Energy Update – April 6, 2015

The keyword for this update is “wonkified”. Okay, it’s not a real word, but I feel it totally fits.


Emotions are…well…wonky.

Anger, gratitude, annoyance, joy, bliss, frustration, etc. It makes a roller-coaster ride seem more steady than our emotions.


Concentration is kind of sucky right now.

Shielding, affirmations, etc. that used to take me – at the most – five minutes have recently averaged about twenty-six minutes to complete.

My attention span is – oh! Look, a butterfly! Harumph, the winds are annoying me. Wonder what I’m going to wear today. What was I doing? Oh, yeah. Concentrate, Jan. Shield. I feel like working with my essential oils today. Oh! Don’t I have to go into town this morning? Shield, Jan! Argh!

I constantly feel like my thoughts are drifting and I need to rein them back in. Once I get focused, it is great… but getting there? Not so much. The day can go in a blink.


Cravings. For me, it’s chocolate. Okay, it’s pretty much always chocolate – but this has been different, more intense – and since I don’t consume sugar (I use stevia), it is more about the chocolate.

I have also been craving spices, like fennel, garam masala, etc.

Fluctuations. Waking up with a growling, insistent stomach, and the drive to eat full meals.


The other extreme where I’ll fix a bowl of vegan “chicken” broth for a meal, because I don’t really feel like ingesting/eating anything.

Short-Circuiting Electronics

Yeah, I thought those days were over. I keep shielding my electronics/electrical stuff to keep their energy steady, but that’s not helping so much against my energy output spurts.

We have to learn to live and function – without frying our electronics – in this newer energy. Concentrate on keeping your own energy steady, shield self, then shield everything else.

Remember, it’s not happening to you – it’s happening with, and through, you.

Take responsibility for your (wandering?) thoughts and your energy “upgrade”. Practicing, with conscious intent, will help.

I also recommend:

Every so often, take a few deep breaths; chant “Ohm” (if appropriate); garden; do something physical and be kind with self.

by Jan Toomer


Mass Exodus Response Team

My condolences to those whose lives were lost in this tragedy and to those whose lives were changed by the loss of loved ones.

This article:

  • Talks about death and may be disturbing to some.
  • Is in response to many Lightworkers experiences before, during and after the recent plane crash. Because we are becoming more sensitive to energy, and energy fluctuations, many may have had a more intense experience this time.

My apologies to any who may feel offended, or feel that I am being insensitive – that is not my intent. I also know that all are whole and well, even though they are no longer on the physical level.


The Mass Exodus Response Team (MERT) is comprised of Lightworkers who will respond – on an energetic level – before, during and after a mass exodus.

A mass exodus – for the purpose of this article – is an accident, incident or event where a large number of humans lose their physical life. Some examples may be a plane crash, train crash, explosions, fires, etc.

There are many energy/soul roles, but the following is my understanding and/or interpretation of my role as MERT responder. I will try to provide an generalized overall picture.

Prior to an Accident

When an accident is coming up, the MERT is dispatched, for lack of a better term, as a practice run with the souls who will be involved in the accident.

While I don’t have all of the answers, I can share what I have “seen” or “experienced”.

MERT meets up – on an energetic level – with those who will be involved in the event/accident.

We do a walk-through practice prior to the actual incident; this is everyone can learn about where they can go and what they can do during and after the event.

No one is ever forced to work with us – though I have no memory of anyone refusing to work with us.

Immediately before the actual accident, the souls leave their bodies. They are not in their bodies when the event occurs.

Once the accident has happened, and one’s physical body dies, the cord that had been connecting the soul to the body is severed. The soul is free of the body.

The soul is then encouraged to go to a centralized meeting place (again, not on the physical level) along with the others who perished in the accident. This is kind of like spiritual triage; checking everyone out, helping them where needed.

Those who carry trauma will be guided to a MERT responder with knowledge and ability to aid that being though their trauma.

There are also MERT responders who answer questions and/or guide the being to another who can help.

One of my roles is to aid those who are ready to cross over. Oftentimes there is a deceased family member, friend and/or pet standing by to greet them and guide them to the other side (cross over).

MERT responders stay until each being has decided on what they want to do.

MERT Responders on the Physical Level

What happens to the MERT responders physical bodies while they are working energetically?

We go into automatic-mode, or auto-pilot. We only leave enough of our essence (soul/energy) in our body to carry on…usually leave only the bare minimum here.

We seem/feel disconnected, distracted and/or have a sense of vague-ness. This can happen about twenty-four hours before an event and continue through until everyone has been aided through the event and moved on as per each individual’s decision.

The Inside View

Physically, for me:

  • I don’t feel “all here”
  • I don’t get into anything requiring my full attention or energy
  • The day of the event is a blur or foggy – I may not remember a lot about that day.

When my job is done for that event, I am suddenly physically alert. For example, I snapped back in around 11am (mountain time) yesterday following the airplane crash. I was tired, but my focus was once again able to be on the physical.

