We’ve been through some major energy shifts over the past few weeks – and it’s theme was “stirring stuff up”.

We have made it through that , but starting last night, a new surge has begun to come through and will be here tomorrow.

This new energy tomorrow will be working with and on us until near the end of August – and will receive an extra boost with the full moon energy download this weekend.

This energy will be working to shake any lingering heavy energies trapped within and preparing for the fifth dimension energies to come in.

Some people may try to hang on to the old familiar third dimension energies – whether they are healthy for them or not.

I ask each of you to not go into fear, depression, hopelessness or move back into ego.

Breathe the new energies in – let them flow in and around you.

If you find yourself slipping back into the heavier energies (fear, depression, etc.), you might find relief by:

  • Asking your team for aid. Be specific. Example: “Team, I am feeling like I am being overwhelmed by depression. Please help me out of depression. Fill me with Light and lift me out of this.”
  • Meditation
  • Shielding
  • Laughing (very important – raises energy)
  • Grounding (physical activities)

Some people – who have not been able to adjust to the energies over the past year or so – may not fare well on this next shift. Please hold loving thoughts and energy for them.

by Jan Toomer


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