We’ve been operating in a closed loop system. This system had perpetuated the erroneous beliefs of mandatory reincarnation; hierarchies; elitism; separation, and in general, trapped on Earth until…

This is something my team has been telling me for a very long time. I understood what they were saying, but it never fully incorporated within me until recently.

A Jigsaw Puzzle

Sometimes I have different bits and pieces of information, but am not quite sure what to do with them or figure out where they fit. It’s a lot like having a rather large jigsaw puzzle, and no picture to guide you.

This was the case with the first paragraph of this article.

I’ve been writing about karma (balance) becoming pretty instantaneous; past, present and future lives being healed now; and reincarnation ending…so yeah, I understood that, but they are rather small puzzle pieces in a much bigger picture.

Over the past month, my team has been working with me on various trainings and teachings. This morning, a large section (though still a small portion, overall) of the puzzle came together.


Some things we already know (and/or have been discussed in previous articles here) about 3D and Earth:

  • Reincarnation had been the “norm” for humans dwelling and learning on Earth.
  • Earth had been the planet of duality.
  • The energy was very heavy/dense.
  • Karma was carried from lifetime to lifetime.

Please note, they were written in the past tense; this is because so much growth has occurred and so much has changed.

Now, people may be experiencing:

  • A change in energy (healing) sessions.
  • A knowing that something is different (but may not know what).
  • An understanding that energy work is evolving from a standard format (modality) and “feel” to individualization as per the client’s origin and/or original energy self.

But I always felt like there was more. Not in a selfish kind of way. More like knowing there was something bigger, better, more “whole” out there.

Let’s Go Deeper Now

  • Earth and its human inhabitants have been living, dying, and reincarnating in a closed loop system.
  • The energy drawn to heal others was mainly drawn from the White Light Source, 3D environment and/or Mother Earth.
  • The White Light used to: bring down and shield; aid others to cross over “into the light”; the White Light Source (white, pearl, iridescent, blue/white, gold/white, etc.) have all perpetuated this closed system.

Need a Visualization for a Closed Loop System?

Think of a self-contained, closed terrarium. No interference from outside of the terrarium has occurred; everything grew, died and changed from within the terrarium.

But what exists outside of the terrarium? Oh, the possibilities are endless!

Well, with all of the energy changes here on Earth, the Earth’s terrarium lid has come off.

And we can now freely interact with the True Source or True Creator. It’s a whole new ball of wax now, my friends.

Closed Loop System – Part Two next week.

by Jan Toomer


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