Your Meta Questions – March 2016

Q. You talked about how some people are experiencing changes in their dietary needs, tastes, etc. How will I know if I am going through this? A. (Aside from any medical concerns). Some people get confused and concerned as to what is happening during some of the energy... read more

Energy Update – March 17, 2016

Frustration Delays Uncooperative Getting Slammed Wanting to Retreat Patience Tested Communication Glitches Electronic Glitches Bouts of Exhaustion These have been the energies – sometimes extreme, sometimes barely noticeable – that many may have been encountering for... read more

Heightened Sense of Smell

Many of us are experiencing so many changes right now, on different levels. Physical Changes Emotional Changes Energetic Changes We are purging emotional garbage, which can lead to physical changes as we become lighter; and we are experiencing energetic changes, which... read more

Energy Update – March 7, 2016

The energy is pushing each of us – encouraging us to release holding on to illusions; quit blindly following someone/anyone; accept responsibility for self (own thoughts, actions, non-actions, deeds and words); and to no longer stuff our agitations, frustrations,... read more

Your Meta Questions – February 2016

(If these have not been determined to be a medical issue)  : Q. I have been seeing lights. They only show up when my eyes are relaxed. They can appear, dart around and disappear. They are approx. pinhead sized. They show up, dart around, blink out. Any thoughts? A. I... read more

The Mental Carousel

We are being asked to seek clarity for the areas in our life where confusion, indecision or even fear reigns. “Easier said than done”…right? It is the confusion and indecision that has mired us down. It can be an anchor, preventing us from moving forward. This is... read more

Energy Update – February 16, 2016

As we (each individual, at his/her own pace) continue our journey of healing, releasing and integrating (all aspects of soul self; now, past and future), we can go through some unique shifts/changes as well as the possibility of having some unusual experiences. (By... read more

The Third Life of Bell-Bottoms

One of the themes going through our lives is revisiting the past. The past can come around in different forms, including: memories or flashbacks; someone from your past popping back into your life; and trends, to name a few. And what about remakes? Music, movies, etc.... read more

Your Meta Questions – January 2016

I’ve had a lot of people asking me about Muslims and them “wanting to kill Americans”. I took a portion of one of those emails and will share here (and will be addressing some aspects of other emails as well). Please remember, I am sharing my beliefs,... read more


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