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(Originally posted on June 7th, 2012)

Please remember:

  • Not everyone experiences this. There is nothing “wrong” with you if you do – or do not – experience these shifts/shift symptoms. Also, some people sail through without feeling/noticing anything.
  • Those who do experience it may not experience it all the same time as others. It may be a group experience and when that group is done, another group experiences it. This offsetting prevents a lot of issues.
  • This is not an excuse. Sorry folks, you signed up for this – so, with love and respect, I say “deal with it” (and remember, you are not alone with this).
  • These shifts rarely last beyond 7 days (I have never seen one go beyond that – they are usually 2-4 days). “Milking it” is not cool.
  • If any doubt or concerns arise, please see your physician – it may not be the shift.

by Jan Toomer



A Life Review Now?

I awoke in the dark of the night to a rather odd sensation. I felt like a part of me was rifling through my subconscious – my memories – looking for something.

Suddenly it latched onto something and the experience began…

In the Past

Human kind, after their physical body died and they crossed over, would do a life review. This would include viewing one’s interactions with others from the other person’s point of view. Also included are choices made as well as choices not taken and planning a new life and incorporating how to re-balance the harm done to others.

But Now?

Remember how we talked about how no one can accrue karma (unbalancing the scales) anymore? How that all imbalances must be addressed now, in this lifetime?

Why? Because we are preparing to leave the third dimension behind – and moving to an “everything instantaneous” existence.

So this lifetime, we’ve been busy re-balancing any unresolved imbalances – as well as no more “pay later”;  all is due now. You create an imbalance, your being works hard to show you the consequences and have you be held responsible for your choices – and it’s happening pretty darned quick.

But Wait! There’s More!

Whatever “I” was looking for in my subconscious had been found.

In an awake-dream (vision), I went through a spontaneous life review. And I start crying.

We’ve (my conscious and subconscious) had come to my struggles of when I had attempted to help my daughter through her struggles.

Then the scenario changed to choices not taken and how those would’ve “played out” had I taken them. Let’s just say that I’m glad for the choices I had made.

By this time, it’s five in the morning; my face is wet and my nose stopped up from crying; some kind of purging had also occurred and my body was drenched. I was exhausted.

And was trying to figure out what the heck was going on.

I called my team. “This really sucks! What is going on?”

I am told that it is my life review. A life review now? I inform them, “But I’m not dead yet.” (Flashback to Monty Python’s Holy Grail movie.)

The Explanation

Life reviews used to happened when the third dimensional physical body died and the being crossed into the Light.

Third dimension is going away – but because I have lived a third dimensional life (and am heading toward the fifth dimension) – I have to have my life review now – to finish out my third dimension experience.

As my team was explaining, my deceased daughter approached me. She said that not only during my struggles in helping her, but throughout my whole life – I had maintained hope.

Then she asked me, “Do you know what it’s like to have someone in your life that keeps hope alive, even when you no longer have hope? Someone who never gives up?”

I started crying again. “No. I don’t.”

“It was awesome, Mom. It was home, love, sanctuary, forgiveness, acceptance, and more all wrapped up in one person. Thank you.”

Realistic Hope

I always felt that things would work out the way the they were supposed to – not the way I wanted them to.

Though I did occasionally fantasize “what if’s”, I did not hold on to those. Why? I didn’t know what each person had planned for their life experiences, so I held on to the belief that all would work out the way it should for their highest and best. I always felt the proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel”.

Keep Hope Alive

So I guess one of the messages that I hope you walk away with today is to “keep hope alive”. And know that all will work out in accordance with each individual’s life/soul plan – for their highest and best.

Just because you can’t always see the results from your hard work, doesn’t mean that nothing positive came out of it.

by Jan Toomer



Reality Undefined Newsletters – 2015

Metaphysical, spiritual and of-interest articles, poetry, prose, events. These newsletters contain more than what is posted on the blog – Hope you enjoy!

January 2015

February 2015


Your Meta Question – December 2014

Q. I can sometimes:

- feel ghosts by a sudden chill
- just sense their energy
- feel a weight on my shoulders
- hear noises of dishing clanking
- and once heard a woman say “Hello” when there was no one around

I don’t like this, it’s scary.

