Communicating with Orcas by Mary J. Getten. © 2006. Hampton Roads Publishing Co Inc. ISBN 1-57174-466-5.

During the course of writing this book, Mary was doing whale-watching trips on the San Juan Islands.

Mary learned animal communication, and began communicating with ‘Granny’, the matriarchal-figure of a local pod of Orcas.

This book is Mary’s story of her growth as an animal communicator; her spiritual growth; and the connections Mary made with several Orcas willing to communicate with her and her friend (and fellow animal communicator) Raphaela Pope.

‘Granny’ answered questions and shared her beliefs on spirituality; gave details on how the young were taught, including how to mate and the process of responding to potential mate (detailed information); how pods live together and how other pods interact; and her view on humans and human dealings with nature and captured wildlife; her view on how humans treat the earth, and so much more.

This book intrigued me, and I recommend it for those interested in the life of Orcas, and animal communication.

July 28, 2009

Review by Jan Toomer



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