Juggling the Energies

We are working hard on releasing the third dimensional illusions of “reality”, and your third dimensionally programmed energy and mind may be freaking out a bit, wondering, “What am I supposed to hold onto, or believe in, now?!”

Here’s what some have reported experiencing:

  • Freaking out
  • Flooded with grief, anger and/or fear
  • Confused; feeling lost
  • Feeling like losing a grip on the here and now
  • Panicking and are not sure why
  • New-to-you maelstrom of emotions; swirling, banging, surfacing, dropping back down and surfacing again – making one feel energetically battered and bruised
  • Sleep disruptions
  • Overwhelmed with the possibilities coming at you, seemingly all at once

Yep. We’re still juggling the energies, purging and being asked to create. And yet, while juggling, many are also experiencing:

  • being hopeful
  • seeing the light at the and of a tunnel
  • new appreciations for those around you, including nature and for what you have in your life
  • making changes and/or purging physically, emotionally, environmentally, energetically, spiritually
  • instant manifestation (within hours of a thought) – for better or worse

What is Required of Us Now?

Being grounded and being well seated in our body.

Many energy workers get weary, or may have had an incident and/or accident and are no longer fully in their body.

We are being asked to get in the body. With all the energetic work going on and it affecting our physical bodies as well, it’s in our best interest to be all in and monitor the adjustments.


There are still some struggling with, or against, the newest energies, especially those with traumas which still haven’t been addressed. These unhealthy energy anchors are asking to be healed and released, but the fear and trauma associated with those anchors may feel too much to address.

And those struggling, while they are pretending everything’s fine, work very hard to appear to remain strong.


It’s not about being strong. It’s about letting go of the past and getting balanced.

And to answer the question at the beginning of this article, maybe you are supposed to believe in yourself.

What is Being Asked of Us

To listen to self.

If you are struggling, having a hard time, or are in trouble – ask for help! It takes more show of strength to seek help than to cower behind closed doors just so you don’t have to worry that other people may think you weak.

We are also being asked:

  • to take care of ourselves, mentally and emotionally, physically and spiritually
  • to seek help where needed – mental or physical
  • to eat healthy and drink plenty of water
  • to try to be fluid – changes can happen
  • to help others if you can

And, as usual, I recommend you use a shielding technique to help you set your boundaries, keep your energy field cleaner, ground you, etc.

And don’t forget that grounding by spending time in, or with, nature can aid as well.

Shielding Technique

by Jan Toomer


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