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Bear with me, now, for a few minutes.


I love cinnamon, and its so good for my body…or so I thought.

Many years ago, I had begun increasing my cinnamon intake. I added it to my breakfast every morning, plus put it in my water and drinks throughout the day.

After a few months, I started getting sick and my liver flared up.

I increased my cinnamon, trying to give my body a major boost. That was the wrong thing to do – I got worse.

I grabbed my bulk-sized cinnamon container and headed to my computer. It was time to do some more research.

Turned out that the number one used cinnamon was Cassia. There are various origins of Cassia – the market is flooded with it.

And it can be toxic, especially when increasing your intake to aid your body.

It also turned out that there is another type of cinnamon, known as “True Cinnamon” — Ceylon cinnamon (aka Cinnamomum zeylanicum or Cinnamomum verum).

What’s the Difference?

Cassia contains a lot more coumarin, which, in the amounts I was using, is toxic.

To me, Cassia has a strong and delightful scent and taste; makes my mouth water. It creates a “whoosh” of heat in me. There is no mistaking it.

Ceylon is much more subtle in both taste and scent, and there is no “whoosh”. But, there’s also no toxicity for me, and it has wonderful health benefits.

Why am I talking about cinnamon? Because it is a great example of White Light Source and True Source. I don’t believe the White Light Source is toxic. We are just being introduced to the True Source. The healing modalities and techniques with the White Light Source are still applicable.

For me, drawing from the White Light Source was invigorating; sometimes with a hearty “whoosh”; sometimes with an awesome feeling.

The True Source, to me, is more subtle and gentle.

Questioning, Experimenting

As most of you know by now, I have to experiment, tear down, and examine the information – then test it this way and that, before I share it. I may not have all of the answers; my interpretation may be incorrect and/or incomplete; but, I share and expect each person to come up with their own conclusions.

During my process, I also asked my higher self and team to give me visuals and/or visual analogies as they worked with me.

Time to Share

I saw myself floating in space. Beautiful colors and absence of sound.

Earth was far down below me and it was encased in a large bubble (signifying closed system).

I recalled the sensations and feelings of pulling or interacting with the White Light (encased in the Earth bubble).

Next, I called on True Source.

Since the White Light Source has a fixed location, I asked the True Source if it had a location. I sensed the message, “I AM no where and no thing. I AM everywhere and everything.”

There was, as I mentioned before, no “whoosh” of energy. It gently encompassed me, coming from every direction. It was a natural, loving, organic sensation.

It was a gentle, soothing recognition of “sameness”. This energy was identical to my internal Source (God particle, soul, soul flame, etc.) — it was my energy I was feeling.

It was smooth and subtle, so much so that I questioned whether or not the energy was actually entering me. My higher self and team assured me that it was being absorbed into every aspect of my being; every layer of energy self all the way down to the molecular and cellular levels.

It had no color. The closest I can describe it was shimmering like heat waves off of the road during a hot summer day.

The Platinum Ray?

You’ve probably seen and/or read a lot about the Platinum Ray – where it is reported to be the next step in energy evolution.

I cannot tell you yes or no on “Is the True Source the Platinum Ray?”; but I did wonder if that was a mass consciousness label for the True energy Creator / Source.


So I challenge you to explore and test this for yourself. If anything I wrote or proposed doesn’t feel right to you, I encourage you to toss it out the window.

If you test it, and discover anything new – or want to share your experience, please do!

by Jan Toomer


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