written communication being clear and precise and telepathy.


Besides those working in others ‘muck’ and having to remember to clear self from others energies (which can drain the body); not letting ‘energy vampires’ clamp on and drain you, etc. we also have been working hard. We have been receiving massive amounts of energy and we are having to adjust and adapt.

Also, consuming foods/drinks that are no longer harmonious with the body’s frequency can be taxing on the body.

This can just plum wear us out.

All I can say is – hang in there. (I know, helpful, right?) Deep breathing exercises; watch the foods and drinks you consume; ground your self (walking, gardening, swimming, etc.) and shield (the technique offered on this blog is a baseline. You take it, change it to work for you and run with it).

by Jan Toomer


Step Outside of Your Box

We are creatures of habit. We like our own little comfort box, and aren’t necessarily excited to step outside of that box.

As you grow and your frequency rises, I highly recommend you step outside of your box.

What Can You Do?

Because we are growing and expanding while our frequency rises, we really shouldn’t stay in the same mold, form, or box that we’ve been in all of these years. We can add new dimension (pun intended) to what we know and are comfy with and/or try something new.

Why now? Because barriers from the third dimension move further and further away…taking with it the mass consciousness agreed upon reality and its boundaries. We are expanding into dimensions beyond the third.

If you stay in a third dimensional rut, how are you going to know what new and exciting things you are capable of?

We are multi-talented beings.

We are multi-dimensional beings.

What does that mean?

Well, you won’t know if you don’t step out of your box.

Experiment and explore (responsibly). If you try something new and decide it isn’t for you….well, hurray! Then move on.

If you’re an energy healer, do you want to try an new modality?

Maybe you want to try out psychometry, animal communication, mediumship, numerology, or countless other energy based avenues.

We live in an exciting time, and I, for one, enjoy asking myself, “What do I want to try now?”


Happy Explorations!

by Jan Toomer


You Never Know

As we progress on our journey of self-realization, spiritual awakening, and/or spiritual growth, we may help guide someone else on their journey and we may not even realize it.

We’ve touched on this briefly before, but I would like to take a bit more in-depth look at affecting others.

Still Have Third Dimension Human Tendencies

Even though we are working on ourselves, we (generalized) still have the third dimensional human tendencies. We (hand raised here) can: still get in a rush (self-absorbed); get overwhelmed and cranky (self-absorbed) and forget about how our energy can affect others (again, self-absorbed).

Two Inches Tall

I was driving into town one day and got annoyed. I like driving the speed limit, and get annoyed when someone drives slow, especially if they are driving slow in the left passing lane, and are holding other cars back.

Can you say “self-absorbed”?

I got behind such a person and felt the annoyance rising. “Why can’t they drive in the right hand lane and not block everyone back here?”


I finally had the chance to get over into the right hand lane and pass the person who insisted on driving slowly in the passing lane. As I passed, I looked into the offending car. The driver, a woman, sat tall – stiffly – with both hands clenching the steering wheel. She had gripped it so tightly that her hands were white. Her energy showed she was terrified.

I heard, “You never know what the other person is going through.”

Yeah, I felt about two inches tall. Self-absorption sucks crunchy peanut butter.

Chances were my agitation was probably felt by that driver, so I am sure I was adding to her fear and stress. I sent my apologies and calming energy her way.

Kind Energy Benefits All

The next time I drove into town, I concentrated on: being in the “now”; releasing any “hurry” tendencies; making eye contact and offer gentle energy to those I saw.

What a difference, not only for me, but hopefully for those my path crossed.

We Never Know

No one likes being overlooked, treated disrespectfully, or as if they don’t matter.

A kind word, a smile, a kind gesture, patience, and/or gentle energy are something most of us are familiar with – it isn’t a major stretch to offer one or more to another.

We never know how we affect those who cross our path. Any one of those small acts or gestures from you to another can literally change someone’s life…for the better.

Each individual does matter.

Each individual is important.

Each individual deserves an acknowledgement of their existence and being.

You are important.

You matter.

I acknowledge your existence and your being.

And I wish you a wonderful day.

by Jan Toomer


Your Meta Questions – April 2015

Q. How do you know if someone has the ability to a medium (ability to communicate with the deceased) or maybe an animal communicator?

A. First, I’d like to say that some may have the desire for a particular ability, but may not have brought that ability into this lifetime. Having said that, I encourage giving the ability a serious attempt.

