A Day in the Life – June 2017 Part Two

~ of a Psychometrist ~ Part One What Are Some Uses for Psychometry? It is one way to gain more information on, as an example, a missing person or pet. Some cold cases benefit from a psychometrist’s touch. Since all types of energy readers are tapping into the “...

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A Day in the Life – June 2017

~ of a Psychometrist ~ A psychometrist* is an energy reader who has the ability to receive information through touch. When they touch an object, item, photo, animal or person they are able to receive information. The information can be received in any number of ways...

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I’m Sorry I Made You Cry

Distressed at seeing her cry, I apologized. “I’m sorry I made you cry, Granma.” She’s been here since Monday. It wasn’t until today, Thursday, after I made her cry, that she told me why she was here. Yesterday and today, I did some energetic work on, and for, me. I...

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Energy Update – June 5, 2017

Change and Release As we gear up for this next full moon, some are still working to rebalance from the last big energy download. Quite a few have experienced – or are now experiencing*: - Unexplained weight gain (coming on quickly and without any personal habit...

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Energy Update for Full Moons

Full Moon Disruptions Most of you know the usual pre- to post-full moon energies and how they can possibly: - disrupt our normal sleep patterns - bring bizarre behavior out in people - exacerbate mental health issues - bring waves of crankiness or sharp tongued...

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Your Meta Questions – May 2017

Q. Do you channel or get messages from stars (movie, actors, music, etc.)? A. Yes. The News and Views From the Other Side messages can come from anyone, and from any when, to help us on our journey in the physical. However, I take into consideration the message they...

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New and Views – May 22, 2017

News and Views from the Other Side – Illusions – Race Religion Economic Status Country Gender Politics These are way humans create labels, hierarchies, borders and distinctions. They are ways to control masses by manipulating and instilling fear. It perhaps aided...

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Energy Update – May 15, 2017

A Big Push The full moon energy download was intense. Some experienced sleep disruptions (raising my hand here) as well as: - Vacillating emotions. This was due to the massive energy push to aid us in releasing or purging (no surprises there), while also providing us...

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What One Pattern is Revealing

I watch patterns. They can show how we got where we are; they can show where we are more than likely heading; they can sometimes show us why something is occurring; and what one pattern is revealing is that privacy is not so private. The Amazon shopping site makes...

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We Are One

        The spiraling time has no beginning, has no end. Tomorrows are now as are yesterdays and todays. I AM is spread out throughout time found on the spiral. She, he, both, neither. Delineation blurring now. Everything is but energy. Us too. So...

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