The purging and adjusting to the newest energies – not to mention helping our bodies to adapt to “cleaner” foods – can make us so danged tired.

The last two days, we’ve also become a bit discombobulated and ishcombibbled. We are also experiencing and/or feeling:

  • Flightiness
  • Spacey
  • Not too focused
  • Disconnected to the physical
  • May have trouble understanding someone (miscommunications)


  • Please, breathe and release (count to ten if you need to).
  • Remember laughter is not only healing, but it also raises your vibrations.
  • Go to bed earlier if you need to.
  • You can realign self**
  • Reconnect with Mother Earth (lean on a tree, bury feet in soil, water, etc.)

We are doing so well. I know these changes can sometimes be a bit daunting, but we can absolutely do this!

**Visualize energetic self realigning with physical self — Head to head; neck to neck, torso to torso; arms to arms; hands to hands; fingers to fingers; legs to legs, feet to feet and toe to toes.

by Jan Toomer


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