A. It seems to me that you may be a medium, and are also showing a sensitivity to energy.

A medium can hear and speak to the deceased, and/or feel, or know what those communicating from the other side are saying.

For clarity, I will use the following terms this way:

Earthbound – Those who did not cross into the light when they died. They aren’t exactly on our dimension – rather slightly out of sync with our dimension. The more they physically appear or interact with the physical, the more energy they require.

Ghosts – Deceased humans who are Earthbound.

Spirits – Those who have crossed over and come to visit or aid us.

Residual Haunting – sound or scene memories (or recordings), from a past incident or incidents, which can occasionally (or regularly) play again. There is no interaction with these memories.

Team – Each individual has a team consisting of their guides (and/or guardian angels, angels, etc.)

A Chill

For Earthbound ghosts to interact with us on this physical plane, they need energy. Here are a few ways they can accomplish this: Drawing energy from energy containment devices (batteries, cell phones, electricity, etc.); sucking up the heat from an area where they are trying to make contact; human energy field.

When drawing from devices, it will render their energy source severely depleted or dead.

Just because you come across a cold spot, it does not mean you are definitely going to see it manifest or move an item. Also, check your environment for air conditioning vents or air leaks.

When drawing from humans (and I do not recommend this at all!), it can leave the human dizzy, exhausted, and/or nauseated. This, to me, is not acceptable. I visualize pushing them out of my space and putting a wall between them and myself so they can’t draw on my energy.

Sense Energy

Sensitives are…well, sensitive, to energy fluctuations, distortions or any changes. This is how someone physical can get a sense that they were just joined in the room by a non-physical being.

Feel Weight

This is another indicator of a non-physical presence trying to make itself known.

For me, I get a weighted down pushing sensation on the back of my head. I do not tolerate this sensation. To me, this is the non-physical being is too much in my energy, “crowding my space”. I visualize pushing them away and mentally telling them either that their behavior is rude, or just plain old “Knock it off and give me some space!”

Dishes Clanking

If nothing actually physically moved, then you may be hearing a energy memory. These are nothing more than a recording playing back. You cannot interact with a movie playing – nor can you interact with a residual haunting/energy memory.


This can be a bit unnerving – sometimes catching even the most seasoned medium off guard.

So What Can I Do?

Shielding to help buffer.
– You wouldn’t be timid if someone just walked in your house uninvited. Same principle. Non-physical beings don’t need to come in uninvited. Tell/order them to “Get out!” – and mean it.
– Get training from a reputable instructor or medium. There should not be exuberant fees for this – but do be prepared to pay for their instruction.
– Call on your team (guides, guardian angels, angels, etc.) and tell them you are scared by this and to please help you to adapt as well as set up boundaries.

A Shining Light

Our energy broadcasts – to non-physicals – what we can do. Mediums (whether they are consciously aware they are mediums or not) usually have quite a few ghosties around. They are waiting to be acknowledged or heard.

I demand manners in my space – regardless if you wear a human body suit or not. Rudeness, bullying, being annoying or trying to create fear is unacceptable!

Set up boundaries of what you will, and will not, allow in your space. You have to be dedicated and really mean it – or it will not be honored.

Our Children

Some children (of all ages) who can see and hear the deceased may actually be bullied by them. PLEASE! Empower your child. They have the will, energy and most importantly, the right – as we all do – to not be bullied or tormented by ghosts or non-physicals.


You can submit your Meta Questions though the “Contact” button. Please be aware that we cannot personally answer each email and that we only chose a few each month. If you want a direct answer email from Jan, you can find payment choices for consultations here.

by Jan Toomer




Energy Update – December 8, 2014

These energy downloads (upgrades or shifts) are affecting us all the way down to our physical.

To use a very third dimensional analogy: Cars from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s used leaded fuel.

As the vehicles progressed, the fuel needed to be changed to be of use to the newer vehicle system: unleaded fuel, alternative fuel, electricity.

Many of us are feeling as if we can’t seem to get enough sleep, even if we are able to sleep through the night; as if exhaustion has become the new “norm”.

