The Mental Carousel

We are being asked to seek clarity for the areas in our life where confusion, indecision or even fear reigns. “Easier said than done”…right? It is the confusion and indecision that has mired us down. It can be an anchor, preventing us from moving forward. This is... read more

Energy Update – February 16, 2016

As we (each individual, at his/her own pace) continue our journey of healing, releasing and integrating (all aspects of soul self; now, past and future), we can go through some unique shifts/changes as well as the possibility of having some unusual experiences. (By... read more

The Third Life of Bell-Bottoms

One of the themes going through our lives is revisiting the past. The past can come around in different forms, including: memories or flashbacks; someone from your past popping back into your life; and trends, to name a few. And what about remakes? Music, movies, etc.... read more

Your Meta Questions – January 2016

I’ve had a lot of people asking me about Muslims and them “wanting to kill Americans”. I took a portion of one of those emails and will share here (and will be addressing some aspects of other emails as well). Please remember, I am sharing my beliefs,... read more

The Power of Words

We’ve talked about accepting responsibility for one’s own thoughts, actions and deeds. We’ve discussed that each individual’s intent creates each individual’s reality. But what about words? We’ve addressed being clear and concise in our written and verbal... read more

Guides Available to Us

Something occurred last night that is a rarity for me. I had nightmares. Not just one. I’d get out of one only to find myself in a different one. I was aware that my body was resting and that I was having nightmares. Even with this awareness, the nightmares continued.... read more

Reality Undefined Newsletters – 2016

A mixed bag of metaphysical, spiritual and of-interest articles. Perhaps also some poetry, prose and events. Oh, and a few photos thrown in the mix! These newsletters contain more than what is posted on the blog – Hope you enjoy! April 2016 March 2016 February 2016... read more

Your Meta Questions – December 2015

Q. You wrote about growth spurts and heightened senses. I consider myself to be a spiritual person, but I don’t recall experiencing any of this. Is there something wrong with me? A. Just because you don’t experience something, or anything that I write about does not... read more

Energy Update – December 24, 2015

Well, the team came in this morning to pass along a message. Some people are having a difficult time with some heavier emotions. Please remember that, in general, emotions run higher this time of the year, and empaths can be overwhelmed (shielding can help). On top of... read more


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