Well, the team came in this morning to pass along a message. Some people are having a difficult time with some heavier emotions. Please remember that, in general, emotions run higher this time of the year, and empaths can be overwhelmed (shielding can help). On top of that, we are each receiving an energy surge to help us purge.

So…hang on to your boots. This surge is a heck of a final end-of-year push to release, release, release.

We are seeing, remembering, and/or feeling deep past sorrows, regrets, hurt, etc.

– Feelings (memories) of abandonment (physical and/or emotional)
– Feelings (memories) of being treated disrespectfully and/or dismissed
– Feelings (memories) of hurt

We are also being given a chance to experience realizations; we are given a chance to look at the memory scene/feeling a bit more objectively. What was the long term positive results that emerged from that incident?

Can you internally thank that memory and person/people associated with it? Can you appreciate it now?

Please breathe deeply. Crying to release it (not hold onto to it) is okay. And, let go.

by Jan Toomer


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