It’s been building gradually, for about a week now, and is now more “in your face” and demanding attention.

I am talking about feeling out of sync with one’s own body and environment.

I find it frustrating, and perhaps a bit embarrassing at times. I am dropping things and walking into things (like walls, so it wasn’t really a surprise that they were there…they’ve been at their current location longer than I have).

I feel like I am not “here”; I feel like I am further up “there”, so my body is having problems functioning down “here”.

I also am having bouts of smells or odors – whether normally pleasant or not – overwhelming me. When smells overwhelm me, it comes with bouts of nausea as well.

And sometimes feel like I am slipping out of my own body and have to stop and focus to bring myself back into alignment.

Oh, and then there are things like opening a screw-lid jar… not coordinated enough, so not happening. Thank god for my husband.

Okay, I know that sounds like I am having neurological and perhaps mental health issues, but I know this energy going through right now (slowly – remember Mercury is Retrograde so things get stuck or move really slow and we are heading for another full moon, which brings more energy in) that I am working to assimilate and acclimate to.

What my team shared with me is a message that we’ve all been hearing a lot of lately – “Please be gentle with yourself and have patience. This will balance out.  It is disconcerting now, but it will not last forever.” Also maintaining a sense of humor helps as does finding relaxing and calming things to do (like meditation or a soothing bath).

by Jan Toomer



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