I would like to re-address the energy shifts.

Many people are still getting confused, scared, worried, panicked, etc. right around the full moon phase and then about up to two weeks following the full moon (yes, in time to start gearing up for the next full moon – a tight schedule indeed).

Please keep in mind that with each full moon we get another energy shift. The easiest way to describe it is using computer downloads, upgrades and updates.

Updates usually aren’t as big as downloads, so are usually lighter; downloads usually take up more memory and slow your computer down for a bit while it integrates the information; upgrades can fall anywhere between updates and downloads.

The downloads, upgrades and updates piggyback on the energy shifts of each full moon (since we already had to adapt to increased gravitational pulls and heavier energies with each full moon).

Fortunately we’ve not had downloads every full moon; we have them every now and again. We do, however, have upgrades or updates in between the downloads so that we are receiving something each month.

Some are still working on adapting to the new energies that rode in on the last full moon we had – and this download was intense. Here are some of the experiences:

  • Some have experienced highs and lows; periods of feeling everything moving smoothly to periods of panic or sadness.
  • Health is pushing itself to honored more and more. Longstanding and suppressed imbalances are clamoring to be addressed.
  • The new energies are digging deeper within us – to bring the emotional and physical imbalances to the surface – with periods of balance.
  • Still feeing tired or tiring very easily.
  • Feeling the urge to clean, organize and/or lighten the load – both physically and emotionally.

If you are struggling, please have patience with self. Go to bed earlier if you need to; cry if you need to release those long suppressed emotions (however, if you cannot overcome the sadness, or the imbalances continue, please seek help).

Unfortunately some people are not able to keep up with these new energy downloads, upgrades and updates, and those who stay in the lower frequencies are having difficulty seeing those who continue to adapt to the newer energies.

What Does That Mean?

It means those who are working on adapting to the new energies appear to be invisible to those who maintain lower frequencies (this is a generalized statement).

It is similar to radio frequencies in that when you are tuned into – for example – a Classic Rock station, you cannot hear the Country Music station; the Country Music station is “invisible” to you.

It means that those who stay in the lower frequencies may not see you – they can physically walk into you; they can drive “on top” of you.

Please, please, please  – protect yourself and stay alert.

What is the Purpose of Experiencing This?

Let’s say you’re going on a long trip and you’ll be flying in a plane.

You need to make sure: your body is in shape (healthy enough – physically and emotionally – to make the flight); your body is properly immunized and protected and you do not exceed the weight limit for the plane. If you carry too much baggage, the plane won’t be able to achieve lift; you’ll remain grounded.

Our downloads, upgrades and updates are preparing us while we work on our health; strengthen our system (not literal immunization shots) and clearing our some of our baggage.

Remember, all of our health imbalances – both emotional and physical – were developed/created in the third dimension…we cannot bring that with us to the fifth dimension.

That means these downloads, upgrades and updates are being provided to aid us in healing and releasing our third dimensional past and belief systems.

Then, when everything is in order, are we able to achieve lift off.

by Jan Toomer


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