What is an earthbound? An earthbound refers to those whose physical bodies died, but the energy/soul remains on Earth.

The reasons for someone not crossing over into the Light varies. Here are some examples:

Someone not realizing they have died.
If the death was unexpected and/or quick.

A being that had an addiction and doesn’t want to leave it behind; they usually try to find a living person who has their preferred addiction.

Someone who feels they have unfinished business.
One example might be one who feels that their family, friends, or business cannot continue on without them.

Sadly, those who are lost, waiting on a parent; or those without parents – don’t know what to do and ignore the Light.

One who is afraid to meet their ‘Maker’ – afraid they were so bad, that they fear retribution.

And the list can go on.

Some of us can see or sense the earthbound. So what can you do? There are quite a few options – but please, whatever you do, be honest.

You can pray that the entity be helped to cross over.

Talk to them.
They have the capability of hearing you – though it doesn’t mean they will listen. You can talk to them and explain to them about them being dead; explain about the Light and that others from their past are awaiting their return to the Light. You can combine this will pulling down the Light.

Pulling Down the Light.
I usually do this step last. After talking with them, I will pull the Light down near them. Do not force them into the Light (free will)! I will talk to them, and ask them to look into the Light.

Setting up Light-Stations.
I used this technique while in Germany. I saw thousands milling around, lost, from WWII. Heartbreaking.

I set up Light-Stations around Germany (mentally). I produced a podium of Light, and behind this podium, I placed an escalator into the Light. Seriously. And it worked. I often check back to see how the stations are doing.

I also did this at a Civil War site I came across.

Unfortunately, sometimes nothing we do convinces others to cross over. In these cases, I will use prayer of blessing as the last resort, asking the higher beings to watch over the lost entity and help them over when they are ready.

October 1, 2008

by Jan Toomer



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