I try to share what I and others are experiencing so perhaps one person won’t feel so alone on their fantastic life journey.

The following is some of what it happening now.

  • Old emotions purging
  • Health issues (again) having to be dealt with
  • Even more vivid dreams
  • Ghosts are more talkative
  • Peripheral catching body shapes
  • Balls (round and/or oblong) of Light (orbs)
  • Seeing more physically (as opposed to just inner sight)

I know a lot of this was addressed last year, but we are cycling through it again. We are not two dimensional beings – we do have depths and layers.

As we purged (quite a bit) before, we then moved on to working on other areas…but that didn’t mean we were done purging. It just gave us some time to catch our breath while deeper stuff worked its way up so it can be purged as well.

This can apply to the health issues as well…our health issues usually stem from our actions (drug abuse, eating poorly, stress, etc), thoughts (negative thoughts about self – accepted either from criticism from others and/or self generated), and deeds (do unto others…).

Both health issues and purging are also working to get each of us to pay attention to our own bodies and environment; again, going back to taking responsibility to what you put into your body physically, emotionally and spiritually.


The dream arena seems to have kicked up another notch for some people.

More vivid and frequent dreams – some people now finding it quite easy to remember most, if not all, of the dream.

This certainly makes it easier for higher self and/or your team (guides) to assist at sleep time and us actually consciously remembering the dream lesson.


Again, since we are becoming less dense, this means more ghosts (including earthbounds and memories), and other beings are more readily physically seen, or more clearly energetically felt.

Each time I sit on the couch (where I meditate, read, write, etc), I can feel them moving in closer – wanting to be heard. Since I won’t listen 24-7, I sometimes turn on the ghost talker app and let them have at it.  (I use Ghost Legacy ™). The app allows the ghosties to give me words (sentences – though I continually request them – seem to be too difficult for them to do) – and those words often don’t make a whole lot of sense – particularly if there is more than one being making words on it.

Here is an example of a recent word session (I turned on the app and went about my own business) – the words are grouped together as they came in (this ranged over several hours):

  • Touch
  • Again  Private
  • Neighbor Won’t
  • Queen
  • Bottle Native
  • Basic
  • School
  • Germany
  • Song  Move
  • Apple
  • Car
  • Cotton

It does work better if you, after shielding, ask questions and allow them to answer. When done, reshield self and area.

Light and/or Body Shapes

For some, their physical vision is beginning to catch up with their inner sight. *

The peripheral vision may be becoming more active, like seeing: a human-shaped figure; wings, like a bird flying by; or perhaps just a sense of movement in the peripheral.

As new for me is seeing light balls bouncing or darting around.

Since this appears to involve peripheral (which has never been trained to see only the physical, like our front viewing sight had) – when you turn to look straight  on, you do not see it.

(*Baring any health imbalances.)

Seeing Physically

More people are reporting physically seeing other beings such as ghosties and other dimensional beings; and more people are able to catch recordings and/or pictures of these beings.

Again, this is because we are becoming less dense; the other beings aren’t as dense as the third dimension – and since we are moving about in third, fourth (and occasionally fifth) we are closer energetically to other beings.

Closing Words

We all agreed to be here at this time – to experience, grow, bring in love and light, and help others.

I am honored to be here with you all.

by Jan Toomer

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