Review by Linda Aragon

A True Story

This engaging story is about the sudden death of the author’s brother and his communications that began soon after.    Is this yet another book about afterlife communication? Well, yes and no…

Billy was a heroin addict and an alcoholic, in and out of rehabs, not what one would think of as a super star in the game of life.

Billy communicates joy, happiness, and a very intact sense of humor.  A deep love for his sister who stood by him when it seemed all others had lost faith in him.

Soul Contract – yes!  They had contracted to write this book!

Is Billy a younger soul?  No, quite the opposite.  Here is where Billy conveys a very important message.  This particular life was but an “experience” for him, just as all of our lives are…some rich, some financially challenged, some married, some not, with children, without, some in good health, others challenged in many ways, and some male, female, different races, different sexual orientations, and so forth…Experience is the key word here.  We come here to experience.

I often say be so very careful not to judge, you do not know another’s path.  Whereas a soul may look like the “bad guy”, perhaps he is playing a role for others to learn, grow, and evolve. Soul contracts are made from the other side with a much better understanding of circumstances that offer one’s soul the opportunity to grow and evolve.  Lessons come from experience.  Not from books, not from relatives, not from churches…from experience. Billy gives a supreme example here, of why we should not judge.

Perhaps the most unique feature that differentiates this book from the many others that are written about the afterlife,  is Billy’s very detailed description of what happens to souls as they reach the end of the cycle of reincarnation on Earth.  What happens to a soul who has completed their Earthly lives?   First he realizes he is still Billy, he still exists but as a soul.  The veil of forgetfulness is lifted and everything becomes clear.  Billy does indeed go through the “Life Review” so often spoke of in books about the afterlife.  He describes a sense of floating, intense colors, incredible music, becoming one with the Universe, a sense of joy and love simply beyond words to convey the intensity of the experience.  As he completes this process, Billy then describes a number of higher beings who appear and guide him and help prepare to “let the memories go in as far as any attachments” and his now unembodied soul is propelled to “enter the Void”.  He describes a blazing whiteness.  He is going on to another Universe.

Before he goes, he leaves us this message:  His words are detailed, in part:

“Life is a Divine mysterious impulse to be tasted and then released.  I took on form to enter time.  I entered time to partake in creation.  Since my destination is no longer the earthly realms, I will now enter the great Void and travel beyond time. I am becoming the Allness in the Nothing.  I am also Everything,  I am the Universe, I am the Light. I am the Grace, I am the Truth, I am the Play, I am the Player. The Scenery, the Director, and the Audience”.

Linda Aragon, Holistic Life Coach


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