Questions and Answers

Q. So why doesn’t MERT stop the event from happening?

A. Again, I don’t have all of the answers, but I do know that we are not allowed to stop the event from happening.

When I was younger, I used to “see” upcoming mass exodus incidents before they happened, but I wasn’t allowed to change or alter anything.

I became so distressed that I told my team to quit showing me things that I couldn’t help or change.

Now, I know when I am preparing, doing a walk-through and aiding after the event, but usually don’t consciously know what the event was until I am “back” and it has already happened.

Q. Are all MERT responders consciously aware of being MERT?

A. No. Many may know that they have occasional periods of not being totally “with it” or not being “all there”, but not why. That is one of the reasons for this article.

Q. Is every Lightworker a member of MERT?

A. No, though each Lightworker does have more than one role in this lifetime – both physical and non-physical roles.

There are also various non-physical roles – acting both singularly or in groups – that Lightworkers participate in. One that was previously touched on briefly was that of the White Knights.

Another example would be those on a team that do stop tragedies from occurring.

Some singular (one being) redirects. These could be one lone survivor of a mass event, or a single redirect from an event, for example someone missed their connecting train or flight, or was hung up in traffic, etc.

There is also mass redirects; the oncoming accident, by some miracle, was diverted at the last moment.

Q. What about the people left behind here? Those who lose loved ones?

A. We each have specialty guides that come in and out of our life as we need them. There are grief guides who will offer support, love and be with those grieving. The person grieving may not feel, or know, that they are near – but they are there and will remain to aid and support.

Again, my condolences to those who lost loved ones.

by Jan Toomer


What is My Soul’s Purpose?

(Continuation from Odd Energy Lately)

  • Feeling stuck or stagnated
  • Driven to find soul’s purpose for this lifetime

These two concerns may be linked.

So many of us asked ourselves, or asked others, “What is my soul purpose?”, “Why am I here?”, or “I know I’m here for something, but can’t figure out what it is.” With this may come the feeling of being stuck or stagnant.

I was one of those…for many years. Since I didn’t get a clear cut answer, I decided to just keep doing what I was doing until I found my soul purpose.

I continued to teach and share about energy and that which was beyond the physical (metaphysical and paranormal), and to do consultations.

One day – not too long after I discovered my passion (which was a “duh!” moment for me – it was teaching, sharing and consultations), the questions began to disappear.

I hadn’t become complacent. Rather, it felt like – deep down inside – that I already knew what it was and knew, when it was time, my conscious mind would know it too. I have faith in my higher self and my team of guides.

In the meantime, my purpose was learning, experiencing, understanding, growing and sharing. I was building the skills needed to step into my “main” role later in my life.

I realized one day that I had changed. I will always continue to learn, and would like to think I will continue to share, but I feel as though I have now graduated college – so to speak – and am now going out to start implementing what I had learned.

I am stepping more fully into the role that I was called to Earth to do.

I can’t (or maybe won’t?) sit here and say that I am ___________ and __________. Those are labels – and we are multi-faceted and not intended to be held within label boundaries.

I also can’t (won’t?) say I cam here to do __________ and __________. Again, we are multi-faceted and do things not confined by labels.

But, as I write this, I see within me parts and pieces of my roles.

I guess what I am saying is….

Your inner self or higher self knows why you are here.

If you still have those questions about your soul purpose, then perhaps you are still building your skill sets.

But – simplified – as long as you work and learning, seeking, growing and doing what is harmonious (and without ego), and aiding others on their journey (without becoming doormats), then chances are you are fulfilling your soul purpose as of now.

I believe the questions will stop when your higher self says you are ready to move forward and begin stepping into your ultimate purposes.

by Jan Toomer



Energy Update – March 20, 2015

Today is a busy day – and the incoming energies are pretty potent.

Some of what people are experiencing today may be:

  • extremely high pitched whine in one or both ears
  • fluctuating between the ability for sharp focus and thoughts drifting
  • clearer “vision” when meditating, channeling, working with team
  • a bit jittery, like a touch too much chocolate or coffee – not heart pounding, but perhaps feeling like nervous energy

For me, when then high pitched whine cycles through, I stop, breathe slowly and deeply, and allow. I noticed that when I was getting agitated or felt pressured (from/with everyday problem solving), the whine became more insistent. When I stopped, took some slow deep breaths (relaxing my body) – the whining lessened or stopped.

The whining, on a metaphysical/spiritual level, is the incoming “downloads” or energy. This, for me, is the highest pitch I have ever heard – my take is that it is because it is a higher frequency energy coming in.

If I start drifting or losing focus, I gently (and lovingly) bring myself back to focusing. I am not harsh or hard on myself.

And I kind of like the small energy jolts. My heart is not pounding, but I have energy to spare. *grin*

And I am definitely not complaining about clearer “vision”.

