Action or Allow?

We’ve discussed how we can no longer rescue* others; we can’t do it for them. It is time for each individual to accept responsibility for their lives, including their own actions, thoughts and words – as well as the consequences. For those who used to rescue* others,...

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Subtle and Direct Approaches in Guidance

Spirits, teams, guides etc. are working more openly and physically now. Though it’s usually subtle interactions, it can be more direct. I jokingly refer to the more direct approach as “a brick aside the head” – meaning it’s in-my-face and there is no way to not notice...

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Energy Update – December 11, 2017

Tired. And Sore. And Hungry. So many energetic changes going on. Yes, we have the occasional breathers, then we continue on again. We are off, on, off, on again in many areas of our life. Solitude We crave solitude one moment And want to be with others the next....

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What if Atlantis Wasn’t on Earth?

Atlantis has been searched for and sought after for a very long time. Many places, around the globe, have been claimed or suggested as the site of the elusive Atlantis. From Morocco; Poverty Point in Louisiana; Malta; Santorini; to Bermuda Triangle and more. But it...

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Soul Fragment Ghosts

We’ve discussed soul fragmentation, soul loss, and ghosts. We’ve discussed how some hauntings are actually two times lines (in linear language) momentarily or occasionally over-lapping; a time slip. This isn’t really a haunting since both time lines are alive...

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Memories of Tomorrow

Memories Yesterday’s choice of clothes What you had for dinner last night Your favorite trip or place to visit   As you recall these, you are visiting, or recalling your memories. We have fun memories as well as happy, sad, loving, fearful, etc. Some we like...

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Let’s Discuss Shadow People

Shadow People are the blacker than black silhouettes some have seen in their homes. They are different than the black shadow-like forms of ghosts. Shadow People are reported to: be very tall be fearless be blacker than black step out from and retreat back into the...

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News & Views From the Other Side – October 2017

Bevy of Supporters We are with you – always – and are so proud of you. Each of you has a bevy of supporters on the other side. Some may sense us; other may not – but we are with you regardless. Guides Each of you hand picked your life team (guide) members. Life team...

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