I adore dreams. Dreams take us places, help us with problems, can point to some areas in our lives that need changing, humor us, and sometimes give us a scare. Our dreams serve us so many different ways.

We have problem solving dreams, stress relief dreams, fun dreams and nightmares. We can have past life dreams, astral travel ‘dreams’ (which we sometimes remember in dream form) or learning dreams.

Since learning dreams and astral dreams were addressed in a three part article, starting with Coming & Going – OBE’s Part One,  I would like to share my thoughts here on the other (not all inclusive) types of dreams.

Can be (usually) one of two types – stress or fear dreams, and/or past life memories of an unpleasant experience.

Stress or fear dreams are normally triggered by a current situation or circumstance, and in some cases, be tied to a past life experience.

Past life traumas can show up in dreams as well.

Problem Solving
When someone says, “Let me sleep on it” – guess why? Once our ego-self is quieted for the night, we can often problem solve and may awaken in the morning with a “Eureka!” feeling, or perhaps with the beginning of a solution.

Fun Dreams
Frankly, I feel that I don’t have enough of these. How often have you awaken in the morning, chuckling from a dream? Or, better yet…your own laughter woke you up in the middle of the night?

These are my favorite dreams – they can be comical, light hearted nonsense dreams. These types of dreams remind us that we need to balance work with play. Laughter is very important to us – and raises our energy so much!

Insightful Dreams
Sometimes we become flustered with a person, situation or circumstance. When this happens to me, I often feel like something is missing…I don’t have all of the information.

Insightful dreams can present to you a different perspective, perhaps a dream of you seeing through the eyes of another.

Some insightful dreams can show you a ‘bigger picture’ than what you are currently seeing – such as showing you that more is going on, or involved, than you initially realized, and perhaps providing you additional information so that you can better understand.

I work hard to keep in mind that for every one story involving at least two people, there are two different perspectives; and those individual perspectives are colored by the life experiences of each individual, hence the saying, “There are two sides to every story”.

Some dreams show a possible future event, incident or occurrence. Sometimes we don’t remember the dream until the event, etc., begins to unfold – then we are smacked with a déjà vu’ feeling, or we may recall the dream.

I often recommend that everyone keep a dream journal. Each morning, stop and write down as much of the dream as you can remember (dreams often fade as the day progresses). Date each entry.  For premonition dreams, you can go back to when the dream occurred and add the date and information on the manifestation of that dream. This will also give you a possible time frame for how far in the future you are dreaming.

The same goes for dream interpretation; I once again recommend the dream journal. As time progresses, you can learn your own symbology and begin to unravel your symbolic dreams.

Sweet Dreams!

by Jan Toomer




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