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Basic Undefined Reality $4.00Basic Undefined Reality

(16 pages, 2 columns)

Terminology, how I ‘see’ while doing psychometry, shielding, a bit about energy. Recommended to begin with Basic Undefined Reality.

Excerpt: Energy

Each person has a different energy feel (called “signature” or “flavor”). Colors have different “flavors”; each animal or plant has a different “signature”. By learning how to feel, sense, or “see” different signatures is one way to identify someone. For example: I leave my house to run an errand. I return home, no one else is in the house – but I instantly know that someone had been in the house while I was away. I will either recognize the energy signature (residue) – or not. I will not recognize it if it is of someone I had not met before.


Undefined Reality $15.00

(61 pages, 2 column)

Many stories on many topics of my personal experiences growing up. Stories about animal communication; devas; journal entries; and more!

Excerpt: Animals

As the others moved on to see another display, I remained. The dolphin positioned itself so that the side of its body faced me, one eye lined up with my face. We studied each other. How I wanted to jump in and swim with it!

Anticipation building, I reached out my hand and placed my palm flat against the glass, wishing I was touching the dolphin. Suddenly, I found a wave of emotions and pictures flooding my mind; zipping through so fast I was unable to grasp any one single thought.


(Clearing Up The Crap:) Finding Joy in Everyday Life*     $4.00Clearing Up the Crap: Finding Joy in Everyday Life

(15 pages, 2 columns)

Letting go some of the crap from the past and look for the joy in your everyday life.

Excerpt: Joy

Joy, what does that mean to you? Does it mean care-free? Trouble-free? Does it mean all the bills are paid with extra left over? Does it mean your reality is absolutely perfect? Does it mean you’ve got a song in your heart, or on your lips, all day long?

I will share what joy means to me…


Spirit Sensitivity*     $3.50

(12 pages, 2 columns)

For those who can see or sense ghosts, earthbounds, other dimension entities – and covers a bit about each. This does not address those who wish to quit seeing/sensing – but does address boundaries.

Excerpt: Ghosts

Ghosts – those who have physically passed from the physical existence to a non-physical state and are usually earthbound.

Those who are earthbound usually haven’t crossed over for a myriad of reasons. Some were afraid of the Light; some felt they have unfinished business; some wanted to wait for a loved one to cross over; some wanted revenge; some were attached to one or more of their personal items/house; and the list goes on.


Life Before, During and After Being a Human*     $4.00LDBA Cover 1

(15 pages, 2 columns)

This was written in response to the suicide of my daughter JoAnna.  After the death of my daughter, I was prompted to share what we (each individual) were doing before we entered our current body; touch upon our life and death; and what we do after we die.

Excerpt: Writing the Play

…like a play, we need a story line or theme; cast of characters, including cameos and walk-ons; villain or villains, as well as major obstacles and dramas to overcome; locations and props; what ability or abilities you will bring into this play; and what karma you wish to rebalance.

We also need our behind-the-scenes crew – our guides.

*Please note that these may have some material repeated from Basic Undefined Reality, Undefined Reality and/or the Reality Undefined Blog that was relevant to the topics in the book/booklets.


The Other Side of the Illusions      $8.50

(27 pages, 2 columns)

Contains articles from the blog Reality Undefined. The articles include my views/observations of the energies; my energy, the shifts, energy changes, etc. ; and some things I have done to deal with the energy changes of today. These articles may assist in your own personal energy shifts.

Excerpt: Pardon Me…Your Past is Showing

Many are facing something – or someone – from their past. It’s time to take care of unfinished business.

Some are having the feeling that they may have forgotten something, but can’t remember…all that remains is that slight nagging feeling in the back of the brain. This may be the unfinished past is attempting to resurface.

Some are being confronted with a scenario similar (or in some cases, identical, including the same person/people) to one you experienced when you were younger.


The “New” Has Begun*            $5.00

(18 pages, 2 columns)
This was created for the Lightworkers, Energy Workers, Energy Healers, Light Bearers, etc. to address some of what has happened, who we are and why we are here, and what is happening. Some information may be new to you; some may confirm what you already know.


Some Simplified Accepted Norm – Albeit Unspoken – Roles of    Lightworkers

•    WHO ARE WE?


•    FEAR

•    RESPONSIBILITY (with visualization)




Follow Up #1*   (Of The “New” Has Begun)    $3.50(12 pages, 2 column)

This is a continuation (or perhaps “update” is more accurate) of The “New” Has Begun.New information is provided. It is recommended that you have had The “New” Has Begun (I will be referencing that in Follow Up #1).
  • Who Are You?
  • Channeling
  • Word of Caution
  • Trust You
  • How Can I Work with Others….?
  • But What if I…?
  • No One – Everyone
  • Changes
  • In Closing