Sleep is once again feast (heavy, deep, long sleep) or famine (insomnia or short “cat naps”). Energy-wise, we continue to work on integrating new energies that come to us monthly.

This newest one, which appeared to begin last weekend, is still with us. This one is hitting a lot of people with having to face their grief/sadness (and/or depression?). It seems like for those who had been hanging on to those heavy emotions suddenly found them magnified and brought up  – so to speak – to their face so they cannot ignore them.

It is time to heal the grief/sadness in a safe and loving way.

Perhaps, for some, joining a grief group may help them to heal.

If this grief is over the loss of a loved one, perhaps you can reminisce over the good times/good memories. Laughter raises the energy and makes us feel lighter. Lighter energy can help us to heal.

Our loved ones – who have crossed over – can hear us (human and animal); they can feel our love, laughter and joy; and they rejoice in our higher energy.

by Jan Toomer


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