Stepping Outside of Our Physical Boundaries

As we begin remembering more of who we truly are, we begin becoming more of who we truly are. We are stepping outside of our physical boundaries. We are energetic souls who are temporarily occupying a physical body – a physical vehicle. This vehicle is not who we are....

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Stand Tall in One’s Truth

  How can speaking, walking and/or living your truth even happen in a world where everyone* seems offended by another’s beliefs; choice of foods; words; clothing; merchandise, etc.? Do you wonder why so many humans* are being so offended by…well…most everything?...

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Set the Record Straight

Over my lifetime, I have met others fears of me and/or my abilities. I’d like to publicly set the record straight. I don’t probe, dig or otherwise delve into your thoughts or mind. I don’t read your mind. I don’t drill looking for your secrets. To do so would be rude...

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Your Meta Question – September 2017

We are the Hub Q. What can I do to reintegrate all parts of my soul from all lifetimes? A. First I would like to state: (a) you don’t have to believe in past lives, reincarnation, etc.; (b) you don’t necessarily have to be consciously working on reintegration to have...

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Having an Empath as a Friend

Though miles may separate us The bond never broke. Over the years, I have felt your tears And cried with you. I held you when you were Wracked with misery. I stood beside you through Your confusion. I felt your loneliness, Fears and your pain. My heart clenched With...

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Energy Update – August 28, 2017

Ride the Wave! You are not alone in your symptoms that have become pronounced since the eclipse. What a ride! (Always, if in doubt, check it out. Seek medical attention if necessary.) Hungry/Ravenous-Feeling and/or Cravings Yep, a lot. Anytime you work out, you body...

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Your Meta Question – August 2017

Q. What is it like when you are channeling for an article or a reading? How do you perceive it? A. When an article or reading comes in, I can view it in the ways described here A Day in the Life ~ of a Psychometrist . Sometimes the energetic information comes in while...

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News and Views – August 21, 2017

News and Views from the Other Side What is Within is Mirrored Outside As each individual works to cleanse, heal and release their pasts; to unhook the anchors keeping them bound to the heavy 3D, so too does the city, state and country work to cleanse, heal and release...

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Eclipse – Revealing What We Hid

  The energy coming through for the last few weeks has been/is about revealing what we have hidden from ourselves. Yet another set of blinders being removed. Some have experienced memories of people, things and/or incidents that triggered us somehow. Frustrations...

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Individualism versus ONE

Individualism versus ONE Isn’t the concept of “we are all ONE” contradictory with “each individual is responsible for their own thoughts, actions and words”? No. Before we took our current body, or any body in any lifetime, we understood that we would forget our...

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