I was recently describing to a friend a distance reading I had recently received.

When the reader began, I saw the reader standing before me. I then felt the reader, as I so eloquently put it, “poking and prodding in my energy”. (It’s not really a poking and prodding feeling, I was being mischievous.)

My friend asked me to describe this. I said that if you can imagine standing before a rack of clothes in a store and you begin looking at each article of clothing hanging on the rack. Most people kind of push the clothes back, and begin rifling through each article to take a cursory glance at them; looking at one; sliding it over and looking at the next; and so on.

This is what I visualize when this type of reading occurs – the reader is rifling through my different energy levels.

Our discussion turned to different types of readings (this is by no means a complete list). The following descriptions are my interpretations based on my experiences and of my experiences of seeing the energy in action of other readers.


The reader accesses information from those who have crossed over (deceased) – and can receive information from their guides.


Reader who receives information from guides, “Masters”, etc.

Trance Channeler

The reader’s body is utilized by a non-physical entity. The reader’s consciousness steps aside to allow the in-coming entity the use of the reader’s vocal chords for speaking; use of the hands for writing; and/or the whole body.


(Metaphysical, not neurological) – a reader who touches an item, person or animal and receives information. For items, the reader is picking up on the energy information transferred to the item; the person/animal having had the most recent physical contact with the item will leave behind energy ‘memories’ as well as energy signatures. The most recent contact will be the strongest; for antiques, there can be layers of different signatures and ‘memories’.

Aura or Chakra

These readers look at and interpret the colors and formations of the aura and/or chakras and relay the information to the client. The aura (an energy body around all living things) is often what children are referring to when they tell someone that they are “pink” or “blue”.

Energy Field

These reader’s energies touch or enter your energy field and sort through the different energy fields to spot what needs to be brought to your attention (this is what I called, with tongue in cheek, poking and prodding – it is not uncomfortable, and many people do not even notice any sensations).

I will now try to give you a mental picture on these. Each reader perceives in his or her own way for the reading, but I will try to give you some generalized descriptions.


A memory may pop up into the reader’s thoughts. This indicates to the reader that the situation or your emotions about the situation is similar to what the client is feeling.


The reader’s symbols will show up. For example: the reader may see a red rose (love) or a yellow rose (friendship) as a representation of the non-physical being trying to pass along information.

How Does “Getting Info” Work?

Simply, everything is energy – including us. The reader tunes into the energy frequency and interprets what they ‘get’. It’s kind of like turning on a radio and then scanning the channels until you find the one you want.

Also, using myself as an example, I see what I call wormholes.

One of the ways I get my information is from a wormhole. It is a funnel (imagine the shape of a tornado), where one part comes into a specific area of my head, while the other part leader to those who provide me information.

Okay, I know that just sounded kind of creepy…but it really isn’t.

I have been aware of my wormhole since a child.

I was asked if others have this – I have never looked. Why? First, I guess I took it for granted, and secondly, I consider ‘looking’ a no-no – I see it as an invasion of privacy.

I am not a physicist – and am ‘iffy’ with linear thinking (formulas, numbers, etc) – but I do ‘know’ that wormholes play a big part on connecting to, and getting info from, other dimensions.

Yes, the information comes from other dimensions. If our guides, etc. were from this dimension, it would simply be a matter of picking up the telephone or IM’ing to get the information. (grin)

Wormholes are also a way for entities to comes down and enter a trance channeler’s body.

Hopefully this answered some questions for you – and hopefully is produced more questions in you.

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