Part One

How Can I Become More Sensitive?

By being aware. Seriously. Be more observant to what your body is telling you.

  • Do you get headaches which feel like an irritating buzz going on in the back of your head?
  • Do you touch an item or persons hand and then wipe your hand on your pants leg?
  • Do you feel slightly nauseous when you went into your friends (relatives, in-laws, etc.) place – only to find out later that they had had a major argument the night before you came?
  • Do you feel like fleeing shortly after arriving somewhere (like you can’t wait to leave)?

These can be signals that your body is trying to tell you something.

Your physical body will tell you – you just need to learn your body’s language.

The head buzzing, for me, means I’ve tuned into too many energy residues or energy signatures. It is an overload.

When I wipe my hand on my pants after touching someone or something, it means I got some “yucky-to-me” energy residue on my hand and I am trying to remove it. (Washing or rinsing it off works well.)

For me, the nauseous feeling alerts me that I just walked into a very tumultuous energy – like entering a miniature battlefield – and it upset my body.

If I enter someone’s home and I can’t wait to get out of there, it means something unhealthy to me is in there. It could be an allergen, or those who reside there do not possess healthy energy habits. Or, what I think of as a toxic environment.

Hubby and I were once invited over to a neighbors home. When we walked in through the front door, I was pleasantly surprised at the beauty of the home…and I didn’t want to leave the doorway…I wanted to leave and I wasn’t sure why.

We followed the owner and our host for the house tour. By the time we finished up in the kitchen I was in full panic mode and still didn’t know why. I looked down at my arm and saw I had a rash beginning on the inside of my elbow. Mold was present!

I nonchalantly asked if he had had water issues recently. He told us yes, that he had put on his washing machine and left for work. When he opened the door after work, he found the place flooded. Even the walls were soaked. He then mentioned that he hadn’t gotten around to pulling drywall and replacing it yet.

He said he still had mold in his walls.

This incident – though was not directly energy residue related – did show that our bodies call tell us when something is off…we just need to listen.

By watching your body and its responses, you can begin to become more aware.

And let’s not forget to listen to the inner alarms – they are there for a reason.

How To Clean The Air (Energetically)

Shielding techniques do help. Modify a shielding technique to fit you.

If the property/area is yours, or you want to cleanse your property/self when you get back home – here are some ideas:

I cannot tolerate the smoke sage smudging, so I make a liquid sage smudge in a spritz bottle.

Again, you can use the same shielding techniques you use for cleansing and shielding yourself. Shield self first, then use same technique to shield property.

Visualizing while praying or setting your intent.

Yes, the old fashioned house cleaning. It stimulates energy flow while removing residue.

by Jan Toomer


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