As we (each individual, at his/her own pace) continue our journey of healing, releasing and integrating (all aspects of soul self; now, past and future), we can go through some unique shifts/changes as well as the possibility of having some unusual experiences. (By the way – unusual is becoming the new “norm”. *grin*)

We’ve entered another pronounced energy upgrade/shift opportunity and many have felt or experienced this for about two weeks.

Remember, if you don’t experience this, that is okay! You’ll experience your way; your experience may be so subtle that you aren’t consciously aware it occurred; or it may not have been part of what you’ve chosen to experience. It’s all good.

Revisiting the Past

Yes, another wave of people, places and/or incidents from our past are showing themselves now.

You can be remembering and/or revisiting during dream time, meditation, or physically.

Once again, we are being given the opportunity to heal and release. We are also being given the chance to say “yes” or “no” to allowing that person, situation type, and/or energy back into our life again. Our choice.

Releasing Some Labels

Another wave coming through is the question, “Do you want to continue being ____?”

For example: I have recently been working with a friend to have them step into a role I have carried since I was a child. This does not mean I will cease to have the knowledge/ability. I am merely stepping aside and letting someone else step forward to accept that role/label.

Some may experience releasing some labels as drastically as re-inventing themselves; where others may experience it by letting go of one or two things/labels and move onto something new.

Physical Changes

Some are experiencing changes that are seen in their energy fields; some changes can be seen/felt/experienced physically.

Right now, I’ve been experiencing changes to my chakras. The frequency/vibration of each has been altered – as has their colors. I can’t wait to see how all of this will manifest in my life.

My team explained that our primary Earth chakras are being re-formatted to accommodate the vibrational changes occurring with in us; and that it is working towards the eventual change over to crystalline structure.


Diet/Food Intake

As the body goes through its adjustments, your dietary intake, and possibly tolerances, may require adjustments as well.

Please listen to your body and make the necessary adjustments, safely and healthily.


Our abilities may become more refined or pronounced.

Example: if you only “saw” (energetically) in your mind’s eye, you may “see” more clearly in your mind’s eye, and/or you may begin to physically see it.

Also, “new” (new to the Earth at this time or just new to you) abilities are surfacing.

Wandering Thoughts

Some may find their thoughts easily or effortlessly meandering – like wandering on its own.

Rein in the mind from playing out the “what if” scenarios and from needlessly untethering and floating off.

We are being asked to focus and to stay in the here and now.

Old Ways, Views and Beliefs

These may no longer be working for you. I recommend addressing any ways, views and beliefs that no longer fit you (or sing to your soul); take a closer look, and if needed, release it.

Most of us had been raised to follow the rules and laws…and many of those may not fit anymore. New energy is having us lean more towards Universal Laws.

Now, this doesn’t mean societal chaos should reign.

Every change we make should be out of love; a constructive change.

Your Team

After shielding, you can ask your team (guides, guardian angels, etc.) to help guide you; help you through your adjustments and changes; and, if you are having any difficulty, ask your team to help you have a more gentle adjustment.

And slow deep breaths (and maybe slowly counting to ten) when you get frustrated with someone else.

Everyone is on their own journey – at their own pace.

by Jan Toomer


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