(Part One)

Following an Energy Signature

Once you have trained yourself to “listen”, “feel” or “sense” energy signatures, you can begin to follow those signatures, much like the rescue dog following a scent trail.

A friend called one day – he was in a panic because he couldn’t find his wallet.

Now, this doesn’t happen all the time for me…but I could see where his wallet was. After I told him it was down in between the seat and the seat back of his friend’s car, he argued with me. He told me that he had already looked and it wasn’t there.

I was persistent in what I saw. He huffed, said “Fine! I’ll go look again.”

He called back and apologized and then thanked me. It was right where I’d said it was.

We infuse our energy signature into our “stuff”. The longer we have had it and used it; the stronger we feel about it, then the more energy we infuse it with. It’s kind of like marking our territory – just not quite as messy or odoriferous as when dogs mark territories outside.

I was able to follow my friend’s energy signature from him, to his wallet (which was infused with his energy signature) to locate it.

So why aren’t I making mega bucks in doing things like recovering stolen or lost items? First, it doesn’t always work for me – especially when I want you to find it as badly as you do. Sometimes it just doesn’t work and I may not know the reason why.

Secondly, energy signature can be overwritten or removed on objects.

Think of a thumbnail drive. You put your stuff on it; someone comes along and borrows it. They delete your stuff so that they can put their stuff on it. Same principle.

Additions to Energy Signatures

Energy signature, or flavors, can also have additions to it.

1.    Attachments (which we are not addressing here today)
2.    Illness or trauma
3.    Emotions

Though we touched on numbers two and three briefly – we are now going to look a bit closer.

A signature can feel off, wobbly, heavy or “wrong” when additions have been made to an energy signature. With an illness or trauma, the signature might have a spot on it or maybe feel off/wrong in one area of the being’s signature; for example an arm, toe, or side of the head.

Emotions can affect the whole signature by overlaying a feeling or sense of:

  • Feeling deflated (depression or feeling down)
  • Prickly (anywhere between annoyed and angry) or spiky
  • Waves (worried)
  • Question marks (I “see” them when someone is curious or is getting ready to ask a question)
  • A rubber ball bouncing off walls, ceiling, floors, etc. (excited)
  • Icicles (fear)
  • Frozen, like someone hit a pause button (shock)
  • Slimy, oily (deceitful, lying, manipulation)

This list is partial, and how I perceive these additions.

Out of Body

Just like with past life dreams, when we are out of body, we are able to recognize others not necessarily by their physical body appearance or attributes, but rather by their energy signatures.

After we die and leave our physical bodies, and cross over – we remember that names are primarily for the physical human world since we had forgotten, once in a body, to recognize each others signatures.

by Jan Toomer



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