For me, I am totally excited about the energies I have felt coming in the last two weeks (or so) and the boosters today (which may continue on after today).

Recommendations: Be gentle and loving to self. Take relaxing breath breaks if needed. You can re-shield to reaffirm that your shield is in place as well as the act of shielding gives you a focus.

by Jan Toomer


Energy Update – March 17, 2015

And Here We Go!

The weird energy is definitely on the rise.

I went to town yesterday to pick up a package at the post office.

The line was long, but the energy in the line was calm, bored and totally do-able. Everything was fine until I reached the counter and asked the postal worker a question.

Apparently that was a big mistake on my part. This postal worker went off on me about the dangers and hazards of ordering stuff online. Hacking, identity theft, government intrusion, and destruction of our civilization.

Whoa! I was stunned. I looked around at the other postal workers and the people waiting in line. No one noticed!

When the postal worker went to retrieve my package, I breathed a sigh of relief, regrouped and pondered what happened.

When the worker returned, s(he) was a bit calmer, and spoke softer while passionately instructing me on how “Fahrenheit 451” is becoming more of a reality in the United States. And still no one else seemed to notice.

I got my package and got out.

I knew this week’s happenings (solar eclipse, equinox, etc. and downloads on the 20th) were bringing some massive energies…but they are obviously  already strongly affecting some people.

When I got home, I saw I had some emails from other Lightworkers reporting feeling unusual, or having unusual experiences. Yep, the next (approx.) 2 weeks are going to be interesting.

Shield, ground, stay in your energy (not get sucked into someone else’s energy), and breathe slow and deep.

by Jan Toomer


Ascending is Individualized

How can we, humans, and Mother Earth raise our frequencies to get to the fifth dimension when we still appear to be involved with an environment that has anger, manipulation, killing, etc.?

Earth is, and has been, the “school of hard knocks”. Earth has been one of the hardest learning planets. It is the planet of duality. Love and hate. Dark and light. Compassion and bigotry and racism. Life and death.

Let’s stop here and take a look at what the spiritual “ascend” means.

Ascending is Individualized

Ascension. Ascending. The Rapture. And many other names are used for this process.

The human population, and Mother Earth, are working endlessly to raise (ascend) their/our energies to move into the fifth dimension – the instant manifestation realm.

The following are my understandings and perceptions, and this goes beyond linear thinking or linear viewing.

  • Each human being is working – individually – on raising their frequency.
  • Each individual that is already working on raising their frequency is working on more than one dimension. (Generalized) Their primary can be the third or fourth dimension, with interactions with higher dimensions.
  • We are multi-dimensional beings, even while wearing our human bodies/suits.
  • Ascension or ascending is an individual learning and growing process.

Third, Fourth and Fifth Dimension

The following are examples and is not an all inclusive list. All dimensions listed here overlap, and the examples are generalized.

3rd Dimension = duality, physical, heavier and more dense energy. Survival, reproducing, some seeking spiritual otherness. Ranges from the primal to spirituality.

Between 3rd and 4th Dimensions = Learning to: release fear and/or the victim role; heal and release past traumas and anchors (including past lives); allow others the right to their growth or journey; set boundaries of what kinds of energy you will or will not allow in your “space”; discover the real or true self; create an equal exchange of energy in your life environment; accept responsibility; understand it is not all about “me”.

4th Dimension = Learning to: control own thoughts; accept responsibility for self and environment; accept instant “karma” or re-balancing; honor others journeys; accepting the One energy (I Am); conscious creating and accepting all responsibility for creations.

5th Dimension = Instant thought manifestation. Your thoughts are your reality in totality. The 4th dimension must be mastered to move to the 5th.

All Are Connected

Earth, and its inhabitants, share connections and interact with multi-dimensions already.

Angels, guides, ghosts, other realm beings are each from other dimensions. Many humans interact with those other dimensions or realms – sometimes consciously, sometimes without realizing it.

If we accept that we are sharing connections with other dimensions, then it shouldn’t be much of a stretch to realize that lightworkers (generalized term) are sharing connections with third dimensional beings and third dimensional energy.

Lightworkers have introduced, and held, (for example) fourth dimensional (and higher) energies for those on third dimension – for when those in the third dimension are ready to raise their frequency.

This is just like other dimensions share, and hold energies, for those in the 4th and 5th dimensions.

We are all here to help.

Again, Don’t Think Linear

There is a 3rd dimension Earth. There is a 4th dimension Earth and there is a 5th dimension Earth.

Just like we hold fourth dimension energy for those in the third dimension, but can’t be seen – so too is this true for the 4th and 5th dimension Earth’s existing here and now, but can’t be seen, or at least differentiated visually, from the third.

The progression is within – a shift within the individual.

As each individual is ready (as per their Higher Self/ Soul Self), they can shift over to the next dimension Earth.

by Jan Toomer



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