Changes. So many changes. Changes are happening on every level: physical, mental (emotional) and spiritual – from personal all the way up to global.

These changes are occurring to aid us not only in clearing up the past, but adjusting with ever changing frequencies.

We are evolving.

“Seriously? How could you say that? Are you not living on the same country as us?”

Yes. Yes, I am. While I am absolutely not condoning or excusing the behaviors of, for example, our government officials (generalized; it’s not everyone), what I am seeing is exactly what I – and others – have been writing and talking about. Clearing up the past.

One way our past starts getting cleared up is by bringing it up – in our faces – so it can’t be ignored.

I see the ugly, painful, unbalanced, negative past of the United States being brought up to be healed.

This country’s past, including (but not limited to):

  • Racism/prejudices – in every form; no one is untouched.
  • Sexism – women seen as lesser than and/or wanting to bring women back to the1950’s “roles” on one end and fighting against gender “roles” or “labels” on the other.
  • Sex slavery/pornography/pedophiles – humans as objects to be demoralized, used, and sold.
  • Disregard for the planet, and any or all of its inhabitants.
  • Elitism – the have’s versus the have nots.
  • Greed – only money matters, no one or nothing else does; money is power.
  • Slavery – more an more humans rights are being revoked and/or oppressed.

Our apathy and lethargy are being rewarded with more negative behavior being highlighted and shoved in our faces. And will continue to do so until we, as a country, step our of our apathy and lethargy.

In other words, the worst of this country’s history is back and we – those people living right now – are the ones who have volunteered to work to bring back balance, peace, justice, truth, honor, integrity and harmony back to our country.

Don’t Despair

If you’ve read this far, your energy has dropped. Can you feel it?

Now that you’re aware, not only of the imbalances we just discussed, but also how it affected your energy…you can do something about it.

What to Do?

  • Quit thinking someone else will stand up for what’s right. It will take all of us. Remember, apathy and lethargy will be rewarded with more negativity.
  • The government is supposed to be working FOR US. Yep. We hired them and we pay them – a lot of money.Yet we seem to be paying them to stand for their own agendas (again, not all inclusive – there really are some in government that are working to make things right). Are we paying them to abuse, deceive and mistreat, misdirect, and play one against another? The very people who hired them?
  • Bring your energy back up. Hold the positive, healthy energy to uplift and support you. This in turn helps lift up those around you, as well as those in public paid positions that really are working hard to make things right.
  • Continue to clear and heal your pasts. By clearing up yours, it clears a bit more space energetically and lightens you to aid in others places.
  • Speak out and stand against (constructively) misappropriations, gross negligence, inappropriate behaviors, etc.

Sometimes seeing the “ugly” can be uncomfortable – but when put right, it can shine beautifully and be comfortable – with balance and fairness for all.

On a Positive Note

Many are feeling the effects of their own personal energy or beingness changing.

Some can verbally express and share changes they’ve observed in self and others.

Some can’t put into words – but feel it deep within; perhaps feeling a mix of excitement and trepidation while waiting to see how this feeling/knowing of changes building will manifest.

Changes Indeed

And I, for one, can’t wait to see what our world will look like once we get is all cleared out, energetically, emotionally, physically.

Keep on clearing, cleaning and releasing and sharing the light.

by Jan Toomer


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