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Q. I went to a group channeling, but the channeler was very vague, or basically said what I had secretly hoped to hear, but it didn’t feel/seem right.

A. Unfortunately there are some people who are reading one of the more dense subtle bodies (closer to the physical body) of the client which can include information such as hopes, fears, stuck energy, etc. and not necessarily messages from deceased loved ones or the “higher ups”.

Q. How do you know a trance channeler is legit / really channeling?

A. (The following is for me personally – I cannot say you will experience this.)

When a person is a legitimate trance channeler, I physically feel a change in the air in the room when the process begins. To me, it becomes slightly charged, announcing to me that the wormhole is preparing to open to bring the entity to be channeled.

When the wormhole opens, I feel a pressure on the right side of my head – like someone is gently, but firmly, pushing on my head. This feeling continues until the entity enters the channeler’s personal wormhole/entry point.

As the entity enters the channeler, all sensations (the charged feeling and the pressure) cease.

I briefly see the entity’s face super-imposed over the channeler’s face, and then they seem to merge together.

When the channeling session is over, I see the entity disengage from the channeler’s body and then the entity just disappears.

Q. Have you ever been to a channeling session that was fraudulent or fake?

A. Yes.

The channeler prepped, became quiet, and then began speaking as if they were channeling the entity.

There was no entity, no wormhole activity, and no entity entering the channeler…zip.


Q. All this makes me uncomfortable. Is there a way to hear my guides without all of that?

A. We each have been hearing our guides our whole life. Each person has their way of perceiving the guidance from their team.

It could be the little voice telling your “you know that is a bad idea”, or “you know you shouldn’t do that”; or the urge to take a different route to work on morning – saving your from an accident or a long traffic jam.

It could be the epiphany – sudden knowing or insight – to help you through a problem or life hurdle.

It could be a miracle, large or small.

It could be inspiration or hope that suddenly springs forth from you.

I always encourage people to talk (verbally in private – or mentally) to their team like they would talk to their very best friend…the good and the bad. Ask them for guidance – and be open to the way the information comes to you.

It could be song that speaks to you deeply or answers your question; it could be a snippet of an overheard conversation and that snippet provided you what you were seeking; or a friend could say something to you that rang out as your answer.

Q. I don’t want to keep bugging them. I feel like all I am doing is taking and not giving anything in return.

A. Please remember that you hand picked your life guides to “have your back”. You expected them to guide you (hence the name ‘guide’); to kick you in the rear when needed; to provide comfort when needed.

And they agreed to do it.

But, it is not a one way street. Being a guide (which they have to have had at least one lifetime as a human, and then receive training on how to be a guide) helps them work on their soul growth plan as well.

Our behind the scenes team is just one more aspect of the human experience.

One way you can consciously give back is to sincerely tell them “thank you”. Prayers for your team, and any on the other side, are greatly appreciated on the other side as well.

I like to occasionally – and sincerely – offer them a great big pink (unconditional love) energy hug. I know, sounds really corny, but it seems to be appreciated and it is one way I let them know I really appreciate their patience and hard work.

by Jan Toomer

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