When I meet with someone, I may see little “clues” (energetically) or symbolism to tell me. This does not happen with everyone.

When someone comes to work with me, I may see a line of deceased people following the client. This tells me that the client has the ability possibility to hear/see/sense and/or know the deceased.

The deceased can “see” this ability possibility in the client’s energy field, and they follow in hopes of being heard.

For someone who has the ability possibility of animal communicator, I may see either a line of animals following behind the client or I may see animals of various types beside, behind, draped across the shoulders, perched on the head or shoulders, etc. of the client.

Just because someone has the ability possibility doesn’t mean that they have to be that. It just means they have brought that ability into this lifetime…it’s up to each individual to pursue and refine it…or not.

We are not necessarily defined by one or two abilities – nor do we have to work the abilities that show up, unless the ability or abilities are part of the individual’s soul plan for this life.

Q. What might someone who has medium abilities, and doesn’t know it, experience?

A. They can experience hearing whispering (especially at night), but may not be able to make out the words.

They may experience “knowing” information about a friend/acquaintance’s deceased relative (the knowledge just appears in their mind).

They may experience anxiety with an unknown cause. This may be, energetically, a response to not following one’s soul plan of being a medium.

They may see or “see” (in the mind’s eye) ghosts.

Q. What might someone who has animal communication abilities, and doesn’t know it, experience?

A. They may experience a unusual physical bond with physical animals. For example, animals may just follow them around.

An injured or lost animal may seek that person out. If this happens, please use caution…wild animals and injured animals (wild or not) can strike out to protect themselves.

The person may also instinctively “know” what the animal wants or needs or is feeling.

by Jan Toomer


Respect Starts With Self

The current theme – which began on a global scale about two months ago – is ‘Respect’.

I have heard this from every person’s team that I have encountered as well as hearing it from Mother Earth’s team.

The Respect that the teams are talking about is not the ego-driven, self-important respect.

The Respect that the teams are talking about asks you to step out of one’s self-absorbed universe and honor the energy of those you encounter in life – and seeing and honoring those beyond your visual awareness or visual universe (those beings you cannot see – in the oceans, skies, other side of the globe, etc.)

Respect is honoring other life forms/beings and their rights to thrive and survive in a clean, healthy environment.

Respect is honoring others environments, property, boundaries, feelings, beliefs, and/or experiences.

This doesn’t mean you have to follow someone else’s beliefs, etc. I doesn’t mean you approve of someone else’s choices or decisions.

It does mean understanding, and allowing, their right to their choices, beliefs, etc.

Golden Rule

I am a big fan of the Golden Rule.

Do to others what you would have done to you.

Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Not A Saint

I am – by no means – a saint, but I do work hard to treat others as I want to be treated.

Sometimes, though, I get frustrated when my efforts, words, and/or deeds go unnoticed, unheard or unseen, and I will then treat the person the way they have treated me.

Just a note – that rarely turns out well.

The person often comes back angry and/or hurt, and demanding to know why I “turned” on them.

So why did/does this technique of treating someone – in a negative or disharmonious manner – the way you were treated by them, fail?

Some people just don’t get it. They don’t think they are doing anything wrong. Belittling, berating, misusing, and/or abusing others feelings, belongings, environment, seems perfectly acceptable to them.

I don’t believe it is acceptable, from anyone on any scale. Personal, city, state, region, country, continent, globally, or universally.

Respect Starts with Self

Respect actually starts with self. I believe that if you don’t respect yourself, then how can you know how to respect others?

Think about it – our society shows us disrespect from grade school on. We are taught from day one that everyone else knows what we need and what we should do. We are taught that we – as individuals – don’t count…our thoughts, or feelings do not matter.

Okay, that was a gross generalization – but we are programmed from a early age. As we grow, many have to find respect for themselves. Sometimes it comes easily; sometimes they had it all along; and some still haven’t found it.

This is my belief – but it does not excuse one from their behavior.

So What Can We Do?

There may be no clear cut answer. I can only recommend:

– Following the Golden Rule.

– Respect yourself first. You cannot always change others, but you can change self.

– Do not allow yourself to become a doormat – allowing others to walk all over you, so to speak.

– Remove the person/energy from your space and/or remove yourself from the disharmonious environment.

I respect myself enough to not become mired in the muck of disrespect. And I work hard to not disrespect others – two-legged; four-legged; winged; finned; furred; or Mother Earth.

by Jan Toomer



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