Energy Update – December 24, 2015

Well, the team came in this morning to pass along a message. Some people are having a difficult time with some heavier emotions. Please remember that, in general, emotions run higher this time of the year, and empaths can be overwhelmed (shielding can help). On top of that, we are each receiving an energy surge to help us purge.

So…hang on to your boots. This surge is a heck of a final end-of-year push to release, release, release.

We are seeing, remembering, and/or feeling deep past sorrows, regrets, hurt, etc.

– Feelings (memories) of abandonment (physical and/or emotional)
– Feelings (memories) of being treated disrespectfully and/or dismissed
– Feelings (memories) of hurt

We are also being given a chance to experience realizations; we are given a chance to look at the memory scene/feeling a bit more objectively. What was the long term positive results that emerged from that incident?

Can you internally thank that memory and person/people associated with it? Can you appreciate it now?

Please breathe deeply. Crying to release it (not hold onto to it) is okay. And, let go.

by Jan Toomer


Energy Update – December 21, 2015

Energy is Already Coming In

  • Feeling disconnected
  • Self-absorbed
  • Inattentive
  • Scattered

This energy update is to inform you of a few of the signs of what this energy can do.

Because of the energy we are currently in, I recommend staying in the now. Awareness of your surroundings is important especially now through the second week of January.

  • We are in the holiday season.
  • We are heading for a full moon.
  • This full moon is bringing some massive energy for shifts/downloads/updates.

This is showing up, for example, while driving. People are literally not seeing some of us, and are reporting feeling invisible on the road and in the stores.

Those who aren’t practicing self-awareness along side awareness of one’s surroundings are so internalized and self-absorbed that they are not seeing those around them.

And…Closer to Home

Many people are reporting having very intense, vivid and/or bizarre dreams, really cranking up this past week.

I, for the last four nights, have been experiencing deep and super regenerating sleep with the bizarre dreams (and remembering most of them).


Staying focused, centered and aware – shielding as needed, especially for the empathic nature of our beings.

by Jan Toomer


News and Views – December 21, 2015

News and Views from the Other Side

Upcoming 2016

We will still be presented with opportunities to accept the gifts of fear, separation, lack, victim role, etc.

But please remember, we do not have to accept every gift – positive or negative – that approaches us.

2016 will also provide us the opportunity to rise above the non-love energy, and maintain that while living our lives.

Positive changes are coming as we move further away from fear.

We’ve also been given a hint: Change begins within each one of us, and the choices we make.

Channeled by Jan Toomer


Heightened Senses

I’ve heard from people about having ishcombibbled, or extremely heightened senses: smell, hearing, taste, and/or tactile or touch.

Thankfully for me – and hopefully others – I’ve been experiencing one heightened sense at a time.

It first went wonky – an almost disoriented sensation. I questioned if I really heard ___________ (for example); doubting because I was a bit off.

Then it moved to super sensitive hearing…more centered and no doubt of what I was hearing.

I am currently going through heightened sense of smell. For me, it’s either really good, or really bad.

Good smells are the mostly natural smells.

Bad smells are the chemical smells, including any fumes and perfumes. Yes, those smells bothered me before, but right now my discomfort includes the smells inducing severe nausea.

These should even out as we each begin to adjust to the new degree of the recently updated sense.

What Can Cause This?

Purging, removing toxins, beginning to honor your body, and a bump up in your energy frequency – also known as a Metaphysical Growth Spurt (MGS). Can read more on MGS here.

If you get overwhelmed, I recommend slow deep breaths (through your mouth if you are experiencing a heightened sense of smell) – and meditating may help.

Also, if you are able to squeeze in a bit of quiet time, this may help (no radio, tv, talking, etc.).

by Jan Toomer


Energy Update – December 7, 2015

Do you feel it? Anticipation is building!

Now, during December, empaths feel that anyway…along with hopelessness, despair, excitement, wonder and anything everyone else is feeling during this holiday season. (Empaths – please utilize a shielding technique frequently if needed.)

But there’s also a personal, non-holiday related anticipation. I’m feeling it in my heart and solar plexus. For me, this means my soul is excited – something is gearing up, and changes are coming for “Jan”.

I’ve no conscious clue, except for the sense of getting one step closer to becoming who I really am – my non-physical soul self…

…and this excites the physical part of me.

For any of us, these changes can be subtle, like a slight shift in your thought processes; an epiphany that changes something in your life; or an energetic smack-aside-the-head awakening. *grin*

Do you feel it?

by Jan Toomer


Step Out of Our Comfort Zone

My truths are changing; growing and expanding regularly.

Your truths are changing; growing and expanding regularly.

My truths are not necessarily your truths – and vice versa.

And that’s okay.

– –

We set up boundaries and maintain our reality. We get comfortable with our truths and our creations.

Then one day, we are shaken; our perceptions, understandings and/or realities are invaded by something foreign, uncomfortable or painful.

We may be shaken to our core.

We may experience a crisis in faith.

And we’re left wondering what the heck just happened. Why did we have to see, witness, or learn about X? Why couldn’t we just be left alone in our own comfortable reality?

Because that’s not what we are here for.

Don’t get me wrong – setting boundaries and maintaining one’s own reality is a good thing…but we change. Our truths and understandings change.

If you’ve found yourself witnessing some of the uglier aspects of being human, it’s okay to ask, “Why?”, though I don’t recommend going into the victim role (“Why me?”).

Some of us, as we progress on our journey of self growth and of helping others, are often quick at feeling and seeing the positive and beauty in our reality.

We give thanks. We appreciate the beauty and harmony in our life. And we now know that when we need help, it will arrive.

That help can come in the form of an “angel”. The one who showed up at the right moment and was able to provide exactly what was needed right then and there.

Where did this “angel” come from?

When we are in distress, and we call out for help, we release an energy S.O.S. that may be energetically picked up by another being. Whoever is closest, has the correct frequency and ability to aid, will respond. This is not necessarily done consciously.

You or I can become the guide – or “angel” — for a person in need at that time; just like we had, and have, when we are in need.

And sometimes requires us to step out of our comfort zone.

This happens spontaneously — it is not something you seek out.

Trauma to Blessing

This may be a traumatic experience for you or I, so what I offer is this:

    • See the bigger picture, and remember to rebalance your energy if needed.
    • Expand your awareness or perception of what you saw or experienced. What a blessing to be the one to be able to provide the other person with what they needed at that time.
    • Keep your faith. Faith in your Creator; faith in your higher self; and faith in your team.
    • You may have felt like you didn’t really “do” anything. Keep faith. Your presence alone may have been what was needed.

_ _ _

* My vagueness is intentional. I will not provide examples.

These experiences may occur when you are physically awake, or when you are out-of-body (which may be remembered as a dream or lucid dream).

If you have experienced this, you will know exactly what I am talking about. If you have not experienced it, but it comes up in the future for you, you will have this information.

Not everyone will experience this.

by Jan Toomer



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