Holidays can be difficult for empaths*; emotions vacillate anywhere between highs and lows worldwide and opened empaths can feel this.

Emotions can range from excitement building to depression, and it rolls in waves around the world.

What does this mean for an opened and/or untrained empath? It means an unpleasant rollercoaster ride of emotions that do not belong to them.

Couple that with December being the end of the calendar year – which can bring another rollercoaster ride as worldwide reflections of the year coming to a close.


What can an empath do to help alleviate this? What can parents do for an underage empath to help them? Shield, shield, shield ** (see below).

Shielding helps create a barrier to keep other people’s emotions/energy from entering the empath’s energy. Does this mean an empath won’t feel any emotions anymore? No.

It does mean that shielding aids in assisting the empath from absorbing others emotions. The empath can still sense others’ emotions, but won’t carry or absorb them; and they still feel their own emotions.

As the energy – worldwide – continues to rise in vibration – so too increases the number of empaths on our planet; we are all becoming more empathic.

What and how does an empath feel?

Imagine going to a crowded mall (grocery store, concert, festival, etc.). An open empath will absorb the emotions of the people around them (or at holidays they can experience in their own home…since emotions are heightened worldwide around the holidays). This means they can absorb, and feel: depression, anger, disappointment, regret, sadness, jealousy, fear, joy, expectations, happiness, excitement, etc.

They can absorb so much and don’t understand why they have so many conflicting emotions.

Over twenty years ago, I approached a psychiatrist who worked in a mental health facility and asked him “How many patients were empaths?” and “How many mental health ‘illnesses’ could be aided by teaching them to shield?” As you can imagine, my questions were not well received, and unfortunately this question remains unanswered even today.

I am not saying that there are not real mental health issues – there are. I am asking “How many are opened/untrained empaths who are overwhelmed by others emotions – and could be helped by shielding?”

In my classes today, I ask the students that – if they take nothing else with them from my classes – to please keep shielding. It really does help.

I am not writing this article to create fear – quite the contrary. I do want empaths to feel at ease with their ability – and not be so overwhelmed.

I was there before, and didn’t like it – so I offer the information to others.

I wish you all a wonderful, and shielded, Holiday Season and New Year.  🙂


*Empaths – (also known as Highly Sensitive Person or HSP) are sensitive to, and can absorb, others emotions.

** Shielding podcast

by Jan Toomer




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