As I get through my day, I work hard to remember to say “Thank You” and “You’re Welcome” and mean it…not saying it superficially.

A few years back, when having finished some energy work, and still in that energy-mode, I was saying farewell to a group of people when one hugged me and said “I love you” (not romantic love).

I was momentarily stunned. I briefly looked within me and then said “I love you too” – and meant it.

Later, I asked myself, “If I hadn’t been in my energy-mode, would I have said that back?”

I don’t think so. It wasn’t because of the person – it was simply because I am usually guarded – more closed off – when I am not doing energy work.

The next time this happened, I was more aware so was able to observe myself and this type of interaction.

I realized that when I am in energy-work mode, my being recognizes so much more.

I recognized that I AM that other person – and any other person and I do love them.

Okay, that sounded cheesy.

For those of you who do energy work, I think you understand that when you are working (healing, channeling, consulting, etc) you are more expanded and it is a really cool feeling – and so much more makes a whole lot more sense in that mode.

I also noticed that when in energy-mode, I am much more compassionate and a lot less sarcastic, critical and closed off.

We are all One; we came from the same place (the Source) and are working on returning to the same place (the Source); we are just wearing different suits and having different experiences to reach the same goal.

We are better able to honor that other person’s journey, and also accept that the other person is just another aspect of self.

Now just because we are all one does not mean I (or you) should be a doormat (taken advantage of) – or that I must allow others with energy or attitudes that are discordant or harmful to me into my life…I must respect – and yes, love – myself to keep those boundaries.

Did I Miss the End?

Okay, switching gears (but it will tie in) – how many of you felt like something important happened on Dec. 21, 2012? You know, deep inside, it was important, but kind of feel like you missed the boat?

It wasn’t about the end of the world; it wasn’t about destruction. It was many layered and multi-purposed (only some of which is addressed here) – and about shifts.

One layer was about deciding whether or not to live in fear and reinforce those fears (sudden massive earth changes creating major devastation world wide – or similar fears) or to hold your head up high, and walk into Dec. 22nd. Congrats to all of us on this one!

Another layer was a shift within you. Some felt like everything suddenly lightened up; the energy didn’t feel so heavy. On Dec. 21st on FB, I wrote “Happy Shift today! The energy feels lighter in the “air” today”.

And yet another layer for some is relaxing the grip of materialism; letting go of some (or some more) of the “me, me, me, me” and/or deciding to not play into commercialism so much anymore.

Love Versus Fear

Again, there are only two emotions – Love and Fear. By facing your possible fears, but not necessarily giving them power over you, you stepped more into Love.

Love allows, accepts, acknowledges, cares, etc. self and beyond self.

So perhaps another layer is for us to recognize self in others and honor that (remember, doing this without being a doormat!).

So, Do I Love You?

Yes – not in a romantic, or human limited kind of way; however, I love you and recognize your soul, your spirit and your connection to the Source.

by Jan Toomer

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