Over the last few years, I have forewarned that the energy increases – to help us (human and Mother Earth) break free from the third dimension energies – may cause some people to “lose it”. They may short circuit; lose touch with (any) reality; or in extreme cases, go totally primal.

Examples of this have really come to light since January 1st.

These energies coming to us are intense, and will continue and increase.

(I am not a medical doctor, nor a therapist. I am coming at these issues in a purely energetic fashion. Please seek appropriate medical care when needed.)

I have had a couple of people ask me, along the lines of, “What guarantee do we have that we won’t have a breakdown next?”

Absolutely no guarantees.

Having said that, I don’t want anyone to move into fear. Keep your thoughts clear, balanced and of the Light.

What’s Causing the Short Circuiting?

For some reason, some individuals are not adjusting to the rapidly increasing and changing energies coming in – or those energies being experienced around them.

There are no pat answers as to why it occurs or what the trigger or breaking point is.

We all have some down days, and can have some spontaneous bouts of 3D purging. However, if someone has become a danger to self or others, please seek immediate emergency attention.

Not Done

The energies continue to shift, change, come in all while we energetically work to adjust to them. These energies do affect our physical, mental and spiritual aspects.

This is going to continue until the release of the third dimension is complete.

What Can We Do?

We cannot rescue others anymore (do it for them. We can assist).

  • Please do not freak. That really doesn’t help you or anyone else.
  • I recommend keeping self centered and shielded. Keep self out of fear mode (which includes suspiciousness, jealousy, anger, panic, anxiety, etc.)
  • The guides recommend taking time – daily – to sit quietly, meditate and/or find your center and balance.
  • If you find your self moving into inappropriate fear mode, tell yourself that these are no longer needed and that you are releasing them (can picture/visualize this leaving you). Fill the newly created void (where you released those no longer needed fears) with white light, asking for only that which is for your highest and best to come into your life.
  • Ask your team/guides to help keep you balanced and centered – and allow them to do so.
  • Ask your team/guides to help make your purging of the third dimension and past as gentle as possible – and allow it.

For Friends, Relatives, etc.

  • For any that have had a breakdown or become a danger to themselves or others, call emergency services (911 in the US).
  • Pray. Asking that their guides help them for their highest and best.
  • I remove any attachments/outside energetic influences. I then ask their higher selves if I can clean and shield them. If their answer is “no”, I am do not clean or shield them.
  • I ask that the Light, angels, etc. be available for their healing when they are ready for it.

Please Don’t Freak

Again, please don’t freak or go into fear mode.

This wasn’t written to create fear in you – but to let you know what is going on – to stay informed.

by Jan Toomer



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