Just as discussed before, the energy being sent to Mother Earth and her inhabitants is intense. It is tiring to our physical and mental selves. Please, if you need, go to bed a bit earlier to aid your body in recharging from working so hard.

Some are also experiencing:

  • Severe or drastic changes in their dietary intake.
  • Others emotions are hitting some harder than ever.
  • Dreams are more vibrant, intense and/or bizarre than earlier this year.
  • Becoming downright cranky about drama trying to enter their life.
  • Numbness, lethargy, unconcerned, disconnected with the world outside of one’s own home (or office).


I have been hearing from others, as well as experiencing it myself, of how their bodies are – in essence – rebelling against “made” or “processed” foods. The body is demanding more natural, non-GMO, pesticide-free foods.

Some are suddenly experiencing digestive issues with foods they have eaten their whole life, especially with beef.

Some have also seemed to have developed allergies to foods they used to be able to eat.

We are working on helping to support these new energies that we are incorporating into our being by supplying the body with less polluted “fuel”.

Emotional Roller-Coaster

Others emotions, be it in person, television, or theater, are hitting some much harder than ever before.

I’ve written before how we are working towards regaining our telepathic communication skills.

Telepathy is a more freeing communication…words are so very limiting. Telepathy is the ability to communicate through emotions, feelings, and mind-pictures.

Because we are stepping away from third dimension and fourth dimension, we are becoming more aware of others emotions, and in some cases, their thoughts.

This is why I had said previously that it is very important for you to know your thoughts and your emotions intimately, so you are able to discern what is yours and what is someone else’s emotions or thoughts.


I love dreaming. For me, it is my subconscious running amok and unfettered. Thankfully, my subconscious is pretty happy, so nightmares are of the distant past. *grin*

There are many different types of dreams (some listed here – Dreams).  The dreams of late – for quite a few – are fantastical, weird, or downright bizarre.

We have been blessed with experiences in the third dimension, fourth dimension (our manifestation practice phase) and now dabbling in the fifth dimension (thought manifests into reality almost instantaneously).

But many of us are here from dimensions beyond the fifth, so we can add those into the mix…and we did.

Our dreams are reflections of: our subconscious thoughts (which can include problem-solving); our trainings or schooling from our team (guides) and our higher self; our out-of-body and/or astral travels, etc.

However, our brains / subconscious often draw on each individuals current life experiences.

Remember how I said words are limiting? Our brain is limited to using our own limiting vocabulary, as well as our own personal experiences, to give our conscious minds a translation — of those trainings, schooling, out-of-body, astral travels, etc. – resulting in some rather vibrant, and perhaps bizarre, dreams.


We have touched on this one briefly before; becoming less tolerant with unwanted drama around us or trying to include us.

We are each dealing with working on adapting to, and incorporating, each energy download, as well as juggling our daily lives, working on releasing any old and no longer belief systems, as well as discovering and incorporating new beliefs. There is also dealing with jobs, kids, relationships, etc.

No wonder we are cranky about not wanting other people’s drama-crap in our lives.

No Oomph!

Lethargy, numbness, no drive, no oomph, etc. I feel, for me, that this has to do with the exhaustion and everything we are experiencing.

While writing this, a thought popped in. It’s not “written in stone”, but I am thinking it’s worth exploration.

First, I refer back to the exhaustion segment and once again say…if you need to go to bed a bit earlier to give your body more recharging time, then please do.

Secondly – and this is the one that just popped in — if you aren’t actively sitting and meditating daily (am raising my hand here), perhaps this is a “highly recommended” sit still and in the now moment…you know, encouraging one to sit still. Again, not written in stone, but I think worth trying and see if the lethargy disappears.

If you try this, please let me know how it went.

The second half of this section was feeling disconnected with anything outside of one’s own home (and/or work).

My take on this is we are so busy adapting to the new energy downloads, working on our beliefs, etc. not to mention making our own creation / reality, that we aren’t craving or wanting others drama-crap in our energy or life. In other words, we don’t want to play in others muck.

In Closing

Monitoring what your mind and body are telling you is key.

