(The following was the opening introduction topic to A Lightworker’s Gathering held on May 22, 2014. This is only the introduction topic. The resulting discussions, and additional topics, are not presented here.)

Remember, I am sharing my experiences, beliefs and interpretations. Please take what fits you and release the rest.

Exit Points

Exit points are strategically placed emergency exits for you to leave your life and body (die). As far as I understand, we each have about five of these per lifetime.

We all seem to be provided these opportunities, and each one that we are faced with, we have to make a decision to stay or go.

These decisions are not always conscious ones; sometimes our conscious mind is clueless about the whole process…although we may sometimes get hints or clues.

Think back throughout your life. Were there times when you – or others – thought or said that you shouldn’t have lived (or survived) after _______________ incident/experience? Or perhaps that it was a miracle that you had survived?

When I was a teen, I had seen myself die. I rose out of my body. I sat in the corner of my room (ceiling) and looked down at my body.

I wasn’t upset or concerned; rather I felt curious about the scenario, yet felt detached from the body and its lifetime.

I knew my guide was behind me, though I couldn’t see him. We were having a discussion as to whether or not I wanted to go back into my body and continue with that lifetime.

The good thing about being detached was that I was able to view that life objectively. In body, I had felt my life was an emotional and physical hell up to that moment. Yet I decided that I had made it that far, I might as well keep on going.

At that moment of that thought, I was slammed back into my body. My eyes flew open as I struggled to get my lungs restarted.

From that point on, I became more determined to maintain the “real” me; though, as a teen, I hadn’t quite figured out what the real me was yet. I knew that it meant no matter how much some of those in my world saw me as a ‘freak’, I would work to stay true to me.

I had not accepted that exit point.

Seeing Deceased Loved Ones

Why do some people see deceased loved ones and others don’t?

Could it be due to each person’s belief system? Absolutely, but I don’t feel that it is the only reason.

Think about those who thought there is nothing after we die. Our bodies return to dust and we cease to exist…yet some of those who follow this belief speak of seeing their deceased spouse, parent, friend, pet, etc. waiting in the corner (or at the foot of the bed, in the Light, etc.) for her/him to pass over.

Some – whether they believe or not – may or may not see the deceased loved ones prior to passing.

If they are not seen, does this mean no one is waiting for them, to be there when (s)he dies?

I truly believe that we all have loved ones who come to aid us in transitioning.

One person told me they could only go if there dog was there to meet him…no one else because people “sucked”. (His dog did greet him. His mother as also there, but stood further away. She was present, but allowed him to decide to approach her or not.)

Another person was terrified to die because she was afraid her deceased husband – who had been abusive – would be waiting for her.

I explained that her husband would not be there if she truly didn’t want him to be there. (He wasn’t; she was greeted by her deceased daughter and great granddaughter…oh, and a deceased Chihuahua.)

Some may not see their loved ones for a myriad of reasons (fear, guilt, confusions, etc.), but the loved ones wait, off in the wings, until (s)he is ready to see them.

When Does the Soul Leave?

Can the soul get trapped outside of the dead body?

I have never heard of this happening, nor have I see this happen.

I feel that once the person has fulfilled what their soul wanted to accomplish in this lifetime, then they are free to disconnect. This disconnect (unplugging) is the cord detaching from the physical body, and the physical body dies.

If a person dies, but is able to be revived, it means the cord had not unplugged/detached from the physical body.

I have been asked – as have many mediums – if their deceased loved one suffered and/or are still in pain.

Let me be perfectly clear here – the soul leaves the body before the physical death. What’s more, the soul ejects before any trauma, whether the body dies or not.

Once detached from the physical body and having crossed over (into the Light), they do not feel pain; they are whole, complete, at peace and want their surviving loved ones to continue with their lives in peace and happiness.

So one question begs an answer: if the soul leaves the body before death, especially before a traumatic death, then why do some people carry past life memories of traumatic deaths?

For example: for those with deaths due to beheading, strangulation, broken neck, hanging, etc. often have, in this current lifetime, issues with tight ties, turtlenecks, tight necklaces, etc. around their necks.

Remember I wrote that the soul leaves the body before the actual death? Well, I also wrote that the cord doesn’t disconnect until the physical body dies. The memory of the incident is still recorded in that beings’ energy.

We can carry the memory of what caused us to be in the situation that ended in the hanging, strangulation, etc. The cord connection can also carry that memory.

What Happens When the Body Dies?

Our soul extracts itself from the body by popping out – usually from either the abdomen or the head.

We have lots of practice with this since most of us leave our bodies nightly while the physical body sleeps.

Once the cord disconnects, we completely detach from the body.

From this point on, it is totally up to the newly deceased individual. The following are only a sampling of possibilities:

  • They can immediately go into the “Light” (cross over) when greeted by a deceased loved one or an angel.
  • They can hang around until their funeral, wake, etc. and then cross over.
  • They can become Earthbound and not cross over (ghosts). This can happen for as many reasons as there are individuals…anger, unfinished business, doesn’t want to leave their spouse/child, afraid to cross over or fear of the unknown, addictions they don’t want to release, etc.
  • They can become trapped here by the grief of a surviving spouse/child/parent who refuses to “let them go”. They become weighed down, trapped by the grief. If this is the cause, they (they deceased who have crossed over, your guides, etc.) may work to help the survivors heal or have a message brought to them to make them away of the situation.

The choice (free will) is our as to what we will do when our physical body dies.

by Jan Toomer



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