Eclipse – Revealing What We Hid

  The energy coming through for the last few weeks has been/is about revealing what we have hidden from ourselves. Yet another set of blinders being removed. Some have experienced memories of people, things and/or incidents that triggered us somehow. Frustrations...

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Individualism versus ONE

Individualism versus ONE Isn’t the concept of “we are all ONE” contradictory with “each individual is responsible for their own thoughts, actions and words”? No. Before we took our current body, or any body in any lifetime, we understood that we would forget our...

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Energy Update – August 7, 2017

Intense Energy Working On Us You may have seen the various forecasts for August and September that I shared on the Reality Undefined's FB page, or that others have shared on FB, about the intense energy working on us. We have already entered these newest energies;...

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It’s Time to Make Different Choices – Part Two

Pharmacy I have fired my pharmacist before. My doctor and I had agreed to one prescription for asthma medicine with no refills. This way we could monitor my usage. When I was close to finishing the spray, I was to contact her so we could see how I was doing. Then I...

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Removing Attachments, Cords and Energetic Devices

It’s been several years since I wrote Attachments – a long time in relation to our massive spiritual and energetic growth since then. So much so that I am sharing simplified baseline techniques to remove attachments, hooks/cords, and energetic devices/implants. Having...

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It’s Time to Make Different Choices – Part One

No waa-waa, “I’m offended,” crap. Seriously? We all have the right to our opinions, beliefs, clothing choices and thoughts. Quit crying “offended!” If there is something about them/their business you don't like, just don’t use their business or hang out with them. If...

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If Your Answer Gives You Pause

Release it. All of it. Pain, separation, frustration, anxiety, hostility, selfishness, greed, panic, despair, distress, racism, persecution, judgment, disrespect, hate, demoralization, condescension, guilt, envy, jealousy, shame, sadness, doubt, bitterness, anger,...

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Energy Impacted Item or Place

This is an item or place that has been affected by either energy residue or an attachment. Remember ever picking up an item, putting it down, and wiping your hands on your pants or skirt? That was you reacting to an unpleasant or negative energy on, or in, the item....

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Energy Update – July 3, 2017

Juggling the Energies We are working hard on releasing the third dimensional illusions of “reality”, and your third dimensionally programmed energy and mind may be freaking out a bit, wondering, “What am I supposed to hold onto, or believe in, now?!” Here’s what some...

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A Day in the Life – June 2017 Part Two

~ of a Psychometrist ~ Part One What Are Some Uses for Psychometry? It is one way to gain more information on, as an example, a missing person or pet. Some cold cases benefit from a psychometrist’s touch. Since all types of energy readers are tapping into the “...

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