As with other past energy bursts to pass through – especially around full moons – we see an increase in violence and people “losing it” or doing things others had never thought that person was capable of doing.

Energies are kicking into high gear – and I am pretty sure you each have felt or witnessed it in action.

This upcoming full moon (April 15th) energy download has already begun, and I – for one – am getting blasted pretty well. Now I am saying that as though it is a bad thing… it is, however, (for me) a bit uncomfortable. Blech!

The feeling of being tired – oh so tired; dragging; either not getting enough sleep, or not sleeping; weird incidents witnessed or experienced; purging (sweating, crying, etc.).

The upcoming full moon, and eclipse energies, portend upheaval and change. I am not saying it is of the apocalypse. We all know, hopefully by now, that upheavals are done to shake things up, clear it up, clean it up and move into a better space/energy…of which, we as a world, have already been experiencing bouts of this kind of cleansing.

Keep your body, mind and soul healthy. Please help yourself by staying out of the dramas; stay centered and balanced; shield if needed.

by Jan Toomer


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