News and Views – August 25, 2014

They Want Us to Be Happy, Move Forward and to Live our Lives

When our loved ones die they do not wish us to be miserable.

Grieving is a normal reaction to physical loss – but perpetual grief is not healthy for our body, mind or soul.

They wish us to live – to be happy and continue on our life path.

Channeled by Jan Toomer





Your Meta Questions – August 2014

Q. Why don’t you give the names of the beings you channel from News and Views?

A. My team recommended against it. (a) To protect the families privacy. (b) There is no way for some of the beings or presenters to be verified. (c) The names are not as important as the messages. (d) And, in some cases, the presenter may be a spokesperson for many beings (a group) who combined efforts to give one message.

- – -

I’d like to address some questions about those who have died. These are my understandings and interpretations based on my experiences as a medium.

Q. Are they healed of their imbalance(s) after they cross over?

A.  Yes. When we cross over, we can work with others (in the healing ‘profession’ on the other side) to help us heal from our trauma-memories.

Q. How long does it take for someone who died to cross over?

A. That is totally up to the individual. Reasons for not crossing over can be as varied as the individuals. Here are a few reasons some may decide to not cross over:

  • Fear. Fear of the unknown; afraid to face ‘G-d’; afraid to face the wrongs they committed.
  • To protect or watch over a loved one.
  • Unfinished business. They felt like too much was left undone and want to try to accomplish it before they cross over.
  • Not sure what happened to them / want answers. Some stay to find out what happened to them. Example: murdered or unexpected death. This does not mean that every unexpected death or murdered being stays here. Each individual is unique and the decision is theirs. – Some may not comprehend that their physical body had died.

I recently had a rash of ghosts – beings whose bodies had died, but they never crossed over. These ghosts died in the nineteen thirties and forties. They had not crossed over and sought aid to finish up and cross to the other side. Some were unexpected traumatic deaths; some stayed out of guilt (misplaced guilt).

Q. How long after they die can they communicate with us (via dreams, visions, interaction, mediums, etc)?

A. Immediately. Some even stop in to say “Bye” immediately after their physical body had died.

Some don’t come back to talk with us. Again, their personal preference and as per soul plans. Example: You and the now deceased person may have agreed – prior to entering this lifetime – to not communicate after death. This may be so that the survivor can heal – or it could’ve been for other reasons.

My maternal grandfather – who I absolutely adored – had popped in immediately after his body died.

Over the years, I would smell cigar or Old Spice (I asked him to quit with the cigar smell…I couldn’t stomach that smell), but would never sense him or was never able to talk with him.

It wasn’t until decades later that he made contact again. He told me that he had been busy at a ‘special school’, so hadn’t been able to visit.

Time is not linear – all happens simultaneously. Since time is not linear, the deceased can cross over, heal, go to school, etc. and come back – all within possibility minutes or hours after their death – to communicate with us.

Or, like with my grandfather, wait many of our years to communicate again.

by Jan Toomer


News and Views – August 18, 2014

Making Their Presence Known

Our deceased loved ones like to let us know that they are around us. They give little subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) clues.

  • A scent that makes you think of him/her
  • A particular song or music artist
  • A bird
  • A butterfly
  • A touch
  • A memory spontaneously resurfacing
  • A sudden knowing that they are with you
  • Something that was shared between the two of you

They want us to know that they’ve not forgotten us, and that they aren’t really gone…just their temporary physical body is gone.

Channeled by Jan Toomer


Cloning. War of the Souls?

A few years ago, I wrote about transplanting organs (Recycling Parts and Pieces) and the possible energy and cellular memory ramifications.

Now I’d like to take a look at cloning. Again, I do not have any definitive answers. I am merely offering my thoughts and questions and would like to hear yours (be polite please).

The Clones Are Already Here

We’ve seen or heard about the cloned sheep Dolly.

Then some of the Dressage horse community began cloning their horses.

And recent talk about a woman impregnated with a cloned embryo popped up.

(For more details, you can search “cloning, dressage”; “cloned sheep or Dolly the cloned sheep” – “dressage horses and cloning” – “woman impregnated with clone embryo”.)

War of the Souls?

Besides the religious outlook – or in some cases, religious outrage – what do you think are the energy or soul implications of cloning? Is man playing God or Creator?

One of the beliefs found the metaphysical and/or spiritual circles are that we are spiritual beings (souls) who are only temporarily utilizing a physical body to aid us on our journey towards spiritual growth.

Another belief can be that each individual chose the family, bloodline, body structure, etc. to house their soul in for this life journey.

And with animals – I personally believe that they do have souls.

So how does cloning fit into that?

Does the clone come with a soul like the un-cloned human or animal?

Is the cloned physical human or animal body a wide open vessel for which any opportunistic energy being can move in and take control?

Two Strands Vs One Strand

It has been said that clones only have one strand of DNA instead of two.

Using humans as the example, perhaps the next questions could be: are the cloned beings human? Should they be afforded human rights?

Is Cloning Ethical?

What are the ethics involving someone cloning themselves for spare body parts? Or to keep their money, property, etc. from going to someone else when the original human body dies…can it be passed onto the clone without any interruption?

Atlantis All Over Again?

It is generally accepted – for those who either believe in Atlantis or have memories of Atlantis – that we’ve been through all of this before. It didn’t turn out so well then.

Are we going for self-destruction again?

What are your thoughts?

by Jan Toomer



News and Views – August 11, 2014

Making Amends

Many departed or deceased loved ones may pop back in to your life to make amends for how they treated you when they were in physical bodies – though they may not have realized what they had done until their physical body died.

Example 1: An acquaintance who, after cutting herself off from some long time friends and acquaintances, had placed her focus on some not so scrupulous people before she had died.

After she had crossed over, and had a chance to objectively review her life, she popped in here to apologize.

She explained that she had felt special since this particular group had wanted her. (This was not an excuse or cop-out, she was merely making an observation.)

She came to those who could hear her to apologize.

Example 2:  My father appeared after his death, wanting to make amends to his children. He wasn’t a bad man; he wore blinders and put his faith and trust in someone he shouldn’t have.

After he died, he understood the effect his non-actions had on his children.

His favorite thing – with me – is to ride in the truck with me and play The Carpenters (on the radio) while he watches over me.

Channeled by Jan Toomer



Energy Update – August 7, 2014

We’ve been through some major energy shifts over the past few weeks – and it’s theme was “stirring stuff up”.

We have made it through that , but starting last night, a new surge has begun to come through and will be here tomorrow.

This new energy tomorrow will be working with and on us until near the end of August – and will receive an extra boost with the full moon energy download this weekend.

This energy will be working to shake any lingering heavy energies trapped within and preparing for the fifth dimension energies to come in.

Some people may try to hang on to the old familiar third dimension energies – whether they are healthy for them or not.

I ask each of you to not go into fear, depression, hopelessness or move back into ego.

Breathe the new energies in – let them flow in and around you.

If you find yourself slipping back into the heavier energies (fear, depression, etc.), you might find relief by:

  • Asking your team for aid. Be specific. Example: “Team, I am feeling like I am being overwhelmed by depression. Please help me out of depression. Fill me with Light and lift me out of this.”
  • Meditation
  • Shielding
  • Laughing (very important – raises energy)
  • Grounding (physical activities) 

Some people – who have not been able to adjust to the energies over the past year or so – may not fare well on this next shift. Please hold loving thoughts and energy for them.

by Jan Toomer


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