Animal Communication – Part Two

How Do Animals Communicate? We’ve touched on them learning some of our words and how they watch us. They can communicate with us through vocal sounds (hissing, barking, braying, etc.), and body language (ears pinned, back arched, hair standing up). But they also...

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Animal Communication – Part One

One ability I used a lot as a child was animal communicator. We lived in the boonies in Illinois and the animals were my friends. The frogs, ducks, fish, snakes, and other critters were what I played and communicated with, and I continue to use what I have learned. I...

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Energy Update – April 10, 2017

Self-Doubt Welcome to the newest theme for the current energy influx – self-doubt. We’ve all experienced self-doubt in our life – it’s part of having life experiences. But right now, some are experiencing a major push to have an up-close, in-your-face experience with...

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The Yin Yang

Bring in the Light Live in the Light Be the Light But what about our dark side? Doesn’t everyone have a dark side? Do we ignore that? What happens to our dark side? We all have a dark side. We were born into the human bodies for this experience; this third dimensional...

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Your Meta Questions – March 2017

Q. What does it mean when you post or write “The Truth Will Be Shown”? A. In the past, I had shared: Let the truth be known Let the truth be shown We are now at: The truth will be known The truth will be shown When I post either of these sayings on Facebook or in an...

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In Memoriam Frank Geisel

We lost a wonderful man this February. One who added depth and color to our world. We are fortunate though, because his light shines on through all the lives he touched. Dear Frank – Thank you for sharing yourself with me, my husband, and countless others. You were a...

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New Chakra System

Some healers have noticed that some client’s chakra system has changed. The colors, quantity, feel, etc. The more a person moves into the fourth dimension, the more the energy bodies will alter and adjust. Here’s the 3D Chakra System:        ...

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Not Set in Stone

We are in a place that we are being asked these questions, or we are asking our selves these questions. What is it you want? Is your hobby or career making your soul feel fulfilled? What is calling to you or for you? After my hand surgery in December, followed by...

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News and Views – March 6, 2017

Seeing Your Soul Growth Take a look at the animal totem Mouse, which represents scrutiny and paying attention to the minute details. Mouse energy sees that which is right in front of them. Eagle, however, has keen eyesight as he soars above and is able to see a bigger...

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