Energy Signature

We talked about energy signatures back in April and how each beings signature is unique to each individual. If you haven’t read this yet, you may want to read it first.

What is Energy Residue?

Energy residue can be found on a person, an object, at a location or time.

Everything is energy, from our thoughts all the way down to our physical reality.

Energy denseness determines how physical the energy manifesting will be or is.

We are in a physical interactive reality…we physically interact with our environment.

Wherever we go – whatever we touch – whatever we experience…we leave energy residue behind.*

Yesterday’s Clothes

I was on my feet from around eight in the morning until noon; then again from around twelve-thirty until four in the afternoon…cooking from scratch.

My legs, back and shoulders were a bit cranky, but I felt like I had accomplished a lot.

Once I finally finished and sat on the couch…I do did not want to get back up again.

By bedtime, I was sore and really looking forward to regeneration-time (aka sleep).

I laid my Capri shorts on the bench and figured I could wear them the next day. I hadn’t spilled anything on them. I hadn’t sweat…so they should be good to go for whatever I got into the next day.


The next day, I leaned over to grab the Capri shorts…and stopped just short of actually touching them.

The waves of exhaustion and depletion emanated from the denim material.

They may have looked okay, but energetically? The residue was so heavy that there was no way I wanted that back on my clean body.

What Would’ve Happened If I Had Worn Them Again?

Water is not only a physical cleanser, but energetic and symbolic as well. Water also stands for regeneration and purification.

I had cleansed, purified and had rejuvenated my body by showering. Sleep also helped.

Washing our clothes and bedding cleans them both physically and energetically.

I, personally, am sensitive to energy residue. Had I put those Capri’s back on, I would’ve been dousing my – now cleaned – body with the energy of exhaustion and soreness. Not a good way to begin a new day.

Energy Residue Everywhere

We are all just leaving residue everywhere. We are touching, walking through, sitting in and picking up everyone else’s residue.

There is residue in your friends homes, stores, subways, restaurants, elevators, hallways, schools, offices…everywhere.

Ever felt really good, walked into a big box store (for example) and left feeling achy, cranky and/or aggressive? How about feeling drained?

It sucks crunchy peanut butter, right?

In stores, we are subjected to fluorescent lighting (contains mercury and for me it causes headaches, feeling totally drained and actually burns my skin and eyes); chemical smells from everything inside of the store. There are also tiny fibers floating around and don’t forget dust or mold.

We also have the multitudes of energy residues from every employee and every customer who have passed through the doors. Oh, and let’s not forget the energy residue of those who loaded the trucks to get the clothing (for example) to your store. And there is also residue from:

  • The truck drivers
  • The people who initially loaded the trucks
  • All the way back to the people who made the garments. And if they were made overseas (such as China) you also have their fears, hates, heartache, desperation, exhaustion, etc. now embedded into your clothing.

And these are just a few examples.

So when I said there was energy residue pretty much everywhere , I meant it. For sensitives and psychometrists, it can be an energetic overload.

* (Note: there are some individuals who work their energy to be un-sensed, unknown, and/or untraceable. It doesn’t mean they didn’t leave a residue behind. It means they hid – or camouflaged their residue.)

Part Two next week.

by Jan Toomer


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