We Don’t Even Notice

We have been blessed with rain lately. We also have had massive cloud formations and beautiful sunsets.

The cloud coverage had kept the high desert temperatures confined to a very comfortable temperature for our summer.

Hubby and I were in town. When we walked out of the health food store and headed for our truck, I was taken aback by the sight of the mountains. I realized how beautiful they were.

The clouds had spilled over the mountain tops and were ever so slowly sliding down the side of the mountain facing us.

The clouds obscured the familiar contours of the mountain and that is why the mountains caught my attention – they looked different.

Because of the clouds covering the tops of the mountains, my perspective of them changed.

Taken for Granted

I had taken the mountains for granted – so I asked myself, “What else have I taken for granted?”

My own answer surprised me.

We become familiar with our surroundings – so much so that we don’t even notice them unless something changes.

Unfortunately for some of us, it’s not only our surroundings, but can also include the people and animals in our life.

The Regulars

The regulars at the house include barn swallows, king birds, mockingbirds, white winged doves, ravens, owls, cottontails, jack rabbits, and the occasional quail covey will show. Oh, and lots of toads and some frogs after a really good rain.

We also have the Oryx, mule deer and coyote that pass through.

In the “neighborhood” (we really don’t have a neighborhood), we have rattlers, hog snakes, and corn snakes. We have different kinds of hawks, as well as the American Kestrel, vultures, kangaroo mice, chipmunks, ground squirrels, horned toads, lizards, etc.

And yet, all of that had become the “norm”…part of the visual picture relegated to being just the landscape and overlooked until something changes.

Taken. For. Granted.

And then something changed.


We recently had two newbies pop up at the house – a female Chukar and a Mexican Box Turtle.

The female Chukar (she’s been laying eggs) had arrived with a mate, who disappeared shortly after they arrived here. That’s when the female adopted us.


She checks out anyone who comes here and she’ll inspect their vehicle, watch them watching her, and if satisfied, she’ll meander off.

When she’s lonely, she’ll come to the patio to be closer to the voices in the house.

We don’t approach her, and we do respect her.

The Mexican Box Turtle welcomed us one day after we came back from town. The turtle was literally sitting in the middle of the driveway.

We discovered it is very rare to find Mexican Box Turtles outside of Mexico. We aren’t sure how it got here, but we figured it was merely passing through on it’s journey to who-knows-where.

Get Reacquainted

So maybe, as part of living in the “now” and part of our practicing appreciation, we can work on not taking our surroundings for granted.

As I sit in my favorite area in the house for writing, I am thankful for my comfy spot and the cool air coming from outside – as well as being thankful for my home.

I am grateful for my husband who is just fine with me being one hundred percent myself – quirks and all.

When is the last time you really looked at your loved one(s) and/or your critter companions?

Do you appreciate them, or are they merely part of the scenery? Do you need to get reacquainted?

Be Aware

As I look outside, I see that the clouds had moved to hovering behind the mountains, and I thank them for reminding me to be aware of all that is in my life.

by Jan Toomer



News and Views – August 4, 2014

The Deceased Loved Ones (Friends, Family, Pets) Can and Do Hear You

Talking to (out loud or in your head), and/or prayers for them are heard and appreciated on the other side.

Your loving thoughts can aid you through you grieving process and can help the deceased one as well. Just like kind words and thoughts to one another on Earth uplifts and heals, the same happens when you have kind thoughts/words for those on the other side.

Channeled by Jan Toomer


News and Views – July 29, 2014

Following the Crowd to Feel Accepted

As humans, we like to fit in, feel special and/or to belong. We have been known to follow the crowd, and in the process, lose ourselves.

We also forget those who had stood beside us before we had left them on the curbside (so-to-speak).

Ask yourself – do you think so little of yourself that you are validating your existence through the acceptance of a group or clique?

If you are comfortable with yourself – and you love yourself – then groups, etc. may enhance your life.

If you use the group, crowd, clique, etc. to feel as though you have a place to fit in…be accepted…then please step back and work on accepting yourself first.

You do not need someone else to validate your soul right to exist.

Channeled by Jan Toomer



Your Meta Questions – July 2014

Q. My abilities are driving me nuts. I do not want them. How do I get rid of them or shut them off?

A. It is my belief that each individual – before they were born – chose what abilities they would bring into this lifetime.

Having said that, I too – as a young pre-teen and teen – begged to be ‘normal’, which in my view as a teen, meant to no longer have any abilities.

I eventually and grudgingly adapted (and then ignored to my best ability) them until adulthood.

As an adult, I had a stroke which made it difficult to access some abilities and impossible to access others. And I discovered I felt incomplete, flat and unfulfilled with having finally become what I had believed as a teen was ‘normal’. However, this was NOT a ‘normal’ state for me – and it took a long and difficult time to get them back to where I could access and utilize them effortlessly again.

Now I appreciate the abilities and try to help others with them.

I can recommend some things –

  • Be careful for what you wish for…you just might get it and regret it.
  • Ask your team (guides) to help you with your abilities.  – If you are feeling overwhelmed or out of control with your abilities, tell you team and ask them for help. It does not mean they will take the abilities away, but may be able to help you feel more balanced.
  • Find an instructor to help you understand and teach you how to have some conscious control over them.

There are also other metaphysical related questions on this site – as well as free articles that you might find useful.

I do know how you feel, but I have never looked into how one can get rid of their abilities. Again, I feel we each came into this lifetime with abilities for a reason.

I do wish you peace and balance.

by Jan Toomer


News and Views – July 21, 2014

Two deceased beings (humans who lived, died, crossed over and are now working with in-body humans) popped in repeatedly over the last two weeks. Today they requested that I begin writing down what it is they want to share – their messages or insights. (Names are withheld for the families privacy.)

- – -

Please Don’t Judge Someone by Their Physical Appearance

Weight, skin color, hair color, eye color, disability, clothes, hygiene, etc.

All of those things are distractions and illusions.

None of those things are the soul within.

When you judge, you are only seeing your own fears mirrored in another being.

Judging others simply limits your own growth.

We each have no idea what a person’s soul plan is, what they have been through or what their purpose is on this planet.

Look into their eyes – feel their soul – know that every being matters!

Channeled by Jan Toomer


Energy Update – July 21, 2014

Word has come down that we are expecting at least two more energy shifts before the next full moon.

The feeling with it is “stirring stuff up”, with the energies being a bit stronger than the super-moon download we had earlier this month. So hang on to your boot straps! *grin*

This energy will help to kick start any stuck or stagnant manifestations or energy in your reality – as per each individual’s soul plan.

This means some will feel it, some won’t. It is all good either way.


  • Keep to positive thoughts, words and actions.
  • Strive to stay in the “now”.
  • Monitor your daydreaming and thoughts…ask yourself “Is this something I really want to manifest?”
  • Laughter
  • Slow deep breaths if feeling overwhelmed.

by Jan Toomer


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