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I have had the pleasure to work with Jan when I was visiting New Mexico last summer. She still continues to be a great source of encouragement, knowledge, and support. My experience with Jan was taking a class and also having healing work done. She is gentle, compassionate, and makes you feel comfortable in her presence. Jan has a great sense of humor and also a truth of the matter confidence to her that makes her unique in her ability to speak with people about what is truly developing in their lives. I highly value her opinions and have the utmost respect for what she does. Jan’s wisdom and various knowledge in different healing modalities is to be admired and I consider to be a blessing for she has opened my eyes to an unobservable world with many forces at work. She is patient with her clients and with students so they have a thorough understanding of the material she is sharing. Her sessions extend beyond a consultation or getting work done on a massage table..she cares about those she works with and always offers assistance and an ear when needed. I am truly grateful that the God had given me an opportunity to work with a highly intuitive person and who continues to change the world by changing the lives of people. Jacs C (original can be seen here)
August 2013


Jan was “on” once again with a fantastic presentation, educating us on wormholes, time jumping, spontaneous healing, etc. The handouts helped us to easily follow along.  We ended with a lively question and answer period, and visits continued long after end of meeting.

Love and Light, Linda

PS – Thank you Jan for this presentation and all you do to help us grow and evolve!

Linda Aragon
Radiant Life Transformations
January 2014


My Reiki session with Jan was AWESOME!  I am very fortunate to have found her and have the utmost respect for abilities. I had no idea what to expect and all I can say is WOW and THANKS! D.S.


(I no longer offer SCR. See Energy Work page for list of energy services offered.)

The SCR session with Jan was the most interesting healing experience.  I felt many sensations during the session such as tingling, bursts of energy, and a subtle ticklish energy go through my body.  The visual images in my mind as Jan facilitated the healing were fascinating.  Afterward, I felt peaceful and relaxed.  Since the session, I have had days without pain in my hands.  The hand pain actually disappeared as I mentioned it to Jan before the session started!   As Jan says, “Intent is everything.”— KD

After enduring several years of stress in taking care of my mother, I volunteered for a SCR session with Jan Toomer. I could feel the energy that radiated from her hands relieve my stress and tension. Afterwards I felt at peace and much more focused.  – Dorothy Webb

I had a SCR session with Jan Toomer and WOW! Going into the session I want to be open to receive and release with out an agenda or expectations. After the session I had deep and profound knowing that I was Loved, valued and guided by a source grander than I can imagine. – JLH

I am what I call an open minded skeptic. I am very open to new (or ancient) ideas and belief systems but for myself I require proof over simple faith.

After a long day of carrying heavy boxes long distances on hot asphalt, my left hip, knee, ankle and foot all had severe sharp pains throughout. After a very enjoyable 60 min. session with Jan, I still had much of the pain until the second I sat up!  At the moment I got up from my reclining position the pain just vanished. All of it gone!

Jan proved to me that SCR works! There’s no two ways about it. In the past it would have been many days taking Ibuprofen before the pain resided. Since Jan’s SCR session I have not needed any pain meds at all.

Bottom line is I will use Jan again when it is needed!

Las Cruces, NM
May 2011

Jan is connected at a deeper level to sources of healing and spiritual insight than most energetic practitioners. I don’t say these words lightly, since I was a child I have gone to many healers, and I’ve known many good ones. But, I must say Jan stands out as one of the best, at what she does, who has worked on me. She has an almost immediate connection to spirit and one’s own spirit helpers. I find her insight impeccable, and she has always been able to go direct to the source of what I need work on in my physical, mental and/or spiritual healing. My sessions with her have been nothing less that intense and profound.

Ike Treviño


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