If you’ve a negative reaction to a food or ingredient, perhaps it needs to be removed from your diet.

Also, know what it yours and what is not.

Know what creates harmony or balance in your life and what doesn’t. If something is not harmonious in your life, does it need healing to rebalance, or is it time to walk away? (Act responsibly, please.)

by Jan Toomer




Curses Run Deep

What I “Saw”

I ‘saw’ the warrior standing on the mountain plateau overlooking the lake. Coming out of the lake were pale, white people, whose eyes were dead (loss of hope, caught in an endless loop), clawing their way out of the lake, pulling their bodies up onto the shore…only to do it again and again.

There were also some who perished in floods over time that repeated their experiences over and over.

I followed the curse to the warrior/chief on the plateau. I also saw that he was tied to a curse in a neighboring state as well. I asked him about it, and he puffed up, proud of his work.

A friend called in Archangels, the warriors ancestors, teams, etc. to help remove the curse and cleanse the area.

The warrior refused to see those who came to aid him. He was amped up because he now had and audience who could feel/see/hear him…white women, who in his mind, were not a worry to him.

I stood by the lake and called up to him. I “showed” him my (past life) memories of being driven – herded by the white men – to walk in deep snow. I showed him how I lost my last child, who had frozen to death on that march. The warrior saw me, Jan, and saw me, the Native who suffered at the hands of the white invaders.

I told him what the curse had done, not only to him and the white people, but to Mother Earth as well. I then asked him to turn around and see his people behind him.

He turned around and acknowledged his ancestors. From his right approached White Buffalo woman. From his left approached a Deer Woman. (I was not familiar with Deer Woman, but was told she was a soul collector. If the warrior did not do what was right, she would “collect” him.)

He listened to what his ancestors had to say. Then White Buffalo Woman stepped up to him and spoke quietly with him. I “saw” the curse being sucked back into the warrior. When that finished, I saw the curse from the neighboring state being sucked back into him.

I asked if he laid curses anywhere else, and if so, to please retract those. When he was done, he turned to look back at me, gave me one sharp nod of his head, and walked off with his ancestors.

I head-bowed to Deer Woman. She tilted her head slightly to her left, and disappeared. White Buffalo Woman bowed slightly to me and left.

At the lake, the trapped souls began to come out of their daze. The angels stood by; the family members greeted the formerly cursed and welcomed them “back”. The white light was now visible to the former tortured souls.

It was released.

I offered healing energy to the land and Mother Earth (all the way to her core).

Curses Run Deep

During the days of the whites over-running the Native Americans– a lot of anger and hatred had built up – from both peoples. A lot of blood was spilled onto Mother Earth and a lot of lives taken – on both sides. This can also be said about the history for the Asians and African Americans, etc.

A lot of damage, pain, and suffering has occurred during those horrific times. A lot of atrocities committed on both sides. I am sure we call all agree on that.

There are many places on Mother Earth that has had curses embedded into her Being. These curses were created out of fear, hate, anger…and a twisted vengeance.

However, those who created the curses had also become tied to the curse and the land that they cursed.

The warrior had laid a curse on the land in retribution for what had happened to him and his people.

His curse, and other curse-bringers over time who have laid curses on this country’s soil, has kept those non-indigenous peoples who died, on the cursed lands – over hundreds of years – anchored. Their souls trapped. For hundreds of years.

All trapped, and warped, beyond recognition of something human. Even the curse-bringer became warped in his/her own curse. Everyone, living and dead, stewing in hate, torture, anger, and fear.

It is time to release the curses, the curse-bringers, and those trapped within the curse.

No one benefits from perpetuating the angers, pain, and hate from yesteryears.

Curses run deep. Mother Earth’s energy was incorporated into these curses. Where these curses were laid, the earth, air, water and fire (deep within Mother Earth) has ALL been affected – have all been twisted and are unhealthy.

Please offer healing to Mother Earth as well. Please offer healing to all of yesteryears pain, suffering, anger and hate. Please send healing to all of the ancestors. Let us bring peace back to planet.

It really is time to heal – all of us.

by Jan Toomer



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