Over the past month many have contacted me with questions about channeling or requests to learn channeling.

What is Channeling?

(The following definitions are how I use the terms.)

Channeling is the art of communicating information received from non-physical beings (or universal network), usually with the intent to pass the information along to a person or persons.

Most all forms of channeling include the channeler being the energy conduit. Most forms utilize one or more of these “clairs” (clair = clear and usually denote beyond the physical):

–    Clairaudience (clear hearing)
–    Clairsentience (clear sensing/feeling/knowing)
–    Clairvoyance (clear seeing)

There are different types (and some sub-types) of channeling. Here are a few:

Spiritual channeler– being a conduit to receive communication from non-physical beings (guides, ascended masters, the deceased, angels, other-world beings, etc.) – interpreting the communication received to pass along the information to living persons.

Mediums – being a conduit/communicator between the living and the deceased.

Trance channeler – trance channelers allow a non-physical entity to use the trance channelers body to communicate with living persons; taking possession of the channelers body during a session.

Automatic writing – allowing non-physical entity to use the channeler’s hand to write, draw, or type messages. Automatic writing is the channeler has no control over the hand. (Written channeled messages are different, those usually fall under Spiritual channeling and the channeler writes the interpretation of the information received.)

Why Now?

Why are so many seeking to learn more about channeling or wanting to learn channeling? Many are yearning for the connection with their higher self, teams/guides, and perhaps with others beyond the physical.

How Can I Learn It?

I am sure there are books out there, and probably videos; however, I strongly encourage – if possible – for you to find a reputable metaphysical or energy works instructor to get a solid understanding or foundation to build upon. I encourage you to work in-person with them.

  1. Ask around before you commit. Word of mouth is usually a good way to find someone to work with; some people are genuine, some are frauds.
  2. If you are not comfortable (with the person, techniques, or teachings /beliefs,etc.) – or if something seems off or wrong…leave! Listen to yourself; find someone else.
  3. It shouldn’t cost mega-bucks to learn! I totally agree with being compensated for teaching/mentoring, but it shouldn’t be huge amounts.

The higher realms/dimensions are working hard to help humans and Earth; one way that some do this is to give their message to those who can “hear” them to help pass the messages along.

The reason there are many channelers is because that many more people are “listening”. They are hearing the messages and want to pass it along.

Q & A’s

Q. But isn’t that like flooding the market so to speak? Too many people offering too many messages from too many messengers?

A. No, not really. Let’s say you listened/read Fred’s (names are made up) message from Holbert and you think/feel “what a load of hooey!”

But you listened/read Sue’s message from Abacoral and it resonated with you; perhaps spoke to something deep within you, or made you feel like “Yeah! Finally somebody I can relate to!” or “Hey, that’s what I thought/felt too!”

Each person will respond to the interpreted message that hit the right frequency for them.

Q. Does the names of who is being channeled matter? Does it lend authenticity?

A. No, the name does not lend authenticity. Some names are not even recognizable or well known, but can offer some mighty powerful insights or messages. Names are just labels used for the benefit of humans to help differentiate who is speaking/sending the message.

I have been passing along messages literally my whole life (from the age of being able to speak coherently) and hadn’t said “So & so said this…” (unless it was a deceased loved one – names are more important then).

As a matter of fact, it was only a few years ago that I learned the names of some of the messengers I communicated with. I knew their energy signatures, so it never occurred to me to find out if they had names for me to use.

And, it has only been recently that I sometimes receive names.

Q. So what are you?

A. For the purpose of this article, I am a Spiritual channeler. I invite the non-physicals, in the name of what is highest and best for the client, to come forward to pass along a message. This, for me, means deceased, team/guides, angels, ascended masters, and more. I have even had animals – deceased and/or totems – step forward to give messages.

Part Two

by Jan Toomer



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