Your Meta Questions – November 2014

Q. Sometimes the Energy Updates or articles don’t apply to me. Does this mean I’m not growing spiritually? Am I doing something wrong?

A. (Remember – These answers are my perspective). You are doing nothing wrong. And, just because you aren’t experiencing what I write about does not mean you aren’t growing.

I write the updates about what is currently passing through after I have experienced it and have heard from at least two others that have experienced it – though I usually hear from a lot more than two people.

You might have already experienced it; you may experience it later; or you may never experience it. Any one of those is absolutely fine!

I share so that those who may be experiencing what I write (or may experience it later) won’t feel so alone with their experiences.

Q. I have been feeling different lately. It’s kind of like I fit in my body now. Or, maybe it is a feeling of fullness within my body. But, I’ve done nothing different to bring this on. What is this?

A. I’ve noticed that more and more people are present within their bodies now. By this, I mean they were out and about a lot through out their lives. But, within – I’d say – the last few months, they seem to spend more time IN their bodies.

We used to leave our bodies when we worked energy – kind of like we had to leave our body, work energy “over there” and bring the work back to the physical.

Now, though, we are bringing the “over there” to us here, and then working the energy. We aren’t leaving our bodies as much.

This is – I believe – due to our vibration/frequency raising. And with our vibrations raising, we are much more closer to our pre-human-life frequency. This can make us feel less cramped in our body. If we feel less cramped, we are more likely to spend more time in-body.

And, as I see it, this brings us a giant step closer to being our true selves.

Q. I don’t feel like I’ve been moving forward (or I feel stagnant; feeling like I’m not progressing or growing).

A. I have heard this a lot over the last few months. Please remember that we are much more than our physical bodies. There is so much more going on in our lives than what we physically feel or see.

When I “looked” at each person’s energy, I saw a refining of their energy. It was a lot like looking at the difference between using water and watercolors on paper and using oil paints on canvas. The water and watercolors on paper leaves smeared or fuzzy edges and thinned color within the blurred edges– and oil on canvas can have very defined, sharp edges and full color within.

All of those who came to me with this concern were not seeing or feeling what was happening behind the scenes (so-to-speak). Their energies had been more fine- tuned. This is not something they may necessarily see or feel themselves.

Please have patience with self when you feel you aren’t moving…just like any good play, there is a lot going on behind the scenes.

by Jan Toomer


News and Views – November 11, 2014

Be Mindful and in the Now

We recommend that you don’t project your fears, worries or negative “what if’s?” into your future.

The Universe is very literal. You project your fears to tomorrow (later today, next week, etc.) then the Universe thinks that this is what you want and that you want it created.

It will comply.

And you will get exactly what you wanted created…even if it’s not what you meant or meant to create.

Channeled by Jan Toomer


New Energy Compassion

As I mentioned in the last article, I am learning to about the new energies and am trying to bring it more into all that I do. The new energies of love and compassion.

I am not a saint and still have work to do, especially about those who I find abrasive.

I Thought I Knew

A while back, I thought I knew what “love” and “compassion” were. I was wrong.

I mean, I understood the third dimensional definition of the words, but apparently the new energy versions of love and compassion are much more expansive that I gave credit to.

In this article, I want to address mainly the new energy compassion.

What It Doesn’t Mean

It means no fear. No fear of rejection. No shying away of those in need because you are afraid it might “rub off” on you, etc.  No fear.

It does not mean judging someone or their circumstances.

Being compassionate does not mean being a doormat; working yourself to exhaustion or ill health or imbalance; or allowing self to be taken advantage of.

So What Does It Mean?

I guess the best way to describe it would be to ask yourself, “What if that were me?” Would you appreciate kindness and/or understanding?

Perhaps compassion is treating someone exactly as you would want to be treated if you were in the same situation…and feeling it on the soul level.


I, and a small group of friends, have gone out and done property cleansings and blessings (removing ghosts from a home or business).

Speaking for myself, I would enter the property with the energy of “get in, get it done, and get out”. And I would be totally wiped out afterwards.

Very compassionate and loving, right? Not.

My team stopped me one day before a cleansing and said that the next place we were going to needed to be approached and handled with love and compassion only.

So I didn’t go in with the attitude “everyone out!” and then clean and seal the property.

Instead, my whole energy changed.

The whole feel of the cleansing and blessing changed.

It was absolutely beautiful.

Afterwards, I was feeling calm, peaceful and relaxed. I wasn’t wiped out at all.

I was so excited with this outcome that I began to see if I could work love and compassion into everything (a work in progress).

But here’s the catch. For me, I needed to let go of my third dimensional understanding or perception of love and compassion.

I needed to go bigger and more expansive with it.

And I needed to feel it.

Trust me, you’ll know when you reached it. It is a feeling that is pretty much indescribable – written and verbal words do it no justice.

by Jan Toomer




House or Property Cleansings

  • Stagnant Energy
  • Traumatic Energy
  • Previous Owners/Occupants Energy
  • Ghosts
  • Just Want it Cleansed and Blessed

These are all valid reasons to have your house, business and/or property cleansed and blessed.

I use Aromatherapy mists to smudge, cleanse, seal and bless your property.

$65.00 an hour in Las Cruces
$75.00 an hour in El Paso

(Please contact me if you live beyond those two cities and want my services – will add on expenses needed to travel.)

If you want a ghost investigation, please contact your local reputable ghost investigation team.


Energy Update – October 28, 2014

Whew! That is the word for the last two weeks.

Since Mercury Retrograde has ended, many of us are feeling jettisoned forward. Some of us feel that life has moved into fast forward mode; you get up in the morning, blink, and it’s time for bed and you are exhausted.

So much energy has been sent to us lately – I am feeling quite saturated for now. *grin*  But these energies are helping us to keep pushing out the old energies, the anchors, to heal our pasts, to grow and lighten.

And this includes Mother Earth as well; these energies are aiding in healing her.

Why Are the Energies So Strong?

Please remember – we are cleansing and healing all aspects of our soul; our past, present and future lives. We need the extra boosts to work through all of self, not just the current physical self.

Time is Going Too Quickly!

Yes, it is flying past very fast. Again, please remember that each of you have the ability to slow your time down so you don’t feel so rushed. We are in creation practice-mode, and slowing (or speeding up) our personal time is currently within our capabilities.

How? Take a few slow, deep breaths (to calm your physical and your energy). Next, see and feel your time slowing down. I use the visualization of a clock slowing its ticks and tocks. And finally, know that you now have more time this day.

It Isn’t Over

Good news! The energy updates, downloads, upgrades, or shifts aren’t over yet. We are doing some massive overhauling on this planet, so the energies will continue to come in and boost us.

As always, when feeling overwhelmed or ishcombibbled – take some time to reconnect.

Laughter, connecting with Mother Earth (gardening, walking outside), physical activities, etc. can help to balance the energies within you.

Happy Practice-mode! And keep the Light!

by Jan Toomer



Animal Totems Today

Do animal totems have a role in learning the new energies coming in?

My answer (my perspective) is a resounding “Yes!”

This past month has been a wild ride for me. Purging even more of the past as well as learning more about love and compassion.

And as I worked this month, animals brought me messages to help and support me.

Here are but a few that crossed my path and carried a message to me. These are severely paraphrased (and my interpretation) of Ted Andrews works:

Caterpillar – a word of caution to look at people and things realistically. It is also an indicator of good news, surprises, and new projects coming.

Woodpecker – brings a message to stimulate a new rhythm or new change in one’s life.

Grasshopper – take a leap forward.

While the animals are still around us, it behooves us to look into the messages the bring and see what may pertain to us at the time.

by Jan Toomer


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