In  “Earthbounds”, I talked about types of earthbounds – those who had died, but didn’t cross over…they are still attached to Earth; they are just slightly out of sync with our dimension.

I want to delve a bit more into the earthbounds who have remained here because of an addiction.

Does this mean that everyone who has any type of addiction will not cross “into the Light”?

Absolutely not!

Staying earthbound is a choice! It is not a punishment; it is not just because a person had an addiction while they were physical.

Those with addictions who choose to remain earthbound usually do so to continue “hanging out” with those in the physical who are using the deceased’s preferred substance of choice, and they try to get their ‘fix’ or ‘high’ through a physical person’s substance abuse.

For example: Mr. X and Mr. Z had both been cocaine addicts and had died. Mr. X decided to not cross over; instead, he looked for the energy signature of another cocaine addict who was still living.

Let’s say he found Ms. Y, a cocaine addict. Mr. X will move his energy closer to Ms. Y, entering her energy field, to absorb the emanations that Ms. Y exudes while she is getting high; Mr. X chose to seek out the energy of an addict instead of moving into the Light.

Mr. Z, who was also an addict who had died, looked for and saw the bright white Light (or tunnel, etc.) and perhaps saw some deceased loved ones and/or guides awaiting his arrival. Mr. Z chose to cross over and may have been pleased to be free of his addiction. He chose to let the addiction go.

For Those of You Who Have an Addiction

Speaking as one of us who can ‘see’ – when you abuse drugs and/or alcohol, you emit a drug/alcohol specific energy pattern, and you call to you some of those earthbound addicts. Your energy field – instead of being smooth and steady – has holes, like a slice of swiss cheese; this allows unwelcomed and/or unwanted energies to enter your energy field and to attach to you. I see them as “leeches”.

Earthbounds cannot be forced to cross over (because of free will) – on the other hand, they are violating your free will by attaching themselves to you while “encouraging” you to continue your addiction.

This is not an excuse, or an “out” from taking responsibility for your own actions!

You can have the attachments removed (or you remove them)…but, the next time you partake of substance abuse, the attachment pattern repeats.

By getting – and staying – clean and having the attachments removed, your energy will have the chance to begin re-stabilizing (barring mental/physical imbalances).

Your choice.

by Jan Toomer





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